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Bulletin Week 30 2020-2021
Ian Burdett
University of the Third Age-Bendigo
Craig Hancock
Health and Wellbeing Officer-Bendigo RSL
Robin Pearson
COGB Library Services
Stephen Iser
The story of Hume & Iser
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Bendigo Tennis Centre
7am for 7.30am
Rob Rosaia
Maurice Woodburn
Barb Mitchell
Stan Hendy
President Report 
President Report  Feb 3
G’day Club Members and others,
What a great meeting at the Fosterville Gold Bendigo Tennis Centre “ Functions” room on Wednesday. I counted 36 sitting down for breakfast, including ADG Ron Payne, regular guest Tony Commadeur and Annabelle, a very well behaved grand daughter of Cathie.
Also Hugh Wheeler from Bendigo Rotary gave us an insight into how Rotary got started in Bendigo almost 100 years ago. Rotary  will have something special to celebrate in 2024 when the clock ticks up 100 years. The “gong” we use at each meeting was presented to our club in 1988 by sponsoring club RoB at our inauguration. They obviously suspected we might be a rowdy mob.
This will be a brief report because it’s a busy week for Liz and I, with Lizzie’s daughter Louise to be married on Saturday and we  have things to do. Next week Feb 10 we will again meet at the Tennis Centre, similar arrangements. I thought James and his crew did a great job and it’s a very nice venue. I hope we will have the Zoom connection working again next week. It might take us a few weeks to get setup up right but if you cannot come in person, which we obviously prefer, then log in.
The Markets sub committee met with the two key people from the City of GB after breakfast on Wednesday. They invited us to hold our Market at the Racecourse at Easter on Good Friday and Sunday as part of a big Easter weekend in Bendigo that will feature a number of events in various locations. The committee will meet again next Wednesday at the racecourse to scope out the possibilities. Please keep Easter free if you can, we will need all hands on deck.
We will be meeting regularly for breakfast over the next few weeks so lets get a membership drive up and running. Invite a friend or colleague to come along to breakfast as your guest for two or three meetings, or maybe to a working bee, to see how we operate, as a prospective future member. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Look out for the roster for the next few weeks. If you cannot do it, swap with someone.
I missed some birthdays in January, sorry, Brian Hinneberg on the 10th, Graeme Lynas on the 21st and JC on the 25th. In February we have Paul Henderson on the 1st, Phil Harris on the 4th and Peter Rainey on the 21st. Happy Birthday fellas.
See you all next week.
If you were not there last week and are coming next week please let me know. (Paul and Peter Elliott I have got you already.)  (JC, Pat and maybe Nic and Butch missing) Phone, text or email.
Cheers Ted 
 0408 506 406
Guest Speaker
Hugh Wheeler
The Guest speaker for the meeting was Hugh Wheeler, fellow Rotarian, from the Rotary Club of Bendigo.Hugh has undertaken research to coincide with the centenary of Rotary in Bendigo which will be celebrated in 2025. Hugh has broken up his research into four periods each spanning twenty five years. His presentation concentrated on the first quarter which coincided with the years of the Great Depression and World War Two.In 1924 Arthur Bolton, of Bolton Brothers fame, contacted the Special Commissioner for the Extension of Rotary about the establishment of a club in Bendigo.
A Committee of five including James Anderson, Principal of the School of Mines, oversaw the establishment of the Rotary Club of Bendigo. Twenty five gentlemen from Business, the Professions, Managers and Proprietors, approved by the Rotary Club of Melbourne, made up the Foundation membership. The Committee Room of the Town Hall was the venue for the first meeting on March 12th 1925. The cost of lunch was three shillings and subscriptions were three guineas. Cyril Michelsen of the Bendigo Advertiser was on hand to report on the first meeting.
Hugh pointed out that Rotary Clubs operate in the context of the times and whilst we might find the practice of singing at every meeting unusual we should nevertheless marvel at the generosity and sense of service of our pioneering members. It is amazing that 700 pounds, the equivalent of $60,000 in today's money, was raised from the floor to establish the camp at Axedale. The Club was ambitious with it's invitation to guest speakers, one was issued to the Speaker of the House of Representatives which due to the demands of travel was declined.
The Foundation Club was committed to the service of the Community. Donations were made for the setting up of Boy's week which in time became Youth Week. The Club also made a contribution towards the setting up of a free library in Bendigo.Arthur Bolton eventually became District Governor and Paul Harris himself planted a tree in his garden to commemorate the Rotary Club of Bendigo. The four way test was introduced in 1943. Hugh provided us with lots of food for thought about the traditions which are ours to uphold. We thank him for his very well researched and entertaining presentation.
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Feb 17, 2021
Health and Wellbeing Officer-Bendigo RSL
Feb 24, 2021
CoGB Library Services
Mar 03, 2021
The Story of Hume and Iser
Mar 10, 2021
Mar 17, 2021
Bendigo Education Plan
Mar 24, 2021
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I am one of 9 children. For 1 year only went all went to school. Imagine the cut lunches! Can you find me in the photograph.
I went to Marist Bros school.
Look what my wife bought me for my birthday.
Guess Who?
From District Governor Phillip Archer
District Governor-elect Dale Hoy, who is currently at International Assembly (albeit online), has asked me to advise you of the new Rotary International theme for 2021/22, which is “Serve to Change Lives”. This theme gives Dale and his team a great platform to work with in promoting Rotary in our District.

A bank manager was in the final stages of hiring a cashier, having narrowed it down to two final applicants.

The first one interviewed was from a small college in upstate New York. A nice young man, but a bit timid.

Then he called for the second man, “Jim Johnson!”

Up stepped a burley young man who seemed quite sure of himself. “He looks like he can take care of any situation,” thought the manager, and decided, there and then, to hire him. He turned to the first applicant and told him he could go and they would let him know.

Turning to Jim, he said, “I like the way you carry yourself – that’s an important asset for the job as cashier. However, you must be precise. I noticed that you did not fill in the location of your formal education on the application.”

Jim looked a little confused, so the manager said, “Where did you get your financial education?”

“Oh,” replied Jim. “Yale.”

“That’s very good – excellent! You’re hired! Now that you’re working for us, what do you prefer to be called?”

Jim answered, “I don’t care. Yim, or Mr Yonson.”

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