Congratulations to PDG Mel and Lydia Simon for the Global Grant to the Philippines!

April 1, 2014
President Chuck Clark opened the weekly meeting of the Gallipolis Rotary Club welcoming assembled Rotarians on this first day of April.  Our attendance was a bit off and some of our regulars were not with us today!  It was good to have Jim Morrison back with us this week!  Jim turned in two make-up slips from the St. Johns, VI Rotary club.  He even won STP one week!  It costs $5 to get in that STP!
Upcoming District Events—The District Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th at Chillicothe HS.  The District Assembly is one of the best meetings members can attend and is highly recommended for all new Rotarians.  The District Conference is scheduled for May 16-17 at Cherry Valley Lodge and is  the wrap-up celebration for District Governor Bart Mahoney.  We have three scheduled to attend!
This Month’s Last Tuesday will be held at Common Grounds in Vinton on the campus of Wing Haven.  Member Lee Bauman will be hosting us and this will be a great event!  Mark your calendars!
Important Club Project—Our club will be helping set up Monday’s Town Hall meeting sponsored by Citizens for Prevention and Recovery (CPR).  The event is calling residents to ‘help take our community back’ from the ravages of drug abuse and addiction.  Our club will be setting up tables and chairs starting at 5:30 pm so please make note of this in your calendars to stop by after work and help. 
District Grants for Next YearVP Kevin has completed the online process and submitted several applications for District Grants to fund several local projects next year.  These grants come as a result of our club’s giving to the Rotary Foundation, and we as Rotarians need to be supporting the Foundation strongly every year to keep these funds available for our club’s projects in the years to come!
April Fools—President Chuck shared a video produced by Google for this April 1st.  The video was a parody of Google’s own fiber optic Internet projects re-purposed as Google ‘Fiber’ Bar.  This humorous video didn’t fool anyone of our sharp Rotarians, and put a smile on every member’s face.
FellowshipGordon Amsbary led our club fellowship this morning and immediately set to work to collect a late fine from  Margaret Evans.  We had a birthday today and VP/President-Elect Kevin Dennis offered up a contribution so the entire club could sing him Happy Birthday.  Gordon concluded with this week’s words of wisdom.
Split-The-PotJim Morrison freshly back from St. John’s, VI ran our STP this week.  Jim asked Paul Koch to draw our winning ticket today which was held by Bonnie McFarland!  Bonnie asked the small pot of $6.00 be donated to our local club’s foundation.  In the draw for the large pot of $200.00, our winner missed out by drawing the ten of clubs, keeping the pot active for another week.  The Foundation Fine was assessed against anyone who did not have a Happy Buck today!
ProgramPDG Mel and Lydia Simon provided our program today to report about our club’s Global Grant project, Operation We Care medical mission to the Philippines.  This is the 30th year for this ambitious undertaking by Mel and Lydia and the first year under the new Rotary Global Grant program.  This was the first Global Grant awarded in our district this year and Mel presented an interesting PowerPoint showing the project and the sustainability of the project in providing on-going medical training and equipment for the hospitals involved.  In future projects, the sustainability aspect is extremely important allowing the program to continue without our club’s involvement.  PDG Mel is proposing a Global Grant for a unique mobile surgical vehicle for next year to be used in the more remote areas of the Philippines.  Thank you, PDG Mel and Lydia, for your dedication and passion through Rotary to help those less fortunate in the Philippines.