Posted by Pieter Taljaard
Marlene and Dan Doherty took time out of their busy District Governor schedule to talk to the Rotary Club of Airdrie about a Rotary International program that is very close to their hearts, and that they have been intimately involved with. Rotary committed through the PolioPlus program, in cooperation with global partners, to eradicate the polio virus from humankind through prevention.
They put faces, places, stories, mothers and children, committed health workers and volunteers into their accounts of their personal experience of what this program means to those receiving and giving. Statistically, only one out two hundred that are infected by the virus suffers the disabling defects of the virus, and although the prevalence is dropping it still costs globally almost $5B in medical expenses yearly, over and above the huge impact it has on those families and individuals affected.
PolioPlus is mainly involved with detecting any traces of the polio virus through continuous surveillance and preventing the spread through immunizing children. The following link explains the strategy:
Over and above PolioPlus, there are individual Rotary clubs that undertake programs to help people suffering from the lifelong consequences of polio, through the creation or funding of facilities, mobility aids and coping programs.