‘Someday’ is Here!


(With due deference to Dr Seuss)



You’ve made it.

After 40 years and a day

Of working and toiling and slaving away.


You’ve got money in the bank

And time on your hands

Now is the time to make some great plans.


There’s only one problem

A big concern, really.

If you want a great life then you really must hurry.


You see, all these years

You’ve heard experts opining

That your primary worry should be money and timing.


Those are vital, for sure.

But, take care to remember

If life were a calendar

You’d be in September.


The clock keeps on ticking

It gets louder each year.

You’ve spent years saying “Someday”

Well, “Someday” is here.


It’s time to stop dreaming

And actually DO.

That is my primary advice for you.


So how does one start?

Where to begin?

Grab a pencil and paper and let’s jump right in.


The first thing to do is to ask yourself this:

What types of things bring retirement bliss?


Don’t try to please others.

We’re talking about you.

What is it that YOU’VE always wanted to do?


Maybe that’s travel or volunteering to help others.

What would it be if you had your druthers?


Once you know that, then you’re well on your way.

But there are a few other things I should probably say.


First, don’t forget friends.

In life they’re the glue.

They hold everything together.

Otherwise it’s just you.


And while friends are important,

Don’t forget about your spouse.

If you’re happy together

You’ll have no reason to grouse.


So work on your friendships and marriage for sure

What else? Let me think?

There are two or three more.


Oh yes. Now with plans and people in order

You can shift your attention and start to re-order.

Your priorities that is. Your To-Do list is jumbled.

With all sorts of things you should probably fumble.

Get rid of the extra and purge the redundant.

Once you do that, life will be more abundant.


So that’s a few things that will get you ahead.

But remember, they won’t help a bit if you’re dead.

So get yourself healthy and lose the spare tire.

If you need a few pointers, call your doc and inquire.


Before we wrap up, a quick review.

What are the things you really MUST do?

Have money and plans. Relationships too.

A good healthy body and priorities not askew.

Do each of those things and you’ll be ahead by a mile.

Because those are the things that make retirement worthwhile.


© 2013 by Joseph R. Hearn. All rights reserved.