The December monthly MSMO draws for perfect monthly school attendance sponsored by Airdrie Rotary, Century 21 Real Estate, Manor Real Estate, and ZyTech Building Systems Inc provide cash rewards to students. Pictures can be viewed by following this link:

St. Martin de Porres High School, From L to R: Don Thomas, Mike Lucas (Rotary), Allison Williams (grade 11), Jillian Pollock (grade 11), Mr. Peter Schill (assistant principal).

Airdrie Koinonia Christian School, From L to R: Mike Lucas (Rotary), Karen Wiens (teacher), David de Boer (grade 12), Harold Hoffmann (teacher), Mr. Earl Driedger (principal).

Bert Church High School, From L to R: Ms. Treena Bradbury (assistant principal), Zenon Green (grade 9), Megan Storey (grade 9), Shane Dunbar (grade 10), Mike Lucas (Rotary).

WG Murdoch High School, From L to R:  Mr. Greg Roberts (principal), Danny Money (grade 9), Ms. Gladys Brown (assistant principal), Robbie Runciman (grade 11), Don Thomas (Rotary)

 George McDougall High School, From L to R:  Mr. Jeff Chalmers (assistant principal),, Celeste Power (grade 9), Brendon Baker (grade 12), Desiree Rampling (grade 10), Mr. Mrk Davidson (principal), Don Thomas (Rotary)