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Past District Governor (PDG) Phil Lustig and Past President (PP) Tim Sharp spent an afternoon helping the Palm Beach County School District configure wifi extenders as part of the County's Digital Inclusion Initiative (DII). We completed approximately 80 wifi extenders along with those already done by the School District, but so many more need to be done - 25,000 to be exact.  
The goal of the DII is to grant all students, regardless of zip code, access to reliable internet access in their homes.  To learn more about this initiative, click on the image above for the School district Technology Department's newsletter.  Also the following short video provides more information on the program. 
In addition, PP Tim and PDG Phil are in the process of discussing the possibly of expanding this volunteer program to configure throughout all of the Palm Beach county Rotary clubs with current District Governor Michael Walstrom and fellow Sunrise Rotarian and CEO of the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County James Gavrilos.  Stay tuned for more details and ways you too can help with this important project for many of our Palm Beach County families and children.
From Nicholas Metropulos, from Marine Education Initiative, who spoke to us on July 15th.  

We did it! Since March 2021, we have provided over 11,000 meals to those in need through our Aquaponics Food Security & Education Program. We are now providing over 600 meals every week. Our soup kitchen partners are receiving a reliable, fresh, and sustainable source of vegetables. This could not be accomplished without the generosity of our supporters, the dedication of our staff and volunteers, and existing partnerships with a few amazing organizations in South Florida.

Thank you so much to all who contributed to this great initiative. We also want to give a special thank you to our sponsors who helped launch this program:

  • Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
  • The Moss Foundation
  • Groundworks of Palm Beach County
  • Downtown Boca Raton Rotary Club

As we move forward in our mission, Marine Education Initiative is positioned to tackle major issues related to strengthening STEM education opportunities, fighting food insecurity, and providing workforce development services in the future.

I hope you will consider supporting our efforts, and please stay tuned for more exciting announcements and updates. 

With gratitude,

Nicholas Metropulos

Executive Director

Note: Look for a potential opportunity this fall to volunteer at their facility here in Boca Raton.

The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County believes that every child in Palm Beach County deserves equal opportunity and access to a quality education. Teachers remain the key to unlocking a student's potential in the classroom as a steppingstone to the rest of their life.
Nearly 70% of students are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program, receiving meals through school at a discount or for free. For these students, school supplies are a luxury. Many arrive at school without a single pencil or notebook, unable to participate in day-to-day lessons and activities.
  • 120,000 - students are living in poverty (based on qualification and participation in the National School Lunch Program)
  • $875 - The average amount teachers spend of their own pay to purchase supplies for students that cannot afford them
By providing essential school supplies for teachers and students, you will create environments where teachers can focus on teaching and students focus on learning.
How Can the Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise Help?
In support of our club’s mission to improve the lives of children and families, support education, and assist those in need, all to make a global impact, we are embarking on a project to support the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County in their efforts to provide school supplies to local teachers and students.  We will be doing the following four ways:
Click on the links above to learn more from the Education Foundation or open the attached document which provides a more detailed summary of our efforts in these four areas and how you can help.  We look forward to the entire club getting behind this important effort for our community.  
Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise
July 8, 2021
Our Club happily met in person for the second time: joy!  During an enthusiastic Happy Dollars session, we were introduced to our guest (and speaker) Lee Burke.  We also congratulated Norman Matus on 50 years of marriage;  way to go, Norman!
Our speaker, Lee Burke, of Burke Bogart & Brownell, spoke to our group about the Champlain Towers South collapse and it's implications for all of us living and working here in south Florida.  He called it the Canary in the Coal Mine.  He addressed the insurance issues raised by the recent tragedy in Surfside.  Specifically, he believes the costs for things like condo maintenance, basic insurance, and insurance for Board members will increase dramatically.  He thinks many Shared Living Communities will have to rewrite documents and possibly hire professional managers rather than rely on volunteer Boards from within their communities.  Several club members voiced concerns regarding liability for HOA Board members.  Lee believes that the cost of living will increase for all of us down here in south Florida.
Our latest 50/50 raffle concluded at this meeting!!  Gail Ambrose-Lustig and Lidia Borges had winning raffle tickets.  Lidia pulled the Queen of Clubs, winning the pot of $390!!!
July 14:  First BOD meeting of the new Rotary Year
July 15:  Speaker Nicholas Metropulos, Executive Director - Marine Education Initiative
July 19-26:  Service Project Bicycle Assembly with the Fuller Center
August:  RCBRS Road Show
September:  Return to normal meeting location/schedule with first Thursday to be fellowship
September 18:  Service Project Feeding Children Everywhere
Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise
July 1, 2021

The Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise had its first IN PERSON meeting of 2021!! The meeting was held at the lovely Boca Grove Golf Club, the site of future Rotary Sunrise meetings.  The meeting was called to order by President Elect Erin Garcia at 7:34 AM.  There were THREE past presidents in attendance and a very enthusiastic and generous round of "Happy Dollars" followed.
Outgoing President Matus noted that at the start of 2020-2021, our club had 58 members and now has grown to 62 members.  He commented that even during a pandemic with Zoom meetings, we averaged 50% attendance and participation, truly remarkable!  Norman Matus then thanked his 2020-2021 Board members collectively and individually, presenting them each with a plaque.  He then awarded BOTH Bogdan Paraschaviou and Sandy Burkhart as his "Dual" Rotarians of the Year.
Then an induction ceremony was administered by our special guest, Els Engelenburg.  Newly inducted President Erin Garcia stressed the need to "do more....grow more".  She added her hope to increase the diversity in our club with the addition of more female members.  She then announced the 2021-2022 Executive Board.  They were sworn in by Els Engelenburg.
President Garcia shared upcoming events and gave a heartfelt thank you to many members for their support and encouragement.  She also introduced and quoted Shekhar Mehta, the new Rotary International President.  The meeting adjourned at 8:41AM.
July 8, 2021 meeting:  Speaker Lee Burke on the Surfside Tragedy
July 19-26, 2021:  Service Project:  Bicycle Assembly with the Fuller Center
NOTE:  AUGUST 2021 meetings will NOT be at the Boca Grove Golf Club while they renovate.  Locations/events for August TBD.
September 18, 2021: Service Project:  Feeding Children Everywhere at the YMCA of Palm Beach County
The Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise Foundation “the Foundation”, as part of its Sunrise Grant Program, will once gain award up to $5,000 per project to deserving 501(C)3 non-profit organizations.  The Foundation awards grants to organizations that focus their non-profit efforts on providing services and support for children and families and their educational needs. This aligns with our parent club’s mission which is “To improve the lives of children and families, support education, and assist those in need, all to make a global impact.”
Last year we awarded two $5,000 grants to Best Foot Forward and Sweet Dream Makers.  This year we have sent out the applications to the following local non-profit organizations:
  • Youth Activity Center
  • Florence Fuller
  • Boca Helping Hands
  • Sweet Dream Makers
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Education Foundation of PBC
  • Soccer Association of Boca Raton
  • Snow Foundation
  • Family Promise of South PBC
If you know of any other non-profit that fits the above criteria, please direct them to our web site or send their contact information to bocasunriserotary@gmail.com.  

Meeting of June 17, 2021

No Guests this week

Speaker: Lee Scher: New Member Classification Talk

Michael Kridel shared background on the Rotary Classification System especially for newer members. The Classification System is based on a member’s occupation and over the years has become more flexible. During a Rotarian’s first year a new member is given the opportunity to share with the Club about their vocation and educate the Club on the specific classification. Mike then introduced Lee Scher, a 24 year veteran of the Financial Services business.

Lee is from North Bellmore, New York and a graduate of Syracuse University. After a brief stint in the advertising business, Lee joined the family business manufacturing coats in the Garment District in New York City. Over the next 18 years Lee travel to the Far East and to 47 countries.

In 1996 he left the family business as all manufacturing was now being done overseas. He joined Northwest Mutual Life in Phoenix, Arizona. During that time, he joined with the Arizona Cardinals in raising funds for Crohn’s disease and raised over $200,00 over five years.

He was then recruited by Merrill Lynch and moved back to New York. Eventually he became an independent agent, specializing in long-term care insurance. When his father developed Alzheimer’s, he moved to Boca Raton to be closer to him.

In Arizona he was member of the Pinnacle Peak Rotary Club for two years. His reasons for joining Rotary include being with like-minded people who are charitable and kind, and being able to network with others. Currently he is a part-time chauffeur, which has provided him with opportunities for great conversations and networking opportunities with all kinds of people including Mike Tyson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Ivana Trump. His wife Dana volunteers at the Youth Activity Center and he continues to work in the life insurance business while playing golf, tennis and bicycling.


  • End of July the Club is assembling bicycles for Florence Fuller.  Date TBD.
  • September 18: Feeding Children Everywhere event at the YMCA of Palm Beach County
  • Golf Tournament: October 2021  Date TBD
Meeting of June 24, 2021
Barry Axe
Speaker: PDG Phil Lustig, District 6930 Disaster Co Chair and Vice Chair of the Disaster Network of Assistance, Rotary Action Group.
Phil is a member of our Club and a Rotarian for over 40 years.


Phil opened his talk with a general suggestion that we all should be concerned and prepared for disasters. The Disaster Network of Assistance is a world-wide platform dealing with emergency response and disaster preparedness planning. Our District Disaster Management Committee effort is founded on preparedness.
So Why Should We Care? We need to look at our history of hurricanes here is Florida to see how at risk we are if we are not prepared.
Why Prepare? The best way to handle a disaster is to have a plan before. We need to know what to do in an emergency. Clubs and Districts should have formal plans. Communities, families, and individual Rotarians are encouraged to formulate plans.
The objectives of the District 6930 Disaster Preparedness is to help all Clubs have a Club Disaster Plan and regularly update their plan. Clubs need a ‘Call Down” list and encourage all members to have a personal plan. When preparing a plan there is a draft template available from the District as a guide.  Phil also asked members to consider participation in the DNA-RAG.
Clubs need to prepare for actions taken before, during and after the disaster and identify the types of disasters. There needs to be a Preparedness Checklist. Assign clear responsibility for disaster management, including appointing a Disaster preparedness Club Chair. A Communication Method for the Club needs to be put in place.  Disaster Supplies Kit should be available along with a disaster response equipment availability list. A liaison with Disaster Area Organizations should be established.
Phil shared that each Rotarian should have a personal plan including establishing a family meeting place, home security, decisions about evacuating, food and water security, first aid and medications and power and lighting concerns. There should also be a recovery plan.
Phil then shared some equipment that can be used in a disaster such Life Straw, Aqua Steri-pen, Sawyer All In One Filter and a satellite phone.   All are invaluable.
Phil ended this presentation by challenging the Club to identify a Disaster Chair and create/update a Club Disaster Plan.

  • President Norman wished Diane Vasic safe travels as she moved to the Cayman Islands. He thanked her for the many times she hosted the Club at her home and hoped she would be able to join us via Zoom from her new home.
  • July 1 Induction of new President Erin Garcia at Boca Grove Country Club
  • End of July, Bike Assembly for Florence Fuller
  • Sept 18 Feeding Children Everywhere at YMCA
  • October Golf Tournament - More information to follow!!
Many thanks to our outgoing President Norman for all he has done this past year to hold us together in such a difficult and challenging time.
Thank You President Norman!
Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise



  • Representative Ted Deutch, United States Congressman
  • Carolyn Truillo
  • Joel Richard and Wendy Lipsich, members of Rep Deutch’s staff in Washington


In person Club meetings are being planned to resume at the Renaissance hopefully in June. Date to be announced.


Representative Ted Deutch, US Congressman, Florida’s 22nd District

Representative Deutch has served this District for 7 terms. He chairs the House Ethics Committee. He promotes economic opportunities in the District and also serves on the Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee.  Ted appreciates the opportunity to speak with our Club and shared that as a high school student he attend RYLA and gained important leadership skills which has served him well in his career.

Ted discussed the situation in Israel as a very difficult moment. HAMAS is a terrorist group. As yet we don’t have an ambassador in Israel or a representative to the Palestinians which makes it difficult for the United States to work in this situation.

Regarding the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack Ted pointed out how vulnerable we are to cyber threats. He said that both government and private industry need to address this by investing more to protect our infrastructure.

With regard to issues here in Florida, Ted hopes that the cruise industry can get off the ground as soon as possible. This industry is a vital part of our economy and provides many jobs. He is critical of the Governor not allowing cruise lines to require their passengers to be vaccinated before traveling. He pointed out that the Rescue Plan for Aging and Families has a positive affect on children in our District and will also help our older population. He said that subscribing to Rotary’s Four Way Test would really help to bring us together.

On the issue of gun control Ted pointed out that there is a bill that passed in the House regarding comprehensive background checks. It is now in the Senate and needs to be passed as soon as possible. He also added that assault weapons need to be treated like machine guns.

He also pointed out the problems with Big Tech and that we need to be prepared to deal with state actors and non-state actors alike. 

Ted thanked us for the opportunity to speak  to us and looks forward to visiting our Club again.

If you missed the meeting, you can view a recording of it at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gNCfOvsDO9iTkR3GtfUusmDMmAh8hBGC/view (Thank You Phil). 
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