Gallipolis Rotary In Guatemala!

VP Kevin In Charge!
VP President's Announcements:  Good Morning from Kevin, who is filling in for President Chuck while his is on our Mission Trip to Guatemala along with Clyde. Setting a good example for the club but most of all providing a better life to Mayan families.
We will be inducting Stan Evans once Chuck returns from Guatamala.
Global Grants Seminar-Kevin and Charlene will be attending this weekend.
April 7th: Restoration Let's Take Our Community Back-Town hall meeting. Chaired by Rotarian Lee Bauman from CPR.  Discussions will include the substance abuse epidemic in our area. Ryan Smith will be their along with our very own Margaret Evans and other guest speakers. This should recognize the signs of abuse and give us hope.  There will be significant attendance from many local organizations. Rotarians will set up chairs and tables. Be there by 5:30 to help out. Should be about 250 people but we hope for more than that.
Fellowship with Gordon:  Started out with a knock-knock joke. Talked about the log that's balanced on the wires at the crossing of 588 and McCormick Road. Gordon offered a little history on Casias Clay, Steve Jobs, and George Harrison. Show of Shows premiered on this day. Gordo quizzed Rotarians what the K in the K-Mart stand for, K. First gold rush was in NC. First Jack-o-Lantern was carved from a turnip.  Thanks Gordon for today's trivia.
We celebrated Cleeland's birthday. He was insistent on having a quartet of the only four ladies available:  Bonnie, Shana, Alvera and Lou Ellen. They did an awesome job singing to Cleeland.
Words of Wisdom: Prayer may not seem to change anything but it can change the person praying.
Split-The-Pot:  Shana ran our STP for the meeting today.  The small pot grew to $5.00 was won by Kevin Dennis who offered his donations to the local fund. He missed out on the large pot by drawing the five of diamonds. Kevin fined anyone who drove to the meeting today.
Program--Today's program was offered by VP Kevin, who shared with us highlights of his efforts in Haiti. Every evening beside the camp the locals all played soccer. It was the one joy they had during all the tragedy.  He said there were pigs and chicken everywhere but not really many cats or dogs. He shared pictures of their camp and the people. The heat was unbearable.  After arriving at the airport the missionaries basically had to fight to keep belongings just to get to the camp. Kevin described the food and living conditions and corrupt government.
Thanks Kevin for sharing a bit of kindness the world offers.
Meeting adjourned.