Posted by Pieter Taljaard
Airdrie’s MLA Angela Pitt addressed the Rotary Club of Airdrie at today’s lunchtime meeting, talking about the ‘State of Alberta’. With the announcement of the provincial election almost imminent, this will be one of Angela’s last appearances before the election campaign starts.

Angela sees 2019 as the year that voters need to express their concerns at the provincial and federal polls, to ensure Albertans get the leadership that they want. There are several issues that need to be addressed. The debt for the province is unacceptable, the unemployment level is abnormally high, delays in access to medical procedures have increased, oil production is capped, access to foreign markets is problematic, there is foreign interference in the valuing and bringing Alberta’s resources to market, business confidence/activity is low and is reflected in the unoccupied buildings in the major metropolis.

Angela’s Conservative Party is rolling a 400 page election platform out that proposes to address a comprehensive range of issues in the Province. They would want to make it attractive for businesses to relocate to Alberta. They want to address the interference in our commerce. They want to address the government spending, remove carbon taxing, and introduce legislation that will oblige referendums on all major financial reforms, and de-bottleneck investment approvals. Angela undertook to keep on publishing all the different elements of the platform on social media, to keep everyone informed as and when it becomes public.