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Daughter Amber Richards and Grandaughter Jalyn Jaybird Rice of President Kevin
Club President Chuck Clark admitted he is in 'countdown' mode with only a few weeks before President Kevin takes the reins!  Chuck reminded members our installation will be at Holzer Conference ABC on June 24th at 7:00 AM.  Let's have a great turnout of Rotarians to show our support for President Kevin!  An upgraded breakfast is planned as well.  We are starting our club meetings now at 7 AM to allow enough time for our programs and to allow members to arrive at work on time.
Kevin updated the club on the Field of Hope progress.  The roof is finally taking shape.  We have been waiting for the roof so we can purchase the materials for the Food Pantry which are being funded with a District 6690 grant.  Kevin is diligently working on other efforts including ordering the material for the new food pantry.  This will be an opportunity for us to get touch point credits as part of our new attendance program.  Kevin took a few minutes to describe how the program will work and how it would be beneficial to the club.  Another upcoming change will simplify our dues system.   We will have set amount of dues per month which will be all inclusive of everything.
Kevin also plans to change up our meeting schedule.  Two morning meetings, two noon meetings and there are four extra Tuesdays per year for service or a social event.  This will start in July which has our first extra Tuesday.  We will use the fifth Tuesday of July (29th) for a service opportunity at the Field of Hope.
Loralee Carmichael emphasized the importance of a good mentoring program in place for all new members and the importance of having mentors.  Just because someone joins our club, our job is not complete!  We want all new members to become great Rotarians!
Split-The-Pot--This morning's STP was handled by President Elect Kevin!  Our lucky winner today was  Loralee Carmichael who donated her winnings to the club's local foundation.  Loralee fined us all for the fog.
Fellowship with Gordon--Gordo offered a few interesting dates in history including the patent of the ball point pen in 1943.  You've come a long way, Bic!  Shana Booher and PDG Mel Simon each offered up Happy Bucks. Our Words of Wisdom today came from Alvera Robinson: "Yes, It may be bad to fail, but even worse to have never tried to succeed!" 

Program--Today's program was presented by fellow Rotarian and Past President, Jim Morrison, who treated Rotarians to an interesting talk about this scuba trip to Fiji.  Jim has been actively diving since 1992 and takes one or two diving trips each year.  His most recent trip to Fiji was a real treat and Jim shared a DVD with us on his experiences.  This trip was particularly unique as the divers stay aboard a dive boat, the Nii'a for the week and have the opportunity to make four dives each day.  Jim said the food was great and accommodations superb.  The experience must have been awesome!  Very mesmerizing and Rotarians all gave this program two thumbs up!  This was a super cool program!
Meeting Adjourned