Posted by Pieter Taljaard


The Rotary Club of Airdire has purchased a fire truck and handed it over to Lethbridge Sunrise to get it's paperwork ready. The truck is to be taken over to Mexico and handed to one of the Mexican local authorities for use by their emergency services.

The Los Amigos Project is a Rotary International service project organized by the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise and supported by Rotary clubs from a...cross Southern Alberta. Each year since 2011 Los Amigos has coordinated the donation of decommissioned Canadian vehicles to Mexican communities. These vehicles include ambulances, fire trucks, handi-buses and school buses. All vehicles go directly into regular use for medical emergencies, firefighting and the transportation of students and disabled individuals in Mexico.

Mexican communities receiving these donations will benefit in many ways. The vehicles will provide ambulance and bus service to both urban and rural centers and will play a vital role in developing safe, healthy communities.

Along with the donated equipment, an advanced training program was launched in 2015 and delivered in Mexico to help emergency medical technicians and fire fighters develop their skills. The Los Amigos training team consists of experienced trainers including firefighters, licensed health-care practitioners and emergency medical technicians.

At the hand-over were (L-R):
Grant Henning, RC of Fort MacLeod,
Karl Samuels, RC Lethbridge Sunrise,
Barrie Orich, RC of Lethbridge (in cab of truck),
Randy Smith (International) & Cory Tretiak (President), RC of Airdrie,
Berga Moen, RC Lethbridge Sunrise,
Wayne Stewart RC of Lethbridge,
Jim Campbell RC Lethbridge Sunrise,
Jack Yaeck RC of Lethbridge,
Henry Van Hierden RC of Fort MacLeod.