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President Report 
President Report  Feb 24
G’day Rotarians,
Wasn’t it great to listen to a man excited and passionate about his job. Robin Pearson who spoke to the Club at breakfast on Wednesday  ensures that the Goldfields Library is much more than a place to borrow a book.
I thought the Central Deborah staff found it a bit difficult to look after us last Wednesday, and they reached the same conclusion. I’d like thank Mark & Kaye for having a go.  So they have withdrawn the offer to be our meeting place for breakfast so next Wednesday March 3rd WE ARE BACK AT THE TENNIS CLUB.
Watch for the ROSTER
Well, it’s been a busy but confusing week for the Market sub committee with an on again off again expectation for the Easter Market. As I write this, we are waiting for State Government announcements due Friday. Robbie has amended the Clubrunner registrations, drawn up a number of layout proposals for the Racecourse depending on how many stallholders we get, drafted a letter to Stall holders inviting them to apply and we have made preliminary changes to the website. A fair bit of work so it will be disappointing if it does not go ahead. However, we are thinking that there needs to be a chance for reasonable crowds allowed to attend, before we commit to holding the event. We will keep you posted.
Paul Kirkpatrick has been contacted by BCH who are desperate to find accommodation for three members of the Afghan community who are faced with losing their place. Rent is hard to find in Bendigo at the moment so if you know of a 3 bedroom house for rent give Paul a call. These guys all have steady jobs so finding somewhere is important to them.
I also wanted to share with you an email from Heather Ridge of the Bendigo Maubisse Committee relating to the Knitting Project. It includes comments from Sister Henrietta. (see below)
Been busy with other stuff but I will be sending out invitations to apply for a Working with Children accreditation this week for those not enrolled. It is not mandatory, but it would be good to have a lot more than the current 21 members already accredited.
Rotary Events to put in the Diary
  • 9 March  International Womens Day. On the 10th  our breakfast meeting will include a video of an event sponsored by Rotary titled “A Brave New World”. Heres a link to the speakers.
  • 14 March  Inspire & Empower Vocational Service     Join Zoom to hear and learn about an array of documented successful Vocational Service projects that you and your Club can implement to assist communities including young people, the unemployed and those in need of support to move forward by inspiring and empowering them through mentoring opportunities, training and skill development programs.
  • Easter Weekend.  April 2 & 3.  At this stage we look like being able to hold a market at the Bendigo Racecourse on Easter Friday and Saturday. We will need plenty of Rotary volunteers. Keep those days free if you can.
Rotary Peace Fellowships. See information further down in the Bulletin. If anyone has a candidate let me know and we will follow it up.
Last Sunday we had a cluster meeting and the group decided to sponsor a ForaMeal working bee before June where we will pack a new supply destined for disaster stuck nations in the Pacific. The meetings main agenda item is where each club gets to provide an update on what they have been doing. I thought some members might like to read through the short highlights of other clubs.
RC South Bendigo – Paul Gibbons
  • Current numbers are 39 with potential of new members in the near future.
  • The club is engaging in a varied meeting roster with both Zoom and Face-to-Face activity. Social events are seen as an important means of keeping members together.
  • Work is being done on the club’s involvement with the Science and Engineering Challenge.
  • Club projects to involve members in practical activity include Camp Getaway and the Annie North Centre.
  • Plans are in place for a club social activity in April visiting Barham/Koondrook.
RC Bendigo – Tom Dobeli
  • Club numbers at present are in the vicinity of 67 although there are those who might presently be considered inactive, mainly due to Covid.
  • The combinations of Zoom and Face-to-Face meeting are seeing in excess of 50% attendance for the weekly meetings.
  • The traditional lunch time meeting will be varied to include an evening meeting each month to cater for the changed demographic within the club.
  • One of the club’s signature fundraisers, the Art Show, is still in planning with negotiations with the local council occurring. Challenges exist with restrictions imposed and the fact of it needing to be a ticketed event. Keen support from artists is giving strength to endeavours to make sure it happens.
  • Digitising of the club’s history is a current project that is highlighting many fascinating happenings of the past, almost 100 years.
RC Rochester - Heather Watson
  • Current numbers are 5 members, 4 of whom are active. There are two prospective members who will possibly be joining soon.
  • A new approach to club happenings has been the monthly Community Breakfast Chats which have been very well attended by community organisations and are receiving positive comment.
  • The Community Garden is now underway with more visible activity anticipated in the coming month.
  • The club will lead on the town’s Mural Festival in March combining this with an art display in the Old Court House.
  • The Windmill Playspace project is almost over the line with the required $20,000 nearly raised. RC Echuca-Moama President Bernard Spry generously pledged a further $500 at the meeting.
  • Members are endeavouring to stay connected with an intention to visit other clubs on the 1st Wednesday of each month.
RC Echuca-Moama - Bernard Spry & Teresa Carlson
  • The club presently has 24 members.
  • On Wednesday, 24th Feb the club will be involved in a 24 hour zoom event with meetings from 16 clubs around the world coming together for the “Sun Never sets in Rotary’ zoom event. This is to celebrate ‘World Understanding and Peace Day.’
  • As part of International Women’s Week, the club will conduct an event at Cruden Farm, the former home of Dame Elizabeth Murdoch. The club is working with Central Melbourne, RC Echuca-Moama’s sister club, to bring this program together.
  • The club has a Visioning night planned for 2nd March.
  • Planning is underway to hold a Community Event in lieu of the Steam Rally which the club is unable to lead on this year due to the many restrictions of Covid.
  • A future social activity will be ‘Christmas in July.’
RC Eaglehawk - Mick Costello & Gary Frank
  • The club presently has 18 members with two from the recently closed RC Bendigo-Strathdale having committed to join.
  • Although fundraising has been significantly curtailed over the past twelve months the club was able to raise nearly $9,000 through its popular Grange raffle.
  • A recent club meeting saw Gordon Hill from the RC Cobar zoom in and provide a most informative update of the drought situation the area has been facing. Around $900,000 has been injected into the community through charitable sources over time.
  • Despite having to postpone our Camping Swap Meet, some minor fundraising is still occurring through the conduct of regular Bunnings BBQs.
  • The club is endeavouring to keep members connected by organising social activity. Participation in a barefoot bowls competition is the present focus.
  • One of our newer members is leading investigations into restoring a scenic lookout at our local Lightning Hill. Club support for his endeavours is strong.
  • Our President-elect Gary is conducting a strategy meeting to design the path ahead for the club.
RC Castlemaine - Christine Barkla & Lynette Ellery
  • Club membership is 37 at present.
  • The club received an Australia Day Award for its reimagined Truck Show which was a wonderful success.
  • An enjoyable time was spent recently engaging via Zoom with members of Banchory Ternan, our sister club in Scotland.
  • Plans are underway for members of RC Richmond to visit for a social event.
  • Members are busy preparing for an Art Show on the long weekend in June. This will coincide with a Jazz Festival being held in the town. A council grant is being sought to assist in the conduct of the Art Show.
  • The club is keen to progress our international project in supporting communities in remote areas of New Guinea but progress on this has been slowed for a number of reasons.
  • The club is presently looking to establish a base for meetings due to our previous location no longer working out.
RC Kangaroo Flat – Kaylyn Journeaux.
  • Club membership presently stands at 17 with 8 Honorary members. These honorary members are showing increased involvement in club activity.
  • The club put a call out in the community and received 20 bikes which have been refurbished and donated to the local secondary college for refugee students who are undertaking a road safety program.
  • The club has provided funding to a local WIN cameraman who is undertaking a personal project on WWII.
  • Our ‘Hole in One’ activity will again be conducted with local businesses providing the prizemoney of $2000+, for this.
  • A monthly craft market is being held at the Rotary clubrooms and we have local secondary college students helping out.
  • Bunnings BBQs remain a source of fundraising and the club is donating vouchers to the local primary school to support underprivileged students.
RC Bendigo Sandhurst-Ted Gretgrix
  • The club presently has 45 members although with 50+% retired and regularly travelling, attendance may becoms a bit of a challenge some weeks during winter
  • Catering is a significant part of the club’s operations and fundraising and Covid has therefore impacted our endeavours.
  • We are presently seeking a new meeting venue due to changes in pre Covid arrangements.
  • Planning is proceeding to actively engage members through the building of a garden at Lightning Reef Primary School. Models used by other clubs will be looked at.
  • An established international program for the club is the sponsorship of a number of scholarships for students in Maubisse. This will continue.
  • A hugely successful and well supported club project: ‘The Patti Cotton Knitting Project’ is facing an uncertain future. Patti Cotton, the driver of the project, is needing to retire and, despite the best efforts of all, a replacement to take over leadership of the project has not been able to be secured. The Board has therefore decided to wind up the project unless another club or organisation is willing to take this on. 
Have a great week      cheers Ted.
EMAIL from Heather Ridge.
Dear Geoff, Ted, Patti and Carol,
I was in contact with Sr. Henrietta and mentioned to her that the knitting project would be winding up in coming months. I thought you might appreciate her reply, which shows just how much the project has assisted the community. See below:
Dearest Mrs. Heather, oh so lovely to hear some news from you again.
Yes, yes, so grateful, grateful, grateful for Patty Cotton whose works have touched so many hearts of the people in Maubisse, she is a legend hear, with all the wool knitting works.
Love her for that.
We send our love and grateful thanks for Bendigo Sandhurst, what an amazing works of knitting project, the products will be find almost in every house in Maubisse area, a huge and wonderful soft things to warm the children, and our hearts too. May God bless you good people.
On 16 Feb 2021, at 12:27 pm, Heather Ridge <> wrote:
Dear Ted and Geoff,
I wanted to thank you for mailing me information regarding the closure of the Bendigo Sandhurst Knitting Project. What an amazing project this has been, and all credit due to Patti, Carol and the diligent and dedicated work of so many knitters and support teams in the background.  It’s unfortunate the project has come to an end, but the work that’s been done over such a long period of time has had a significant impact on the community of Maubisse. In speaking with individual families and the administration of Maubisse, and having been privileged to distribute knitted articles to clinics, the hospital and children in Maubisse, it’s been evident the community has been so grateful to have been supported in this very practical way. Whilst there’s some element of sadness this work has come to an end, everyone associated with the project can be very proud of their contribution, and can be assured their efforts have been greatly appreciated both here in the Bendigo community, and by families and communities in Timor Leste. I’ve felt fortunate to be involved in a minor capacity, and thank everyone involved for this special opportunity.
Kindest regards,


Guest Speaker

Robin Pearson

COGB Library Services

Members were treated to a most informative presentation about the transformation in thinking about the range of services which can be offered by public libraries. The guest speaker for the meeting was Robin Pearson, the Team Leader of Bendigo Library Goldfields Library Corporation. Robin certainly presented a very different image from what many members had of the traditional Librarian. Robin is passionate about the idea that a library is not just a collection of books and that learning can only come through engaging in reading and its equivalent.
Robin has no doubts that the benchmark of achieving four and a half times the monetary value put into the Bendigo Library is being achieved. He quoted many examples of people who view the library as a safe place where they can come for support and companionship. The reality is that the Library Computer Hub is the only place where many people can access myGov after a visit to Centrelink.The avid reader who faces deteriorating vision, the Historian wanting to promote her latest book, the homeless and those suffering mental health and substance abuse are other examples of people who call the Library home. 
The pandemic has been a time of great anxiety for the staff of the library wondering about the wellbeing of many community members who regularly visit for support and learning. In normal times the library has one thousand daily visits. It is reassuring to know that current rates are around six hundred per day. Robin outlined the move away from mobile libraries to the provision of centres with smaller collections with limited opening hours. Heathcote has a library for three days a week and Elmore one day per week. These provide a gathering point for those communities.
Robin's observation is that a town can be judged by the vibrancy of its library. He is very grateful for the high priority placed by the council on the provision of library services. Robin studied law for sometime and was a teacher at Catholic College Wodonga where he guided the debating team to its first victory in the local competition sponsored by Rotary. It was uplifting for members to experience the passion that Robin has for his work. His skill as a story peddler was both entertaining and profound. We congratulate him on his leadership and vision and we thank him for being our guest.
Dietary Requirements
The meeting venue for next week will be the Tennis Centre. James, the Manager, has experience and is keen to cater for any members who have dietary requirements. If you haven't already done so could you please pass onto Jim Rolfe any dietary requirements you have. Phone 0407554263 or email

Kevin Reade has organized another Rotary weekend away at Barham Caravan Park.

Friday 4th June 2021 to Sunday 6th June 2021.

Caravan sites and onsite cabins available.

Bookings 54532553 and say you are with RCOBS for the booking.

This is always a great weekend.


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CoGB Library Services
Mar 03, 2021
The Story of Hume and Iser
Mar 10, 2021
Mar 17, 2021
Bendigo Education Plan
Mar 24, 2021
Wood 4 Good
Mar 31, 2021
Heffernan of the Shamrock
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ClubRunner Mobile
The following request from Kaye Graves
Just checking in to see if you  have any leads or clues on the following?
There is 1% rental vacancies in Bendigo due to the swing of people moving to regional areas. Previously rented houses are being sold, our refugee folks are  being told to move out etc.
Zahir has engaged with 2 Afghan men who are working in construction. I met them last night at a gathering we had for single men to talk about fire preparedness. They have been in Bendigo for 5 months and are living in a rental with 6 others. One has an established business as a subcontractor. He subcontracts to Simonds homes and the other works for him. They are desperate to find accommodation. Given the building boom here there will be more situations like this one for our refugee men especially Afghans as they are great painters tilers and construction workers.
So can you please have a think if you know anyone with a 3 bedroom dwelling they could rent where they can also store their gear which is painting equipment. Right now due to the overcrowding they are losing some of their painting equipment ! They can afford $325 per week.
Thought on the off chance with the people  you know there might be someone who is looking for private tenants.
As always I really appreciate your help with  this one ?
They can travel!
Best regards,
Kaye Graves|Team Manager Cultural Diversity and Relationships| Bendigo Community Health Services
Site address:  161-175 Hargreaves St, Victoria, 3556
Postal address:  PO Box 1121, Bendigo Central, Victoria, 3552
p. 03 5406 1235 
m. 0409 300 569
Youth Directory Cluster meeting by Cathie Miller
Youth Cluster Meeting 23rd Feb 2021
Present: Lynne (Eaglehawk), Joy (Bendigo), Kay (Bendigo South), Cathie (Bendigo Sandhurst), Mick (Eaglehawk), David (Castlemaine)
Apologies: Rochester
  • 19 online participants from District (none from our cluster)
  • 3 sessions/week. Commenced 8th Feb to 21st March
  • Youth Directors to ask their Clubs if they are committed to contributing $1000 again for this year
  • Applications usually come out in March with closing date in April
  • Sponsorships grants from AusIndustry are open again this year. Discussion had and decision made to apply for a grant
  • Plan info session in mid to late April
  • Lynne to explore if funding would be available from Foundation
ConocoPhillips Science Experience:
  • Bgo had 3 students attend Queenscliff Marine Centre. 3 days were crammed into 1 but they really enjoyed it
Science Challenge:
  • Coordinated by Bendigo South.
  • Fingers crossed Regional challenge will be held in August this year with National challenge to be held in Bendigo late October.
  • Rod Spitty will be attending a zoom meeting with University of Newcastle this week and will let Kay know any information
  • Rod advised that Regionals are taking place in Horsham and Swan Hill this month.
  • No-one has any applications yet. Transport will be managed if needed
  • Clubs will focus on October camp
Youth Exchange:
  • On hold until 2023 for outbounds
  • Possible inbounds in 2022
Club Responsibilities for the various programs was discussed.
NYSF – Eaglehawk
RYLA – Bendigo
RYPEN – Bendigo South
ConocoPhillips – Bendigo Sandhurst
David said that Castlemaine has access to a 25-seater bus that we can use for transporting students if needed.
Incoming Youth Services Directors:
Bendigo – Joy Bruce
Castlemaine – Matt Driscoll
Bendigo South – Kay McLaughlin
Bendigo Sandhurst – Stew Annan
Eaglehawk - ? Mick Costello/John Jones. Lynne will still co-ordinate NYSF
Kangaroo Flat – not present
Rochester – not present
Castlemaine discussed the SOAR program they are supporting. It is targeted at Year 8 students. They have 3 hours of sessions fortnightly as well as trips to support further development of the students.
Discussion had re program through Centrelink for people over the age of 50 years doing volunteer service in lieu of the usual job-hunting requirements. A service Club needs to be registered with Centrelink for participants to approach a Club.
Kay provided the application form (attached) and it was suggested that directors take the information back to their clubs
  • May 25th. Venue to be decided
  • Bring any new Youth Services Director

An artist asked the gallery owner if there had been any interest in any of the paintings he currently had on display.

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you,” the owner replied.

“What’s the good news?” the artist asked.

“Well, a gentleman inquired about your work and he asked me whether the paintings would appreciate in value after your death,” the owner explained. “And when I told him they would, he bought all 30 of your paintings.”

“Wow, that’s fantastic news!” the artist said. “So, what’s the bad news?”

“The gentleman said he was your doctor,” the owner replied.

Club meetings
Tues 12.45
for 1 pm
Thurs 6 for 6.30 pm
Stirling Room, Foundry
Wed 6.15 for
6.30 pm
Cal Gully 
6 for 6.30 pm
2nd Monday
6 for 6.30pm each Month Uniting Church Foyer Neale St
No Clubs are meeting except via Zoom