2014 Gallipolis Rotary Scholarship Recipients.

L-R, Haleigh Caldwell of Gallia Academy High School, Kasey Eblin of River Valley High School, President Chuck Clark, Owen Moore, and Halley Alberts, both from Gallia Academy High School.

Meeting Summary

President Chuck Clark opened the weekly meeting of Gallipolis Rotary dispensing with our traditional singing this morning.  Chuck caught some grief though and promised we would sing next week!  Chuck welcomed our special guests today, the club's 2014 Rotary Memorial Scholarship Recipients and their parents.  Our room was set up particularly nice today, thanks to the efforts of Bonnie McFarland and Holzer Medical Center.  Thank you for your help today!
President Chuck asked each of our Rotary Scholars to stand, introduce themselves and their parents, and speak briefly to the club about their college and career plans.  Halley Albert is a senior at GAHS and has been in the Post Secondary Option for two years at URG.  This Saturday we will graduate from Rio Grande with an Associates Degree in Biology as well as graduating from high school.  She will continue at Rio Grande with a academic scholarship in Chemistry to prepare for a career in Epidemiology.  She plans to join the US Air Force and continue in graduate school to earn a PhD in Epidemiology from Columbia University.
Owen Moore is a GAHS senior and grandson of Rotarian Clyde Evans.  Owen will be attending the University of Chicago this fall and will be playing football for the U Chicago Maroons!

Kasey Eblin‚Äč is a Rotary Scholar from River Valley High School.  Kasey will be attending the University of Rio Grande to major in Social Work and Drug Prevention Education.  
Haleigh Caldwell is a senior at GAHS and plans to attend The Ohio State University to major in Speech and Hearing Sciences to become a speech and language pathologist.

President Chuck and President-Elect Kevin attended the District Assembly last weekend in Chillicote.  It was a great meeting and there was a very strong presentation on the new 'branding' of Rotary.   A uniform Rotary logo using the Rotary wheel will dominate the Rotary landscape worldwide.  Our RI website features a Tools section which allows clubs to produce a club brochure, letterhead, and business cards. Chuck reminded members the end of the Rotary year District Conference at Cherry Valley Lodge on May 16-17.
Our April "Last Tuesday" meeting was held at the new Municipal Building and our club was hosted by City Manger, Randy Finney.  City Council member, Tony Gallagher, was also in attendance.  Members enjoyed the opportunity to tour the new building and learn about what is happening in our community.  Rotarians enjoyed the opportunity to ask our City Manager questions about our city, utilities such as water, sewer, and other departments.  Thank you, City of Gallipolis!
Possible Change of Meeting Location--The Doctors Dining Room is no longer going to be an option to us for our meetings.  The prices of the food has increased and the meeting space will not be available after June.  It has been a great option for us all these years and for that we are very grateful. Chuck and the Board are investigating other locations for our meeting site.  The city building meeting room is a nice option for us.  We will continue to meet in our room at the hospital for the next two meetings.  We will try to provide coffee and water, but members will need to purchase food from the cafeteria next week.
Coin Box--Alvera Robinson turned in a box of coins collected during Easter to benefit our Club Foundation.  Thank you Alvera!
Fellowship--Gordon Amsbary shared some highlights in history.  Gordon noted there is a barbed wire collection day in Lacrosse, Kansas today.  Today is also Sigmund Freud's birthday.  Today is the anniversary of the Hindinburg explosion that killed 36 people in 1937.  Today is "No Diet Day" and "No Homework day."  Gordon collected a couple of Happy Bucks from Alvera Robinson, Bonnie McFarland, Margaret Evans and PDG Mel Simon.  Gordo's thought for the day was "Everything will be alright in the end and if its not alright then it's obviously not the end."

Split-The-Pot--Charlene Smith ran our split the pot for the meeting today.  We ended up with $7.00 in the small pot thanks to some brisk ticket sales today!  Charlene asked Rotary Scholar Halley Alberts to draw out the lucky winner today which was . . . Loralee Carmichael!  In the draw for the really, really Big One now amounting to $228.00 our winner carefully selected a card and pulled out the Queen of Hearts winning the entire large pot! Loralee donated her winnings today to the Club's Foundation   Thanks, Loralee!  The Foundation Fine was assessed against anyone "not wearing panty hose!
Program--Our meeting today celebrated our 2014 Rotary Scholars and their families.  President Chuck took a few minutes to speak about Rotary, its history and the work of our club.  Chuck wanted to emphasize that Rotary is about people coming together, to take action to benefit our community and the world.  He covered the projects our club sponsors such as the Rotary Mile, Dictionaries for 5th Graders, PDG Mel's Medical Mission to the Philippines and new projects such as the Field of Hope Food Pantry.  President Chuck spoke about our Guatemalan Water Project efforts and how Rotary matching grants helps our club..  Lastly,  President Chuck reminded the students that Rotary sponsors post graduate study for Ambassadorial Scholars to study abroad in specific disciplines such as peace and conflict resolution, community development, and other special need areas.
Reminder, May's "Last Tuesday" will be held at Silver Bridge Coffee at their location on SR 850 on May 27th.  You won't want to miss this!
In our Board Meeting, a decision was made to fund Camp Beaver $250 and the Gallia County Snack Pack organization $250.