Posted by Pieter Taljaard



Anita Lemke's own new brand is called ‘Anita Mortgage’, but she hears: ‘I need a Mortgage!’ Something she considers as a pleasure in helping people achieve their dream of home ownership.

As a mortgage professional, licensed through RECA and a member of AMBA, Anita is personable, knowledgeable, and adept at managing tricky situations that can sometimes occur on a mortgage file. She has partnerships with dozens of lenders to offer the best rates and options for her clients....

Anita spoke to the Rotary Club of Airdrie this week, and confesses that she was a little nervous, but no-one noticed. Once she started her confidence as an almost decade old mortgage professional, and building a business around referrals, repeat business and top notch service came through very strongly. She is a Rotarian and very involved in her community in particular Airdrie and truly cares about each and everyone of her fellow Rotarians and clients!

Anita started the first half of her career off as a computer programmer and analyst. Working long hours, it prompted her to re-evaluate her priorities. As a busy mother of two, Anita understands the importance of being available for her children and having a clear financial goal. She opted for a new career in mortgage broking which affords her more flexibility and control. She is probably more busy now, but on her own terms. In her free time, Anita focuses on family, fitness, and her community.

Anita believes that work is not just about the business but fancies herself as a financial educator, talking her clients through the financing and refinancing or mortgage renewal processes. She especially likes serving first time home owners, because it is like starting with a clean slate.

Anita’s advice when shopping around for a mortgage is to not go to institutions that will offer only one product line or may have less training than members of a mortgage brokers association. There are many products out there to design a mortgage that is right for any client. Upon determining long term goals; she uses her knowledge of the mortgage products currently offered by multiple lenders, to give clients the best choice.

When it comes to lenders, the differences are becoming less, and decisions are no longer made just on rates, but focuses on total cost to customer. Irrespective of credit history, there could be a product and conditions that fit, and Anita is determined to work with the client and guide them through the process of establishing the best position to borrow, or to prepare to borrow in the future.

We wish Anita all the success with her own new brand!