VP Kevin Dennis was in charge for vactioning President Chuck.  Our invocation was provided by Matt Willis.

Kevin thanked each Rotarian for their participation last Monday at the Vinton Church Food Pantry and Gallia Strong Tower Recovery thanksgiving meals.  Some helped serve, and some were friends to the attendees - all were greatly appreciated.  Dave West, the Food Pantry director, came to the Recovery meeting Monday evening 12/2 and thanked all who had a part in serving, the fellowship time, and cleanup.  About 350 people were served.  Charlene has all the pics. 

Loralee gave all the details for the annual Rotary Christmas dinner.  It will be held Tuesday December 17 at the Ariel, social time 6:30 PM with the dinner beginning at 7:00.  Cost is $13.00 per person, and Parkfront Diner is catering.  Remember the ornament exchange!  Loralee has a guest list started, so please contact her if you have not signed up yet.  We will circulate the list again this Tuesday. 

Fellowship--Kevin opened the social time with a story about a poor exasperated soul flying over the holidays.  He saw a ball of mistletoe over the luggage check-in area and berated the attendant behind the luggage counter, telling her she wouldn't get a kiss from him even if he were a husband or boyfriend.  She informed him that he was mistaken about the purpose of the mistletoe - it was so he could kiss his luggage good-bye!  Hello!  Gordon Amsbary followed by celebrating Dave Nadler's birthday.  Dave requested a quartet from the table of folks near the kitchen, and they responded with a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday, despite Loralee's "bug" in her throat. 

Split the Pot was won by, Guess Who?  That's right, Alvera Robinson continues her blazing string of wins.  Wonder if she would like to accompany Sandy and I to Vegas?  Anyway, she donated the winnings to the club and collected fines as well.  Thanks to Charlene Smith for running the contest and for taking notes. 

An excellent and timely program was given by Marjorie Lang, Director of Holzer Weight Loss Solutions.  She was the guest of our program chair, John Ellison.  Marjorie led a very informative discussion of lap band surgery, including typical insurance coverage, a follow up support group, candidate qualification, and an excellent description of the procedure.  There were a number of questions that took us right up to 8:00 AM!  Great program.   

President Chuck will be back this coming Tuesday, December 10th.  Marlin Rose is our program chair.