Posted by Pieter Taljaard
Our MLA, Angela Pitt, addressed the Rotary Club of Airdrie today. She serves as the Deputy House Leader and the Official Opposition Shadow Minister for Justice and is currently a member of the Special Standing Committee on Members' Services, the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices and the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing. She spoke about the spirit of community in Airdrie that brings people together to lend a hand to a neighbor.

Angela is a member of the new United Conservative Party which, as the official opposition in Alberta, has the role of keeping the current government accountable. There are a few changes in Alberta legislation that have taken place that impacted the community. Changes to the Labour Code increased the cost of the general workforce and have especially affected the restaurant and golf industries noticeably. Bill One: Act to Reduce School Fees, together with the carbon taxes has resulted in school board budget deficits, and they consulted parents to help in prioritizing spending to balance the books, resulting in differentiation. The carbon taxes also drove up prices, utilities and gasoline.

On the positive side, through the Airdrie Health Foundation, residents enjoy the benefits of 24 hour health care. This year is also the first year for the Airdrie Children’s Festival Society.

Crime has risen in the rural areas surrounding Airdrie, and both Angela and MP Blake Richards are concerned for those affected in the community. Following a town-hall meeting, many residents committed to find grassroots solutions, such as joining groups like Citizens-on-Patrol.

In answering questions, Angela felt the Federal Government can take a stronger position to resolve the conflict over the suspended pipe-line project, and she does not see spending tax dollars as a good solution. To a second question relating to her portfolio, she advised that delays in the processing of criminal cases are due to an overloaded judicial system, to which the increased number of divorce proceedings contribute a great deal.