Guest speaker

Glenda Serpel

Sunshine is a voluntary organisation, a registered charity, that supports families with young children; there are many families that struggle to provide the basic needs of children. Glenda believes the organisation reflects the adage: “it takes a village to raise a child”. Sunshine connects resources to need, it has been estimated that typical cost in the first year of a child averages $5500 and many families do not have access to this kind of money. Glenda saw the possibility of recycling nursery and baby furniture, this provides several advantages, it prevents disused resources ending up in landfill and provides valuable commodities to struggling families. Sunshine volunteers process donations which include baby clothes, furniture, car seats, cots, prams, these a cleaned and checked to ensure they meet the relevant Australian Standards they are then packaged and supplied to families. Sunshine relies on existing agencies (such as Anglicare) to identify potential clients which are then referred to Sunshine. In addition to the items mentioned nappies and baby formula are also provided. Nothing is bought or sold all goods are donated and supplied to clients at no cost. In the 2019-2020 year they helped 700 families providing 2377 goods with an estimated value of $367,000. Sunshine receives some assistance from local government grants and philanthropic grants and of course the community for donations of goods. The target group initially were families with children up to the age of 1 but recently families with children up to the age of 4 are supported. Glenda would like to see the Sunshine idea adopted in other communities. Such as Castlemaine and Maryborough. It was clear that Glenda is passionate about this project, she saw a need and saw a way of meeting the need. Her work is inspirationaland of great benefit to the many families in need in our community.