The first ever Rotary Club of Airdrie Scholarship Award at WH Croxford High School was presented on 2nd November 2017 at the school to Chloe Pilon by Rotarian Pieter Taljaard.

Chloe is a grade 11 student at WH Croxford High School, and a grateful recipient of the Rotary scholarship. She has what people call a bubbly personality; she is a consistent, optimistic character and has a positive smile in and outside of the classroom. Some people find it hard to believe, but she has a passion for learning new information, and enjoys expressing excitement when things make sense. As an eager student, she is always curious but also motivated to be involved in the world around her. Chloe constantly searches for more ways to reach out to others with the best of intentions. As an active leadership member in our school and second year in Leadership Academy Chloe strives for excellence in all that she pursues; academically and extra-curricular based. She has a heart for serving others in any way possible, whether it be little acts of kindness or big gestures of compassion, and always anticipates new ways to bring smiles out of others. Chloe is completely accepting and encouraging of others, and has an endless enthusiasm for creating positive change. She is an active, cooperative, self-motivated, and effective leader who will bring her many passions and skills with her into future endeavours, leaving a legacy behind her.

Congratulations to Chloe and to Tracey Sweetapple for the wonderful awards ceremony!