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Bulletin Week 27 2020-2021
Breaking News.........
Lizzie Barrow will be appearing with the District Governor and others 
On Tuesday (Australia Day) to sing the Australian National Anthem plus other songs.
Live ZOOM event 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm 26th January 2021
No Meeting
Craig Hancock
Health and Wellbeing Officer-Bendigo RSL
Meeting Location
Australia Day Holiday
Bendigo Tennis Centre
7am for 7.30am
Bendigo Tennis Centre
7am for 7.30am
Barb Mitchell
Rob Rosaia
Maurice Woodburn
President Report 
President Report  Jan 20
G’day Club Members and others,
Another great turnout to Peppergreen Farm on Wednesday.
Kate Nannestad, local childrens author,  was an inspiring speaker I thought, whose persistence and practice is bringing her great satisfaction and rewards. (I presume). Thanks to Phil for the intro. If you know a possible guest speaker, no matter where they live in the world, tell Jim Rolfe.
Congratulations to our two latest PHF's 
Adrian Schoo PP PHF
Paul Kirkpatrick PP PHF and multiple jewels
It is sad and disappointing we could not do the free Breaky or anything else at the Lake on Australia Day. People still did a power of work for no outcomes. My thanks just the same to Peter R, Peter E, Robbie, Kev, Bruce, the City staff and anyone else that was involved in trying to get “it” up. Disappointing as well for the City and everyone with the Madison and Loss Trades Fair gone as well. These are big events that bring lots of business to Bendigo. We can only hope that by Easter there is enough confidence to go with at least some Covidsafe events including our Markets. We are talking with Council on a weekly basis so we will keep you informed.
However thanks to those that responded to the invite to a private Club BBQ to celebrate Reflect, Respect and Celebrate. See you there.
Don’t forget to let me know by email or text to 0408 506 406 if you can come to the Bendigo Tennis Club on Feb 3 & 10th for breakfast. I need to give them numbers by the Monday pm.
Cheers Ted.
Guest Speakers
Kate Nannestad
The guest speaker for the meeting was childrens' author, Kate Nannestad. Kate captured the attention of all as she outlined her journey to becoming an author. Kate dispels the myth that most authors are avid readers. She didn't find the reading material available to her in her Primary years terribly engaging. In fact it became a motivating factor for her to produce literature which would be engaging for young children. At ten years of age she discovered an old typewriter and alas the opportunity to write. After completing page one of a romance novel she had the heroine at the edge of a cliff unable to survive. Without an edit facility or delete button she was unable to continue and abandoned the story.
The circumstances were such that Kate took up a Maths/Science pathway until she met a passionate English Literature teacher, Janelle Jones, in the later years of her Secondary Schooling. Janelle sparked in Kate the joy of wallowing in words and ultimately she changed her course and became a Primary Teacher. The highlight of teaching for Kate was sharing stories with children. The joy of entering a made up world was shared with her students and her own children. Kate's early career teaching experiences in a small country school provided the inspiration for her first book "Bungaloo Creek".
It took eight years for Kate to have her second book accepted by a publisher. She commented that one doesn't have to have work published to enjoy writing. In its many forms writing is an enjoyable experience for many people. Kate took the opportunity to read a very moving extract from her most recent book "We are Wolves''. This book tells the story of a family's escape from East Prussia after WW2. Needless to say this book required a lot of research.The book touches on the moral issue of decisions about circumstances when it is ok to bend the rules. 
Kate has had a number of her books translated into other languages. Her presentation invoked many questions including the way the books are illustrated and the different interests of children as they progress through their developmental stages. It was concluded that the intrigue with bodily functions was inevitably a stage for all children which hopefully they grow out of so that reading becomes a means to give them a wider view of the world. We thank Kate for her most engaging presentation and congratulate her on her persistence and achievements. Kate does Bendigo proud! Thanks also to Phil Britton for arranging Kate's visit.
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