Posted by Pieter Taljaard on Sep 11, 2018
No-one deserves to be without a nutritious hot meal every day. This was the message from Lois Jones from Meals-on-Wheels who spoke to the Rotary Club of Airdrie today during their regular lunch-time meeting.
Meals-on-Wheels delivers up to 700 subsidized meals in Airdrie each month. They have a moving window of about 50 clients at anytime. They have about 40 volunteers to prepare and deliver the meals. It is a service for people who are physically not able to prepare and cook a meal due to temporary or conditions or passing circumstances.
The organization has a yearly operating budget of about $60K , which is mainly for the purchase of food items. This year (2018) the organization had to use some of their buffer funds to supplement their cash-flow and they predict a similar situation for 2019 and would appreciate any financial assistance to remain sustainable. Meals-on-Wheels is running a raffle currently with sponsored cash-prizes and the details are on their web page: