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The Kimberley Rotary Club along with their partners in the Rotary Community Online Bingo have worked together to make a $50,000.00 donation to JoeAnna's House in Kelowna.
JoeAnna's House provides much needed accommodations for out-of-town families with loved ones receiving care at Kelowna General Hospital.  It is a sanctuary for families during difficult time.
For more details google JoeAnna's House.
If you have been playing Rotary Community Bingo you have helped support this donation and many others to come.  
Thank You!
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Rotary Community online BINGO 

A, B.C. Hydro outage in the Golden Area, on Friday resulted in the weekly Rotary BINGO games being cancelled. 
This was the first time this has happened to the very popular games.
For details on what will happen to tickets purchased for the April 9th games check out the Rotary Community online bingo Facebook site for details.  In Short:  The April 9th tickets will be valid for April 16th.  The Prize Pots will continue to grow as more tickets will be sold until 1pm on the 16th.  Expect very large Prize Pots for both the Regular Games and the Progressive Game (likely over $40,000).  Join the games for a FUN Friday evening, the chance to WIN big pots, and the knowledge that a portion of the profits of the games goes to your local Rotary Club and are spent there.
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Rotary Meeting April 7th

Thanks to Andrew and Pamela from Sustainable Kimberley our Guests Speakers.  Very interesting to hear the plans this group has for Kimberley.  The project for the entrance to Marysville, the E-bike plans for the trails in our area including a changing station near the Grey Creek Summit and more ideas were shared.  We will be looking forward to hearing how these plans develop.
Also a great update from our  Rotary District 5080 Assistant Governor.  Dewayne shared the option for a new club management program DACdb that the District and a number of clubs in our District have started using.  Cost savings for clubs that sign up soon, free for the basic program and 4 different add-on modules (again savings for these is presently available).  Dewayne also reminder members of the need for the club to appoint a "Youth Protection Officer". 
Lots of other good news.  Profits from the Rotary Community Bingo continue to grow and a committee is working on how best to distribute these.  
Reminder:  Guests are welcome to join our meetings and see if Rotary is an organization they might want to join.  
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March 17th Rotary Meeting

Excellent St. Patrick's Day Meeting online.  No Green Beer but a very professional Guest Speaker presentation by Peter Reid president of Kimberley Search and Rescue.  Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kimberley Search and Rescue have continued to work diligently to urge extra caution to back country users in order to prevent needless strain on SAR's services and that of our local healthcare providers.  Thanks to the very special KSARs organization and its skilled volunteers our community continues to reap the benefits this organization provides.
SAR is a 100 per cent volunteer organization and clearly one that exemplifies "Service Above Self"
In addition to organizing and leading the local SAR teams Peter and his wife are both instructors and travel the province teaching advanced search and rescue courses.
Of interest to Kimberley Rotary, we learned that rescues have been needed in the Marysville Falls area and that training for SARs members takes place at the Falls.  The Rotary Club will be looking to see if it can be of help in providing resources such as climbing anchors on the cliff above the Falls.
SARs members training.
Members were reminded that ShelterBox will be having a World Water Day Zoom presentation on Marcy 22nd. 
Rotary Community BINGO is still going well and is proving to be a good fundraiser for the club.  A committee has been formed to manage the club's involvement in the BINGO events.
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Kimberley Rotary Donation to the Pines

Roger Rodermond and staff members of the Kimberley Special Care Home 
The Kimberley Rotary Club was pleased to have the opportunity to donate an IPAD with a Smart Cover to  the Recreation and Daybreak Program at the Kimberley Special Care Home (The Pines). The donation was made as a follow-up to a smart TV donated by the Rotary Club prior to Christmas. The use of connected technology will enable staff and clients additional opportunities to enjoy activity programming and communicate with family and friends.
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February 17th Rotary Meeting (On-line)

The Feb. 17th online meeting of the Kimberley Rotary Club was highlighted by a presentation from the Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club.  It was great to hear how the Sunrise club has been doing and hear and see two of their recent projects.
President Lynnette Wray gave an introduction with history of the club and then introduced club member Steve Weatherall who gave a Power Point presentation on the club's amazing locomotive project.
Steve explained how the club raised funds for the project and showed in a great Power Point presentation stages of the project.  He explained with photos showing club members working on many of the different aspects of the project.  The original "old locomotive" was prepared for an amazing facelift paint job and surrounding features were installed including a short wall and the water feature shown above.  Steve explained the plans ahead for adding landscaping in the surrounding area.
It is impossible to miss this great Rotary project when you drive the highway through Cranbrook.
The program was then turn over to Melanie McFarlane who shared many of the aspects of the club's involvement in the We-Bike program.
This was another very well presented presentation explaining how Melanie first got involved in the program and all the amazing steps the club has taken since.  Check out the photo above to see how to get trained to become a coach and bring this program to your area.
Mention was also made of other programs the Sunrise Club has.  Kimberley Rotary always comments that helping with their annual (when there aren't forest fires nearby or COVID) Kootenay Gran Fondo event is one of our club's favorite projects. 
It was great to see how these two projects have grown and see what our fellow Rotarians are doing.  Thanks Cranbrook Sunrise.
Kimberley Rotary will be sharing with the Sunrise Club on Tuesday Feb. 23rd.
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Rotary Meeting Feb. 3rd

The February 3rd meeting was well attended (on-line).  In stead of a Guest Speaker, president Pat shown a Power Point presentation that included many of the club's involvements and accomplishments this year.  Lots of good things have happened including the addition of 4 new members.  Great to see that even with the loss of all but one of our regular fundraising events the club has done well securing grants and the engineering feasibility study to replace and upgrade the Marysville Falls Walkway has reported that it is doable - all be it an expensive proposition.  More grants needed and a number are in process.
Past President, and meeting chairperson, Jaret gave an update on ShelterBox.  The results of the Kimberley Rotary Christmas season, Global Gift campaign, and the separate Solar Light sales were successful and the total raised was $8,808.00.  Thanks Kimberley supporters! 
Our next meeting is Wednesday Feb. 17th.  The Guest Speakers will be from the Cranbrook Sunrise Club.  They will be sharing how and what their club is doing since COVID restrictions arrived.
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January 20th Rotary Meeting

Attractive lease spaces may become available in the Kimberley Health Care Centre

Our online Guest Speaker at the January 20th Rotary meeting was Wayne Keiver who manages the Kimberley Health Centre for the Kimberley Health Care Society.

Wayne explained that the Kimberley Health Centre, formerly the Kimberley and District Hospital, is owned by the Kimberley Health Care Society who are responsible for the operation of the facility and all capital improvements and replacements.  Wayne pointed out that the building is sound and has a number of excellent sites that would be ideal for a number of uses.  The Upper Floor of the building is presently totally vacant, also there are available spaces on the bottom floor.  The main floor is presently a busy area with a number of Interior Health facilities and office for our local doctors.  In order to attract businesses to a multitude of lease spaces a number of upgrades are needed to bring the upper floor into compliance with current building codes.  Leasing these spaces will help provide a revenue stream that would ensure the long-term viability of the Centre.  Work needed includes a new HVAC system, a sprinkler system, radon gas mitigation work, elevator repairs and more.  The Health Care Society is presently working with the City and a funding grant the Society has been granted to start the renovations.

The Kimberley Health Care Society is presently looking for a few people who would be interested in joining the Health Care Society Board.  Here is an opportunity to help give back to your community by becoming a member of the "Kimberley Health Care Society".  "One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time".  If interested, contact one of the following Board members:

Barrie Peterson, chairman, at judybarriepeterson@gmail.com 

Kent Goodwin, director, at jkgoodwin@shaw.ca.

Dr. Ilona Hale at ilonadave@hotmail.com 



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Opportunity for High School Students

Opportunity for High School Students
“Adventures in Health Care”
The purpose of the Rotary Adventures in Health Care program is to help those interested in EXPLORING educational and career opportunities in health care.
Adventures in Health Care ONLINE will broaden your scope of knowledge in the field of health sciences, allowing you to make more informed choices as you move forward in high school. Good planning gives you good results.
This free on-line program is open to all high school students in BC.
The program will go live March 13 which is the beginning of spring break for most of the Province and be shut down at the end of April. All who register and complete will get a certificate. Many want it to include in their Grade 12 graduation portfolio to prove their community engagement.
For details check out the website below
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The Best of News

Kimberley Rotary Club started off the New Year with more great news.  Last night we Inducted two more new members to the club.  Lynn Hauptman and Lori Pasiechnyk joined the club and with their skills and backgrounds they will keep Kimberley Rotary moving ahead in the years to come.  In December, we also added two members, Brian Mullen and Chad Murray.  New members bring so many benefits to the club, new ideas, a greater variety of background knowledge and extra hands to help us continue to support our community and our International projects.
Even though we lost all but one of our local fundraisers and had to move to on-line meetings the club was able to meet or increase our local support through a strong focus on grant writing.  The following are some of the club's accomplishments over the 1st half of the Rotary Year (July 1st - Jan 1st): support for the local Girl Guides by buying 60 boxes of their Girl Guide cookies which we donated to the Food Bank. Provision of a digital printer to Healthy Kimberley Food Recovery.  Continued support of Rotary International's Polio Eradication campaign.  Financial support for the Market Children Program in Honduras and for ShelterBox Canada.  We paid for a $20,000.00 Feasibility Study for the replacement/upgrade of the Marysville Falls Walkway.  Payment for the concrete for the Wheelchair Friendly Walkway to the Splash Park, Washrooms and Playground at Rotary Park.  Delivery of over 70 grocery purchases at Save-On-Foods and Food Hampers from the Food Bank to people isolating at home. Purchase of a 65" Smart T.V. for the Pines.  One of our members provided over 100 free Non-medical masks to seniors in our community.  Also, mask were sold locally with the funds raised being matched by the club and then donated to the Food Bank.  We significantly increased our posting on Facebook and the club's website.  Keep up to date and follow us on Facebook and check our website at www.KimberleyRotary.org.
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Rotary donates a Smart TV to the Pines

The Kimberley Rotary Club provides the The Pines with a large smart TV
The recent rules that have been put into place to protect us from the contagious coronavirus have changed the world for all of us.  This is so true for seniors in care facilities and their families.  The greater isolation restrictions needed to protect our special seniors have greatly impacted their lives.  The joy of visits from family and friends, the concerts performed by local entertainers, and the freedom to take part in outings have been eliminated or drastically restricted.
When Rotary approached the management at the Pines and asked them if there was a way Rotary could help, their response was technology is quickly changing the face of activity programming with seniors and there were definitely needs at the Pines. As they explained, IPads and Smart TV’s are becoming must-haves for every activity/recreation department.  A smart TV would allow virtual concerts and other programs and activities (trivia games, movies and other interactive programs). It would also provide access to YouTube videos, senior-focused networks, apps, and other technology to enhance program offerings.  Rotary initially looked at providing an IPad but quickly discovered they were sold out in our area so thanks to grant funding provided to Rotary from the Kimberley District Community Foundation (KDCF) the purchase of above TV became a reality, and was donated to the Pines before Christmas.
Looking to make a donation to a great Kimberley organization?  Check out the KDCF.
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Great December

We received an early Christmas Gift with the addition of two new members.  The club was most pleased to welcome Brian Mullen and Chad Murray to our active member list.
We also had a fantastic Christmas Social. 
Kimberley Rotary's first ever VIRTUAL Christmas Social - dinner with entertainment was held on December 16th.  A box of ingredients was delivered to each participant's door and member, Ryan McGibbon (cocktail waiter, chef, & sommelier), instructed and demonstrated for the guests how to make the predinner cocktail, how to put the Salmon Gravlax Salad together, how to cook the pan seared duck breast, mixed mushroom risotto, and roast squash.  The entrée was paired with a bottle of vintage pinot noir.  Dessert was a Pot de Crème with Chantilly cream and a decadent sauce.  Rave revues were forthcoming from the guests.  We are all waiting for Ryan's planned new restaurant to open in the Platz.
More news in the days ahead about Kimberley Rotary's gift to the Pines.      
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November 18 Rotary Meeting

Another great meeting on November 18th.  Our Guest Speaker was Ryan Peterson along with Zoë Ramdin from Teck Resources Limited in Kimberley.
Ryan gave a very professional Power Point presentation with numerous slides with details and photos.  It was amazing to see all the work Teck has done and is continuing to do in Kimberley since the closing of the Sullivan in 2001.  The support for the community and the investment Teck has made in Kimberley is amazing – it definitely helps make Kimberley “a great place to be”.
The possibility of presentations in the schools and community and tours of some of the sites are in the company’s future plans.  Thanks Ryan, for your excellent presentation and the great photos.  
November 18 Rotary Meeting 2020-11-26 07:00:00Z 0

Dog with a Bone Award

I have been chewing on the "Persistent as a Dog with a Bone Award"
Thanks for the honour.  pb
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Nov. 4th Rotary Meeting 2020-11-05 07:00:00Z 0

Kimberley Rotary Honors Memory of Graham Mann

Graham was a dedicated Rotarian, a Paul Harris Fellow and a Paul Harris Benefactor. He was a passionate ShelterBox Ambassador and in 2016 received an “All Star” award for his exceptional fund-raising.
Kimberley Rotary Honors Memory of Graham Mann 2020-11-01 06:00:00Z 0

OCT. 21st Meeting Update

Excellent meeting with guest speaker Andrew Baird from ISL Engineering.
Andrew presented an update on the progress being made on the Feasibility Study for a possible rebuild/upgrade of the Rotary Walkway to Marysville Falls.
The study is being completed in 3 phases and will soon provide enough detail for the Kimberley Rotary Club to be able to make a decision on if they will take on this major project.
The photo is typical of similar walkways but it is expected the one to Marysville Falls will still include a major wooden walkway with the addition of packed gravel sections at slopes that would allow accessibility for those with mobility issues.  
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Rotarians, your donation at www.endpolio.org will be credited to your Rotary Foundation account. 
HELP ROTARY END POLIO  2020-10-24 06:00:00Z 0

Thanks Al

Al with a new sign at the bridge to the Marysville Falls Walkway.
Thanks to Rotarians Al, Doug and Pat, grants were applied for and donations made by Columbia Basin Trust, Teck Metals, and the Rotary Foundation with matching funds from the Kimberley Rotary Club.   These generous donation have provided funds to pay for a Feasibility Assessment to determine whether the 37 year old Marysville Falls Walkway can be rebuilt to a standard that will provide safe access to everyone including those in wheelchairs.  The cost for this project will be in the six figure range.  Kimberley Rotary is considering taking this project on and if they do, fundraising will be a major next step.     
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October 7th Rotary Meeting update

Our Guest Speaker at the October 7th Rotary Meeting was Daryl Richardson.
Daryl a Cranbrook Sunrise Rotarian is the owner of ENERCALL
Daryl gave a great program on RADON.  He explained what Radon is, how to detect it and how the deal with it if dangerous levels of radon are detected.
"Radon is a tasteless, odourless, colourless and lethal gas.  It occurs in the environment from the radioactive decay of uranium found in rocks and soil. 
As Radon decays it emits alpha particles that can damage lung tissue and lead to cancer.  On average 16% of lung cancer deaths are due to radon exposure."
Unfortunately, Radon is common in our part of BC.
Radon levels can be detected by using a number of small measuring devices.
To find out if your home or business has Radon issues the above devices (and others) will detect it and when sent to a testing lab will give you a measure of the radon levels.
A radon level of 150Bq/m3 which is above the WHO guideline and just below Health Canada's radon guideline is equivalent to having 200 chest x-rays per year or smoking 8 cigarettes per day. 
To find out more or to purchase a Radon detector contact:
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Marysville Falls Walkway - Rebuild?

The Kimberley Rotary Club has contracted a feasibility study of rebuilding the Marysville Falls Walkway
to make it safer and more accessible to everyone
Since the Sullivan Mine closed in 2001, Kimberley has leaned on our amazing recreation amenities and pure mountain air to attract visitors.  These resources are the mainstay of the local economy and well supported by Kimberley’s largest employer, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) and by many local organizations.  The downtown Platzl with its boutique style stores and shops also draws visitors from a wide area.  In fact, the 20-minute proximity to Cranbrook has created a “super-community’ that shares recreation, shopping and jobs.
One of Kimberley’s significant attractions is Marysville Falls, a 10 metre (30 foot) waterfall. Access to the falls is by a 300 metre (1000 foot) walkway.   The original walkway was a Kimberley Rotary Club project completed about 37 years ago and was dedicated to honour the first Rotary District 5080 Governor (1964-65) from Kimberley, Al Fabro.  The walkway starts where highway 95A crosses Mark Creek and is easily recognized by the large Rotary Sign at the Trail Head and also by Rotary signage at the observation point above the Falls.
Over the years, the Kimberley Rotary Club has undertaken spring clean-up along the walkway and the City of Kimberley has undertaken repairs and maintenance as needed. However, it is now nearing the end of its useful lifespan and is not accessible for those with limited mobility.
This summer, the Kimberley Rotary Club contracted with ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. to help determine the feasibility of rebuilding the Marysville Falls Walkway to make it safer and accessible to everyone.  The first phase, a topographic survey and assembly of existing information has been completed.  The second phase, developing a preliminary structural design is underway.  The third and final phase, the detailed design and feasibility report is expected to be completed in October 2020.
Marysville Falls Walkway - Rebuild? 2020-10-06 06:00:00Z 0

Oct. 30 Meeting with District Governor

October 30th saw the District Governor for our Rotary District 5080 on-line for a virtual meeting with the members of the Kimberley Rotary Club.
Club members shared their reasons for joining Rotary and why they are still members.  A Power Point display was then provided to show some of Kimberley Rotary's past projects, how our fundraisers have been effected by the corona virus pandemic, what new programs Kimberley Rotary implemented during these early stages of the pandemic and Kimberley Rotary's plans that are underway with a feasibility study to access the possibility of upgrading the 37 year old Marysville Falls Walkway and make it accessible to all.  More information on this project will be shared shortly.
Rotary 5080, District Governor TIM FREDRICKSON 

Rotary District 5080 is an international Rotary district with clubs in North Eastern Washington state, Northern Idaho and South Eastern British Columbia.  Tim and wife Cindy live on a golf course in Washington state. They met in Rotary and were married in 2014. Tim has lived almost all of his life in Washington State. He grew up in Moses Lake and went to high school there.  Tim graduated with a major in Government and a minor in Economics from Eastern Washington University and later earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  In 1981, Tim started his career with Spokane Transit, becoming General Manager of Clallam Transit in 1983 and then General Manager of Ben Franklin Transit in 1995, retiring in 2013. While there he has served on numerous professional, community, and civic organizations.

Tim has been a Rotarian since 1984, first in Rotary Nor’Wester Club in Port Angeles and then in 1995 transferring to Columbia Center in the Tri-Cities, serving on the Board and as President in 2012-2013. He has served District 5080 as Annual Fund Chair and he is a Rotary Leadership Institute graduate.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of two Paul Harris medals.  One to Helga Logan (PH+1) and one to Jaret Thompson (PH+5).  These medals signify the generous donations made by these members to the Rotary Foundation.  The mission of the Rotary Foundation is to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through improvements in health, support of education and alleviation of poverty.  

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Regular Meeting Sept. 16th

With September's chairperson Hans at the podium we finally stumped the members with a question on the "Can you name the City, Town or Village with the following clue?  LOCK TYPE  ____?_____ .
The Rotary Theme for September is "Basic Education & Literacy" month.  One way Kimberley Rotary focuses on this is through its commitment to the Tegucigalpa Market Children Program in Honduras.  The club donates $700.00 annually to this program plus three members and two others sponsor individual students.  Children in Honduras receive free education, including university, but they can't attend unless they have a uniform, shoes, books and school supplies.  Power Point slides where shown of 5 students who are being sponsored (example below).
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Regular Meeting Sept. 2nd

Past President Jaret, program speaker, gave a detailed update on Archer's plans for the Central and Watkins lots downtown Kimberley.
We can expect to see action in the Spring and the construction of the first buildings will likely get underway next Summer.
Lots of questions and discussion and a great opportunity to be some of the first to know what will be happening.
This meeting was run as an in-person and on-line combination event.
Al Hunter reported that with grants from Columbia Basin Trust, the Rotary Foundation, Teck and a donation from the Kimberley Rotary Club sufficient funding is in place for a major engineering study of the feasibility of upgrading the aging Marysville Walkway and making it more accessible to those with physical challenges. 
Regular Meeting Sept. 2nd 2020-09-03 06:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Award for Scott Owen

Kimberley Rotary Club President Patrick Barclay presents Scott Owen with a Paul Harris plus 4 pin.
The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs.  A world of peace and goodwill comes closer to reality as Scott Owen becomes a Paul Harris Fellow PLUS 4 Sapphires.   This means that during Scott’s years in Rotary, over $5,000.00 has been donated to the Rotary Foundation in Scott's name.  The Rotary Foundation’s educational and humanitarian programs are a commitment to peace and to a better life for people who SCOTT and the membership of the Kimberley Rotary Club will never meet. It is because of gifts such as Scott’s that the Rotary Foundation can carry out an array of programs that achieve beneficial changes in our world: improved living conditions, increased food production, better education, wider availability of treatment and rehabilitation for the sick and disabled, new channels for the flow of international understanding, and brighter hopes for peace.
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August 5th Rotary Meeting Invitation

Duncan will give an update on the Purcell International Education plans for Kimberley.  This amazing project will change the face of Kimberley.  5:30 pm at the ELKS on Howard street.  Reminder:  GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.  We are a small club so self distancing is easy to arrange (wearing a mask is encouraged).
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July 15th Rotary Meeting

Our guest speaker for the July 15th Meeting was Rotarian David Morley from the Cranbrook Noon Rotary Club. 
David brought us up-to-date on District 5080 Rotary projects in Honduras.  He spoke about his recent visit in Tegucigalpa and Santa Barbara Honduras.  They Kimberley Rotary Club annually provides $700.00 to sponsor children to attend school in Tegucigalpa and a number of club members also sponsor individual students.  As David explained these projects are an amazing benefit for a number of young people.  David also talked about School and Hospital Projects the Cranbrook Rotary Clubs are sponsoring and explained there are many other needs and possible projects to sponsor.
THE ROTAY FACT FOR THE DAY.  "What is the Purpose of Rotary?"
Rotary's main purpose is to serve the community and those in need throughout the world.  With “Service above Self” as its aim, club members offer their time and talents in the local community and support PolioPlus, ShelterBox and other worldwide projects.
Membership recruitment is always a feature of Rotary and members are encouraged to invite friends and colleagues to meetings and activities.  GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR ROTARY MEETINGS.  If you would like to find out more about Rotary please join us on a first or third Wednesday at 5:00 pm at the ELKS Club on Howard Street (the room straight ahead of the front door to the Elks).
July 15th Rotary Meeting 2020-07-22 06:00:00Z 0


Hope you had a good one and next year we will be able to have a special Rotary Canada Day Celebration.
With technology the world quickly comes together.  The above photo was sent from our part time Kimberley Rotarian René showing his home on July 1st in The Netherlands. Stay safe René and Annette and hope to see you back in Kimberley this winter.
HAPPY CANADA DAY 2020 2020-07-01 06:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker June 17 Ulli Murtagh

Our online Guest Speaker on June 17th was Ulli Murtagh.  Ulli, International Student Program Coordinator, with the Rocky Mountain International Student Program gave a great update on the program.  As Ulli explained the program offers students from around the world education programs in the schools in Kimberley, Invermere, Golden, Revelstoke, Cranbrook and Fernie.  Most of the students are registered in Grades 8 to 12.  With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic travel arrangements were made most of the students to return home. 70% of them returned to their home countries in March and April.  One student from Brazil is still hoping to make flight connections to return home this week. 
The program provides is a great opportunity to for these international students to learn about Canada and a great opportunity for local students to meet and make friends with students from around the globe.  This program also provides financial and educational benefits to the schools where they are enrolled and also to the communities they are staying in.   
Plans for September are still evolving and being adjusted as needed to meet the Public Health Guidelines that are in place for BC.  The program staff is still expecting 100 students to return in September and likely they will have to isolate for 14 days on arrival. 
One area of annual need is Home Stay Parents (host Parents).  If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a student check out the Rocky Mountain International School's website or contact  info@rminternational.ca  or call 250-427-2245 and talk to Ulli or Randy McLeod.
Guest Speaker June 17 Ulli Murtagh 2020-06-18 06:00:00Z 0


The profits from the sale of these lanterns goes to ShelterBox Canada an international disaster relief charity that hand-delivers emergency shelter and the tools families need to self-recover after natural disasters and conflict around the world.  You may have seen these lanterns on display at the annual Kimberley Rotary Club ShelterBox Tent Display at the Community Fall Fair in Marysville.  ShelterBox is a project partner of Rotary International.
The Regular Solar lantern (left above) can be purchased for $50.00 and you will receive a $20.00 CRA tax receipt from ShelterBox Canada.
The Solar lantern with phone charger can be purchased for $70.00 and you will receive a $20.00 CRA tax receipt from ShelterBox Canada.
If interested in purchasing a lantern, please contact:
Patrick Barclay
ShelterBox Ambassador
Kimberley Rotary Club
LIMITED OFFER    SOLAR LANTERNS 2020-06-09 06:00:00Z 0

Program June 3rd, ROTARY CORE VALUES

The Rotary Program Speaker on June 3rd was Rotary Past District Governor (District 5110) John Bushnell.  In this "New Normal" meeting, we showed a video that was the key note presentation at the virtual District 5080 Spring Assembly.  John's topic "Living Rotary's Core Values" was a good refresher for long term members and a good program for those wishing to learn about what Rotary's values are.  For anyone wishing to hear this presentation the following link is provided: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HJUmP0-rJw   
Have a look at the video and see how Service, Fellowship, Leadership, Integrity and Diversity are what Rotary is all about. 
In spite of not being able to meeting in person, the Kimberley Rotary Club continues to conduct business at these virtual meetings and continues to provide many services in town.  
Funding for the Engineering Study for a possible Marysville Falls Upgrade continues to be pursued and is looking promising.  The wheelchair friendly concrete pathway to the Splash Park and Washrooms at Rotary park should be underway soon.  Grocery delivery from both the Food Bank and from Save-On Foods is still being provided by Rotary volunteers.  The club supported the Healthy Kimberley Food Recovery program by providing them with a Digital Printer to allow them to label their weekly soup serving containers.  Member Helga has continued to sew non-medical masks and has nearly completed 110 of these which are being donated to the Lions Valley View and Mountain View lodge residents.  In addition she has provided mask for sale with the proceeds going to the Food Bank - over $500.00 raised so far.  Helga even made 4 Rotary Branded Masks (see image in an earlier posting).  These masks were auctioned at the meeting to those in attendance, raising an additional $100.00.  
Program June 3rd, ROTARY CORE VALUES 2020-06-07 06:00:00Z 0


The sad news of David Mayes' passing was shared at our Rotary online meeting on Wednesday.
As members of a Service Club, Rotarians are always very aware of those who go out of their way to serve our community.  David, an active and long term member of the Lions Club, was an exemplary example of one of those volunteers who continually provided “Service Above Self”.  Kimberley and the Surrounding Area will remember David for the many things he did in our community.and our condolences go out to Dr. Mayes and the rest of David's family.

Masks Raising Money for the Food Bank

Helga continues to practice "Service Above Self".  In additional to sewing and donating over 100 non-medical masks (many to the Lions Valley View and Mountain View Lodges) she has also been providing masks for sale at My Friends Closet.  A recent email from Helga indicated that $230.00 has already been raised and more expected to come.  In fact, another order for 20 which could raise another $200.  All these funds are being donated to the Helping Hands Food Bank in town. 
To challenge her fellow Rotarians, Helga has made 3 Special Rotary Branded Masks.  These will be auctioned off on Wednesday June 3rd.  If you would like to submit a blind bid send your maximum bid amount with your name and contact information to P. Barclay pbarclay@telus.net   If your maximum bid is above the top bid at the Rotary meeting on Wednesday June 3rd it will be exercised at $1.00 above the last bid.  
Stay Safe
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Guest Speaker May 29th PDG Sandra Roberts

Sandra Roberts our Guest Speaker shared information about the Rotary Passport Club she has joined.  They meet every two weeks.  They are limited in fundraising so their key focus is on Volunteerism.  Her passport club is presently focusing on Peace Building a concept Sandra says “is built for us as a passport club”.
Sandra’s passion for the Peace Building project was shared with the club at our “GoToMeeting”  Sandra stated that: “Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in communities and in ourselves”.  “Peace happens one conversation at a time”.  “Care is the foundation of Peace”.  One of the 5 avenues of Rotary service is "International Service" which exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding.
To find out more about Peace Building log into www.rotarypeaceacademy.org  This site provides a learning center approach to this topic.  No fee to join and learn.
Sandra made reference to the 8 Pillars of Positive Peace. These pillars are present when a country can demonstrate a:
  • Well-functioning Government
  • Acceptance of the Rights of Others
  • Equitable Distribution of Resources
  • Free Flow of Information
  • Good Relations with Neighbours
  • High Levels of Human Capitals
  • Sound Business Environment
  • Low Levels of Corruption
As Sandra explained if Pakistan and Afghanistan where not engaged in conflicts and wars Rotary would likely have already eradicated Polio world wide.
Guest Speaker May 29th PDG Sandra Roberts 2020-05-21 06:00:00Z 0

Dr. Enns Guest Speaker May 6th Rotary Meeting

Our Guest Speaker at the Kimberley Rotary May 6th virtual "GoTo Meeting" was Dr. Jordan Enns.  Jordan was introduced by Rotary member Al Hunter.
Dr Enns grew up in Carrot River, SK.  He studied dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan graduating with a DMD in 2017.  In 2018 Jordan and his wife Courtney moved to Kimberley as they loved skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and everything the mountains have to offer.  Dr. Enns is presently one of the members of the recently opened Kimberley Family Dental business where he enjoys all aspects of dentistry and has a particular interest in oral surgery.
Jordan explained that in Feb. 2017, during his final year in university, he took advantage of an opportunity to travel with a group of volunteers to Nicaragua with “Change for Children”.  This organization supports projects in developing countries that provide “Human Dignity, Healthy Communities, and Global Justice".  One of its core values is to “Educate Canadians” about issues in the developing world and Dr, Enns’ presentation did exactly that.
Jordan explained that most of the volunteers on The Team to Nicaragua returned the following year to Guatemala in 2018, then to Costa Rica in 2019 and again to India in Feb. this year.
The Team in recent years included a group of Dentists and Dental Assistants the “Dental Volunteer Brigade” and also a small Optometry team – plus a number of other volunteers.  In addition to providing dental care, fillings and extractions, to many needy families and vision care the “Change for Children” team is often involved with projects for the specific community such as digging a well, building a school or providing agricultural aid.
Jordan showed some great photo images of the conditions under which The Dental Brigade worked - often in a school or church building with very limited resources.  The adjustable dental chair we are familiar with was often replaced by a standard table with a plastic table cloth – these in some occasions holding two patients facing opposite directions with two members of The Team working on them.  Jordan explained that bending over these working areas resulted in very stiff backs by the end of the day.
Thank you Jordan for a very informative presentation and thanks Courtney for your photos. 
Sorry to anyone who missed this presentation – a great example of “Service Above Self”.
Dr. Enns Guest Speaker May 6th Rotary Meeting 2020-05-07 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary District Grant Proposal

In 1978 the Kimberley Rotary Club undertook the planning, design and construction of a  bridge across Mark Creek just below the highway bridge across Mark Creek in Marysville and a trail to a viewpoint at the Marysville Falls. The project took four years of fundraising, planning and construction. This was a major fundraising event and a hands-on project with the club doing most of the labour with the assistance of a dedicated group of young people. The federal government had established a program called Katimavik, for young people aged 17 to 21 years to help on various civic projects. In our case, these young workers placed many of the boardwalk planks and the guardrail. On November 11, 1982 the new bridge, pathway and viewing areas were officially opened. The walkway was dedicated to Al Fabro, the first of three Rotary District 5080 District Governors from Kimberley.  Since the walkway was completed the Kimberley Rotary Club has done many Spring clean ups on the trail/walkway and the City of Kimberley has maintained the boardwalk and replaced  the original bridge with the log one that is in place today.
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Thanks to Hans von Bloedau and one of our newest members, Ryan McGibbon, we enjoyed a fantastic Virtual Wine Tasting event on May 1st.  18 members, partners and guests were on line, "gotomeeting", on Friday evening an enjoyed learning more about wines and enjoying tasting two excellent wines.  If you are a wine drinker and another opportunity like this comes up don't miss it.  Thanks Ryan for sharing your knowledge and letting us discover an excellent white and red wine.  
VIRTUAL WINE TASTING EVENT May 1st  2020-05-02 06:00:00Z 0

April 15th Meeting

Kate Bidder photo overcoming her fear of snake in Africa  - online Rotary "GoToMeeting" April 15th.
COVID-19 can't stop Kimberley Rotarians.  Our April 15th meeting was held online and included an excellent program by Kate Bidder.  Kate was Rotary Exchange student in 1987-88 where she spent most of a year on Exchange to Mexico.  The travel bug obviously bit her as she and her Husband Kerry have spent most of their married live travelling the world raising their family and teaching.  Kate was our Guest Speaker on the 15th and shared amazing photos of many of her adventures including photos of time in Cape Dorset, Africa, Russia and lately in China.  Kate and family where in China where Kate was teaching in an elite International School out of Beijing and they were able to leave on one of the last planes out of the country when the COVID-19 virus was spreading through China. Kate continues to teach here students online during the present virus lock down.  Great Program!  Thanks Kate 
April 15th Meeting 2020-04-16 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary is International

The photo of the Tulips was sent by Rene Swienwink our Rotary Friend from The Neatherlands.  Rene and his wife Annette spend part of the year in their Canadian home in Kimberley (at their Forest Crowne residence) and the rest of the year in their permanent home in The Neatherlands.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year they are unable to join us in person but Rene keeps in touch with his Kimberley Rotary Friends over the internet.  Rene was able to log into our online meeting yesterday.  Photo above shows Spring is further ahead back in The Neatherlands - looks great Rene!
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Have Happy Hoppy Easter 2020-04-11 06:00:00Z 0

Kimberley Rotary receives Award

The Kimberley Rotary Club has been granted the IFSR Youth Service Award as a result of an article published in the  March 30, 2020, Kimberley Bulletin
The IFSR, International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians, is a Rotary Fellowship promoting service to Youth through Scouting and Guiding. Your publicizing your club’s relationship with Scouting has served as an example for other Rotary clubs looking for ways to promote the Scouting movement.
IFSR is composed of over a thousand Rotarians in 45 countries that work to promote Scouting and Guiding through their membership in Rotary.  See www.ScoutingRotarians.org  
Something to think about:  IFSR has certificates the Rotary Clubs can award Scouts and Guides and an award that Rotary Clubs can award a Scout or Guide unit that has performed community service.  The IFSR Community Service Award may be awarded by any Rotary Club to a Scout or Guide unit of their choice they wish to recognize for performing community service. The award may be given annually to any Scout or Guide unit by any Rotary Club.  Recipients are selected by the Rotary Club. 
This is not a Scouting award nor a Rotary award, but an IFSR award and is intended to permit Rotary Clubs to recognize Community Service performed by local Scout and/or Guide units. 
Kimberley Rotary receives Award 2020-04-06 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Online Meeting April 1

Thanks to all of you who were able to log into our first Online Rotary Meeting (April 1st).  It definitely was not an April Fools Joke.  While we had a few initial problems, the end result was positive.  We will be holding our April Business meeting on April 8th, also online.   Details on agenda and login information  will be sent in a future email.
Last night we were able to share a few updates on programs and projects that are underway and we agreed to investigate a new proposal involving Grocery Delivery to shut-ins/and those isolating due to COVID-19. 
One of the key items discussed last night was the importance for members to respond to an earlier email requesting support for our grant proposal to Columbia Basin Trust for funding for an Engineering study for the upgrading of the Marysville Falls Walkway.  Your support of our proposal (plus any you can get from friends and neighbours especially anyone who works with seniors in town) will likely influence how much funding we get.  One key area to emphasize in the comment area is the importance of the upgrade to ensure safety for all, and first time accessibility for those with mobility issues (ie wheelchair friendly).  
Our Guest Speaker last night was President Jaret.  
Jaret's program was on the plans that are underway for developing the Old Central and Watkins School Property in down town Kimberley.  We expect to hear a lot more about this building proposal in the months ahead.  The following is drawing of a possible layout for the area.  If all goes well, construction for phase one could be underway this Fall.
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Message from Rene in The Netherlands

Today, April 1, is the day 75 years ago the Canadian and British forces liberated my home town Ruurlo. Because of Covid 19 it's not really a day to celebrate, but the flag is a tribute to all brave man who lost their lives and all the veterans still living. Thank you to give us our freedom
Rene emailed last week to say he will not be able to come to Kimberley this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will miss him at our meetings.
Message from Rene in The Netherlands 2020-04-01 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Supports Girl Guides & Food Bank

Tamara McLean, Girl Guide Leader, helps transfer 120 boxes of Girl Guide Cookies the Kimberley Rotary Club purchased and donated to the Helping Hands Food Bank.
The senior girls (Rangers and Trex units) of our local Girl Guide organization were planning a city-wide Girl Guide Cookie Sale campaign to raise funds for summer programs before the restriction imposed by the COVID-19 virus pandemic stopped them in their tracks.  That has left them with 58 cases (696 boxes) of those delicious Girl Guide cookies that many of us purchase every Spring.  At only $5.00 a box they are a good value and benefit a great organization. 
What can be done to get all those cookies out to those who enjoy them?
On hearing of the Girl Guides dilemma, the Kimberley Rotary Club stepped up.  Rotary purchased 120 boxes of Girl Guide cookies which they have donated to the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank.  Individual members of the Rotary Club also purchased over 60 boxes of cookies to further help the campaign.
Kimberley Rotary is challenging other local groups to look for ways to help.
If your group or organization would like to purchase cookies to donate to the Food Bank please check with Donna Purves at the Food Bank (250-427-7019) to confirm they can use additional donations.  If you have other ideas or plans great!  To arrange payment and pick-up see the following.
How can groups or individual members of the public buy cookies?
Individuals or groups wishing to purchase cookies can do so by contacting Tamara McLean, Guide Leader, at 250-427-1741 or tamara1@telus.net .  The best way to make a purchase and comply with the self-distancing regulations that are in effect is to pre pay your order with Tamara by an e-transfer and arrange for a non- contact drop off or pick up.
Thanks to all of you who can help. 
Stay healthy and follow the rules for self-distancing.
Keep “Kimberley a great place to be”
Rotary Supports Girl Guides & Food Bank 2020-03-27 06:00:00Z 0
ARE YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCING 2020-03-23 06:00:00Z 0


The Kimberley Rotary Club regrets the postponement of its Annual and very popular LobsterFest charity dinner that was scheduled for June 6th.
Lobsterfest is an event planned to provide a great evening of fun and entertainment with the goal to raise funds to provide programs and projects for our community.  Since Lobsterfest relies on the support of our local and surrounding businesses the club feels it is inappropriate to ask these businesses for donations in a time when they are under the severe negative financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
This is clearly a time for our community to work together to find ways to support our local residents and our local businesses.  Most of our local businesses have closed their doors or severely curtailed customer traffic to ensure social distancing.  These actions are very necessary to prevent the spread of the virus but also very costly.
The sooner we lessen the COVID-19 impacts the sooner we will be able to return to the Kimberley we all love and enjoy. 
Mark your calendar for November 7th.  We are booking that date for a Fall Rotary event.   
LOBSTERFEST 11 CANCELLED Patrick Barclay 2020-03-20 06:00:00Z 0

Mayor Don McCormick Guest Speaker

Mayor, Don McCormick was our Guest Speaker at the March 4th Meeting of the Kimberley Rotary Club.  Don gave an excellent program with digital images showing the State of the City.  The presentation showed the planning and progress the City has made over the past few years.  It was very encouraging to see how well Kimberley's present status and progress is compared to others Cities in our region.  An active Q & A followed the presentation and as always Don stayed to answer questions well after the meeting ended.  Thanks Don for your presentation.
Mayor Don McCormick Guest Speaker 2020-03-04 07:00:00Z 0

Our Newest Member, Kenton Lane

It is always a special honour to welcome a new member to the Rotary Family.  At our regular meeting on March 4th Membership Chairman, Hans von Boledau conducted a Membership Induction Ceremony for Kenton Lane.  As the Rotary Family increases, so we increase our usefulness and influence as a club, and we are more fully able to serve and to extend the Rotary spirit throughout our community.  Welcome to the Kimberley Rotary Club Kenton.
 Kenton's sponsor Doug Vanhooren pins a Rotary Pin on Kenton.  This pin tells the world that Kenton is a Rotarian and gives him entrance to any of the 35,000+ Rotary Club meetings worldwide. 
Our Newest Member, Kenton Lane 2020-03-04 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary is 115 Years Old

Rotary was founded on February 23rd, 115 years ago.   Happy Birthday Rotary.
Rotary clubs can now be found in over 200 countries in the world. 
There are over 32,000 Rotary clubs and 1.2 million Rotary Members world wide (give or take a few).
In spite of the fantastic work Rotary does, many people do not know what Rotary is, what Rotary's ideals are, what Rotary has contributed locally, district wide and world wide.
It is time we started sharing what what Rotary is, what Rotary and Rotary members have provided for Kimberley and what Rotary International has and continues to do worldwide.
Let's make sharing this information a goal for the year ahead.
Rotary is 115 Years Old 2020-02-26 07:00:00Z 0

Feb. 19th Guest Speakers

Dr Christine Chatten and her daughter Sydney were our guest speakers on Feb. 19th.  Dr. Chatten a local optometrist and her daughter Sydney, a grade 12 student at Selkirk Secondary gave a great talk on their recent volunteer trip to Peru.  They took part in an eye care mission trip where Dr. Chatten and a number of her colleagues (who graduated together 25 years ago)  provided ocular health and vision care services to people who would otherwise be without eye care.  The majority of the locals they tested, treated and provide vision care for had never had previous treatments.  For many it was an amazing experience to be fitted with a pair of glasses and to see clearly for the first time. 
Christine and Sydney also shared some of their photos of various sights in Peru.  If you have old glasses that no longer meet your needs drop them off at Kimberley Vision Care and they may find their way to providing sight for someone in a far away country.  
Feb. 19th Guest Speakers 2020-02-21 07:00:00Z 0

Feb 5th Rotary Meeting

The focus of our February 5th meeting was to review 4 areas of our Strategic Plan.  Some great ideas were raised by the members and the Board will review these and add a number of them to our Strategic Plan.  The key areas included: Club Attributes, Membership, Community Projects and Services, and Public Image.
It was also announced that plans are underway to hold our 11th Annual LobsterFest.  Make sure to mark you calendar for June 6th for this event.  
Nomination Papers were also handed out for the upcoming Community Paul Harris event to be held in Cranbrook on April 2nd and jointly hosted by the Kimberley Rotary Club and the two Cranbrook Rotary Clubs.
Feb 5th Rotary Meeting 2020-02-08 07:00:00Z 0

Tom Ristimaki Guest Speaker Jan 15

Our Guest Speaker on Jan. 15th, 2020 was Dr. Tom Ristimaki.  Tom shared his history with Rotary from the time he was in Selkirk and heard of the opportunity to be an exchange student for a year.  He applied, was chosen and spent a year in Japan returning to Kimberley for his grade 12 year.  Tom's involvement with Rotary was later enhanced when he was chosen for RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program.  In the years following Tom helped at the summer RYLA camps as a leader.  After graduating from University Tom applied for and was successful in obtaining a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship which helped fund his Doctorate in Linguistics  Tom's involvement with Rotary continued when he became one of the Key Note speakers at the Rotary District 5080 Conference in Kimberley in 2006 and the following year, a Key Note Speaker at the Rotary International Conference in Salt Lake City.  As we often joke, Tom knows more about Rotary than most of our Rotary members.
On this visit to our club, Tom explained his present involvement with Purcell International Education company.  As he shared with us this company is planning a multi-million dollar investment in Kimberley.  The plans call for a Boarding School for Canadian and International Students on and beside the Kimberley Golf Course in Marysville.  The exciting plans for this school are amazing and we are sure to have Tom back for additional updates as construction starts and the students start arriving.  
Tom Ristimaki Guest Speaker Jan 15 2020-01-19 07:00:00Z 0

Community Paul Harris Award

The Kimberley Rotary Club presented Gail McColl with a Community Paul Harris Award on Dec. 10th as the highlight of the "Seniors Helping Seniors" Christmas luncheon.  Mike Cave explained many of the organizations Gail has volunteered with over the past 25+ years.  A complete list of these would have taken more time than provided (or space we have here) but even Mike's shortened list was amazing.  An truly deserving lady for this prestigious Rotary honour - a true "Service Above Self" volunteer.  
Thanks for being part of our community Gail.
Community Paul Harris Award Patrick Barclay 2019-12-10 07:00:00Z 0

John Hamilton, Nov. 20th

Our guest speaker on November 20th was John Hamilton.  John is the recently hired Executive Director of Tourism Kimberley.  John has a long history in the tourism industry with over 25 years of experience.  John explained that he is working on a new Vision and Strategic Plan to promote the marketing and development of tourism products in Kimberley.  He was very open to hearing what locals think is needed and any issues they have.  Tourism is a major economic driver for Kimberley so providing unique all-season experiences to strengtheni the tourism economy is important.  John shared information on where our visitors come from and what is needed to attract visitors from different countries.  
Interesting facts on where our visitors are presently coming from.
John Hamilton, Nov. 20th 2019-11-22 07:00:00Z 0

Nov. 6th Regular Meeting

Acting president Hans von Bloedau chaired the meeting in President Jaret's absence. 
Guest Speaker Jim Webster was our guest speaker. 

Jim explained that the Kimberley Pipe Band will be travelling to the Netherlands from April 23 to May 7, 2020, in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation.  Jim explained that the Kimberley Pipe Band will be there to honour this anniversary as part of an 80 member Pipe Band, being coordinated by the Kelowna Pipe Band. The band will be performing at ceremonies throughout the Netherlands as well as at Vimy Ridge in France.

“In the final months of World War II, Canadian Armed Forces led the fight to liberate the Netherlands from Nazi occupation,” explained Webster. “The first Canadian Army fought to open the port on Antwerp and to clear northern and western Netherlands of occupying forces. On May 5th, 1945, Canadian General Charles Foulkes, commander of the 1st Canadian Corp, accepted the German surrender.”

He adds that a group of local volunteers have come together to assist the Pipe Band’s fundraising efforts which includes a Ceilidh at the Kimberley Conference Centre. The Ceilidh will take place on November 9, 2019.  Jim also explained that the Band is looking for donations to help with their fundraising.

Mac Campbell thanks Jim and presents him with the coveted Rotary Water Bottle
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Trust the Rotary Foundation 2019-10-06 06:00:00Z 0

Mike Balahura Oct. 2nd

Mike and Brenda Balahura were the guest speakers at the Oct. 2nd Rotary meeting.  They gave an excellent update on the programs in Honduras.  Opportunities to donate and sponsor a child will be coming next month.
Mike Balahura Oct. 2nd 2019-10-06 06:00:00Z 0

All Candidates Forum

On Sept. 26th in the McKim theatre, the Kimberley Rotary Club and the Kimberley Chamber of Commerce jointly hosted an "All Candidates Forum" for the upcoming (Oct. 21st) Federal Election. Check www.elections.ca for all voting details.

Thanks Doug for organizing this and chairing the event

All Candidates Forum 2019-10-06 06:00:00Z 0

Shelterbox at the Fall Fair

Set-up crew at the ShelterBox display at the Fall Fair.  Thanks, Jaret, Brett, Mike, Cameron, Judy and Pat.
The event went very well.  The Shelterbox story was shared with a large number of visitors to the Fair.  There was also interest in Rotary shown by a number of the visitors to our Booth.  Hopefully, some of them will visit one of our meetings to find out more about our club.
Thanks to Mike, Pat, Sandra, Gerda, Mac, and visiting Rotarian Ray Miller for helping to welcome visitors to the display and explain what Shelterbox is all about.  Special thanks to Mike, Mac, Ray and Pat for dismantling the display and getting it back into the Green Boxes.
Donations were great and with the recent donations in memory of Graham a large contribution will soon be on its way to Shelterbox Canada.  
Shelterbox at the Fall Fair 2019-09-30 06:00:00Z 0

Gran Fondo

Al and Doug mixing up a brew for the Fondo Riders.  Nearly 500 riders passed through the Platzl as a part of this year's Kootenay Gran Fondo.
A great day, not too hot and all went well.
Gran Fondo 2019-09-09 06:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Taylor Lauritsen

 Taylor Lauritsen our Guest Speaker on Sept. 4th.
Taylor reported on her RYLA experiences during the first week of July.  She explained that it was a very intense week and she got a lot out of it. 
Topics at RYLA include:
  1.  Awareness of self/others
  2.  Group Dynamics
  3.  Dealing with Conflict/Change
  4.  Goal Setting
  5.  Styles of Leadership
  6.  Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  7.  Effective Communications
  8.  Group Dynamics
  9.  Critical Thinking
  10. Ethical Frameworks
  11. Personal Mission Statement
  12. Networking
  13. Rotary’s Purpose and Community Involvement.
Taylor being 25 was one of the older participants at the camp of nearly 50.  Most of the attendees were just out of High School but a good mix of males and females.  She said it took a couple of days for her to really get into the program.  She explained it was a very intense week (the days ran from 7am to 10pm).   Great inspiring speakers.  So much positive focus.  It really changed your fame of mind. 
She explained that the program showed how important it was to communicate and adapt.
A great experience for developing Leadership skills.
"Definitely an incredible event"
Taylor said she would be willing to help promote the program to both applicants and employers of prospective candidates next year.
In summary a great program by Taylor and be all reports a program worth sponsoring again next year.
Guest Speaker Taylor Lauritsen 2019-09-04 06:00:00Z 0

August 21st Meeting

Our August 21st (3rd Wednesday) Rotary Meeting featured guest speaker Colton Vanhooren.
Colton presented an excellent program on his role with the Livestock Program at Fort Steele.
Sad news was shared at the meeting.  Our long time member Graham Mann passed away on Monday.  The service for Graham is planned for September 7th at 3:00 pm at the United Church in Kimberley.  Graham's contributions to Rotary,  ShelterBox and our Community have been amazing.  He will rest in peace knowing he made the world around him, both locally and internationally a better place for many others.  
August 21st Meeting 2019-08-21 06:00:00Z 0


Please forward any good photos to pbarclay@telus.net for our archives.
Thanks to all who helped and supporter this event.
LOBSTERFEST 10 2019-06-10 06:00:00Z 0

Pancakes at the Kimberley Golf Club

Fire the photographer!  His photo missed two members and a couple more were left in the dark.  
The May 26th Pancake Breakfast at the Kimberley Golf Course's "Local's Appreciation Day" went well with lots of help.  Thanks All.
President Jaret (standing left beside Club Pro Simon) lead the crew of Mac, Al, Hans, Helga, Doug, Sandra and Heather while Pat headed to the putting green to run "Putt to Win a Lobsterfest Ticket".
The weather held and the crew said they could have served many more.
Pancakes at the Kimberley Golf Club 2019-05-26 06:00:00Z 0

May 8th Meeting

Our guest speaker at the May 8th meeting was Fire Chief Rick Prasad.
Rick reminded us of the fire dangers we had last year and how the Evacuation Alert was handled.  He also cautioned us that present dry conditions could lead to another dangerous fire season in the Kootenays.  In fact,  he advised that the surrounding forests are drier than ever already this year and we should all be doing a rain dance to encourage a couple of weeks of solid rain.  Rick handed out copies of the FireSmart Homeowner's Manual.  As he explained homeowners can do a number of things to reduce wildfire hazards.  The booklet describes these in detail.  One of the major concerns is the red hot fire embers blowing into our yards and houses - these can travel from as far as 40 km from a wildfire.  The booklet is a great reminder of what you can do to protect your home.  Rick also advised that you can have someone from the Fire Department visit your home and do an assessment of potential dangerous conditions.  BE PREPARED. 
One of our newer members Hans von Bloedau gave his  Fellowship 5 highlighting his career in the Hotel Industry.  More moves than an RCMP officer by far.  Great to have Hans in the club his skills and background are a great addition to Kimberley Rotary.  
May 8th Meeting 2019-05-13 06:00:00Z 0

April 10 Meeting

Excellent meeting on April 10th.  
Nice to have Rene back from the Netherlands and his adventure cruising around South America.
Great to welcome a new member to the club.
Past District Governor Sandra Roberts conducted the Induction ceremony for Doug Vanhooren.  
Doug having already been a Rotarian in a couple of clubs brings valuable experience to our club
Sandra and Jaret presenting Doug with his club badge and induction package.
President Jaret gave an update on his screening and testing as a candidate for the  position of ShelterBox Response Team Member.  
ShelterBox Response Teams provide the link between the people who donate to ShelterBox and those that receive ShelterBox support. They work tirelessly - climbing mountains, crossing rivers and navigating their way through customs procedures - to reach families who have lost their homes.  Nearly 300 candidates applied.  These were screened to the final 60 who were then put into 4 groups of 15 to undergo a series of rugged physical and mental tests to select the top 10.  The final decisions will be made later this month.
The remainder of the meeting was devoted to planning for Lobsterfest 10.  It is time to solicit donations for the Silent and Live Auction and to sell tickets to fill the seats at the Conference Centre.  
April 10 Meeting 2019-04-12 06:00:00Z 0

Program 1 March 27th

Gemma, along with her son and daughter where our first guest speakers on the 24th.  They live in Calgary and were in town visiting Gemma's Mother, Gretchen Zinkan who attended with them (to find out what Rotary in Kimberley is about). 
The stories Gemma told would best be described as a pep talk on the effects of Rotary on her and her family's life.
She was both a Rotary Exchange Student and a RYLA participant.  She told us how the values learned in these programs changed her life and that of her family.  
Her program was a tribute to Rotary and its programs.  Sorry if you missed this very inspirational presentation.   
Program 1 March 27th 2019-04-04 06:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker 2,  March 24th

Our second guest speaker on the 24th was Kandice Mueller who informed us about the Healthy Kimberley’s Food Recovery Depot.  This program has managed to re-direct thousands of pounds of food since their soft launch in mid-November. Nearly all  of the recovered food is from Save-On-Foods in Kimberley.  Some items are nearing their best before date and others have a much longer live.  The program continues to expand and now offers drop-in participants the ability to purchase food by donation.   
Guest Speaker 2,  March 24th Patrick Barclay 2019-04-04 06:00:00Z 0

Great Program March 13th

Ted Funston being thanked by Jaret Thompson.
Our guest speaker on March 13th was Ted Funston the General Manager of the Kimberley Alpine Resort & Trickle Creek Golf Resort.  Sorry if you missed this very informative program by Ted.
Ted explained that the Resort of the Canadian Rockies owns 6 ski resorts, 3 golf courses, Hotels, Real Estate Developments, and a Central Reservation system.  In Kimberley there are approximately 340 employees.  Ted explained that he loves his job and his presentation showed that.  As he explained Kimberley Alpine Resort provides a "Real Mountain Experience with Small Town Charm" 
Great Program March 13th 2019-03-21 06:00:00Z 0


President Jaret Thompson introduced our guest speakers. 
Rand Davis, Kimberley Community Choir and David Pasivirta, Director of the Fernie and Cranbrook Community Choirs.
David and Rand shared information about CHORFEST 2019.  This event, Music in the Mountains, is scheduled for May 17, 18, and 19 and features an Adult Choir, a Teen Choir and the BC Youth Choir.  In addition to training for the choirs with "guest clinician Bob Chilcott the choirs will preform in concert.  Key your eyes open for tickets.
PROGRAM FEB. 27th  2019-03-01 07:00:00Z 0

Program January 9th, 2019

Every year the Kimberley Chamber of Commerce presents Business Excellence Awards to businesses voted by the public "the best in Kimberley".
The category of "Business of the Year Award" is presented to:
“A business that represents the pinnacle of customer service excellence and customer satisfaction.  This business consistently exceeds customer’s expectations and contributes to making Kimberley a better community.”   
The 2018 Award was presented to Creek Side Physiotherapy.
Co-owner Ryan Sleik, a past member of the Kimberley Rotary Club. was our guest speaker on Jan. 9th.   Ryan's presentation shared the history of the company in Kimberley and its rapid growth in size and services provided to Kimberley and the surrounding area.
Program January 9th, 2019 2019-01-12 07:00:00Z 0

New Members

Great to have two additional club members for the start of 2019.
PDG Sandra Roberts conducted the Induction ceremony for Hans von Bloedau. 
Hans is an experienced Rotarian who moved to Kimberley last year and has quickly become an involved member of the club.
Welcome Hans.
We also welcomed back Randy Evanchuk.  Great to Randy back in the club.
New Members 2019-01-12 07:00:00Z 0

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Rotary Elf wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year'
Hope to see you all on January 9th at the Green Door at 5:00 pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018-12-22 07:00:00Z 0
End Polio Certificate 2018 2018-12-22 07:00:00Z 0

December 12th Rotary Meeting

Past District Governor, Allan Davis was the Guest Speaker at the December 12th Meeting.
PDG Allan Davis shared a number of facts and lots of information about the Rotary Foundation.
Local facts included:
Total donations from Kimberley Rotary since 1942 = $122,168.00
Last year's donation + $1,701.19 (this was above our goal of $1,500.00)
This year (July 1st 2018 to June 30th 2019) we are just about exactly half way to our goal of $1,500.00
The Club has over 14,000 Recognition Points
Al explain a number of ways the club can use the aforementioned Recognition Points. 
The Club's AGM was also conducted at the meeting and the election of officers for the Rotary Year starting July 1st, 2019 was conducted.
Additional Notes:
* Special Thanks was given to Sally Harrison for the excellent Christmas Dinner Party held on Dec. 8th
* An email from Rene and Annette was read wishing club members, family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.  Rene mentioned they will be back in town on Feb. 25th
* We welcomed guest Jeff Moore and hope to see him at future meetings.
Meetings Ahead:
* Dec. 26th cancelled (enjoy Boxing Day)
* Jan. 2nd.  Business Meeting 5:30 at Buckhorn and Main
* Jan. 9th.  Regular Meeting at Green Door at 5:00.  Guest speaker Ryan Sleik 
President Jaret wished all a Merry Christmas and Happy and New Year
December 12th Rotary Meeting 2018-12-13 07:00:00Z 0


Consider a ShelterBox Canada Global Gift.
You can honour that special person in your life by making a donation in their name to ShelterBox Canada that will provide life-saving shelter and aid to a family suffering from disaster or conflict.
Google: “ShelterBox Canada Global Gifts” to view what donations provide.  Some examples are Mosquito Nets, Solar Lights, Water Purification Kits, Shelter Kits, or Complete ShelterBoxes.    
To make a donation you can CHOOSE ONE of the following options:
  1. Go online to:   https://shelterboxcanada.akaraisin.com/fundraise/kimberleyrotary
(CLICK on the GREEN DONATE box and follow the instructions)
  1. Follow the online instructions at the ShelterBox Canada Global Gifts site
  2. Drop into Kootenay Savings Credit Union in Kimberley and make your donation in person
  3. Contact Patrick Barclay at the Kimberley Rotary Club pbarclay@telus.net
All donations of $20.00 or more will receive a CRA charitable tax receipt and a letter of thanks.
Your gift will not only provide a family in need with the tools to rebuild or recover from disaster, but also a sense of hope for their future.
Some of the Gift ideas:  Mosquito Nets, Solar Lights, Water Purification systems, Shelter Kits (tools and supplies to repair a damaged building), Survival Tents or a Complete Shelter Box,

November 28th Meeting

Our guest speaker Aileen Boyd gave a very informative talk on her new role as the Kimberley and surrounding area
Community Paramedic. 
Aileen described how the role of a community paramedic can help patients.  This included:
  • Coming to their home for regular scheduled visits
  • Helping patients stay connected with their family doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Supporting patients in managing their health so they can continue to live at home safely
  • Conducting remote home health monitoring
  • Looking for fall hazards in the home, and suggesting ways to correct them
  • Referring patients to the right health care resource when they need additional help
  • Listening when patients have concerns about their health, and working with them to get the assistance they need
For more information on this service, visit:  www.bcehs.ca
Contact information:      CommunityParamedicine@bcehs.ca   or  CP.Kimberley@bcehs.ca  
November 28th Meeting 2018-11-29 07:00:00Z 0

November 14th Meeting

We did not have a Guest Speaker at our November 14th meeting so president Jaret set up the digital projector and logged into our Clubrunner Site, the Club's website and our Club's Facebook site.  We clearly need to do work on all three of these social media sites to bring them up to date and make them more relevant for the viewers.  A good discussion was held on the merits of all three sites and the need for members to check all of them on a regular basis.
Jaret, Patrick and Melanie to meet to discuss the next steps.
Patrick gave an update on the club's plan to once again run a ShelterBox Canada Global Gift campaign for the holiday season.  Last year this program raised $6.725.00 and hopes are that we can do as well this year.  More information will be coming soon.  
November 14th Meeting 2018-11-15 07:00:00Z 0


Patrick Sinclair.  Guest speaker at Oct. 24th meeting.
Patrick was born and raised in Kimberley then left to complete his education in the lower mainland.  He spent 25 years working as an Executive Chef at Fairmont, Delta and Marriot Hotels and Resorts and Gateway Casinos.  Recently, after a long battle with a rare form of cancer Patrick has returned to Kimberley. 
Patrick and his partner Brenda are just starting (October 29th 1st day) "A New Style of Home Delivery" which they have called "Delect-Edible Delivery".  This new business is somewhat similar to the old 'Meals on Wheels' system but with reasonably priced, wholesome meals, prepared by an Executive Chef.  To find out more check out their website at   www.delect-edibledelivery.ca  
Patrick is also available to cater your next special occasion and make it a gourmet experience.  He can be reached at 250.520.0108
DELECT-EDIBLE DELIVERY 2018-10-24 06:00:00Z 0

ShelterBox at the Fall Fair

September 28th, 29th and 30th saw the Kimberley Rotary Club along with some members of the Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club setting up and manning our annual ShelterBox Booth at the Kimberley Fall Fair. 
It was another great opportunity to share with the community what ShelterBox is all about and collect donations for ShelterBox Canada.  Just over $2,500.00 was collected bringing the total collected in Kimberley in the last 6 years to over $200,000.00 (enough to provide 169 complete ShelterBoxes including delivery to sites of need).
Thanks to Andre Bloemink for bringing us up-to-date with SheterBox at a recent club meeting and thanks to all the Rotarians who helped make this a reality and to all our generous supporters of this great Disaster Relief organization.
ShelterBox at the Fall Fair 2018-09-30 06:00:00Z 0


Saturday, September 22nd saw "Rotarians at Work" completing the 16 hours of Labour that was auctioned off at LobsterFest 9.  Our job - help saw up logs in sections - transport them to the splitting machines - split them and stack them for the winter fuel supply for the Rod and Tamara.  The weather held, the job was completed in two and a half hours and the rain stayed away until we were finished.
Thanks Jaret, Sandra, Bill, Bev, Mike, Mac and Patrick.
16 HOURS OF  ROTARIAN  LABOUR 2018-09-23 06:00:00Z 0

ROTARY PROGRAM, August 22nd 

We had the pleasure of welcoming a number of guests at the meeting on Wednesday.
Rene & Annette Swienink from the Neatherlands.  They will be in town for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully the smoke will lift so they can enjoy the view of the mountains.
Ken and Pat Riggs.  They are quite new in town and we hope to see them at future meetings.  
Martha Dippo.  Martha is becoming a regular.  Thanks Martha for helping out at the Rotary Trailer at the Food Bank Garage Sale on the weekend.
Thanks for the support from our Rotary Partners:  June Owen, Judy Cave, and Margaret Barclay.
ROTARY PROGRAM, August 22nd  2018-08-23 06:00:00Z 0

Pancake Trailer and ?

Our Rotary Pancake Trailer with its new decals was at the Food Banks Giant Garage Sale at the Curling Club on Saturday Aug. 18th.
Proceeds from lunch and drink sales went to support the Food Bank's Fund raiser.
The New Decals with the updated branding look GREAT.  Not so sure about the hats.
Pancake Trailer and ? 2018-08-20 06:00:00Z 0


President Jaret shown here presenting Jos Andeweg with a Kimberley Rotary Club Banner.
Jos and Dirry Andeweg from the Netherlands were our guests at our August 8th meeting at the Green Door.
Jos is a member of the same club in Holland as our frequent guest Rene.  Jos was the successful bidder on a Rotary Silent Auction for ‘Two weeks at Rene’s cottage in Kimberley’. 
Unfortunately, the smoke from many surrounding forest fires has not highlighted the scenery around Kimberley for Jos, Dirry and their daughter Erika and son Jori.
ROTARY GUESTS AT AUG 8th MEETING 2018-08-12 06:00:00Z 0


Our 'Guest Speaker' on the 8th was Cathy Korven.
Cathy talked about the Kimberley "Seniors Helping Seniors" volunteer group and what a fantastic job they do.
She explained that they drive seniors to medical appointments, shopping trips, and a variety of special events.
AUGUST 8 ROTARY MEETING 2018-08-12 06:00:00Z 0

Tramarack Dispensaries 3rd Anniversary

Kimberley Rotary was on hand to provide Rog Duggan's Brisket-on-a-Bun to customers and visitors on the occasion of their 3rd Anniversary at Tamarack Dispensaries.  All funds raised were donated to the Polio Plus Eradication Project.  Great job everyone!!yesyes
Tramarack Dispensaries 3rd Anniversary Sandra 2018-08-06 06:00:00Z 0
Hot Dog Lunch July 1st ROTARY PARK 2018-06-28 06:00:00Z 0

District Conference 2019

This looks like it will be a conference that will fill up fast.  Plan ahead if you wish to attend.  Booking a hotel early may be advised. 
There is indication that registration may start in early July.
District Conference 2019 2018-06-18 06:00:00Z 0

Kimberley Rotary Club Awards at Conference

The Kimberley Rotary Club was recognized at the District 5080 Conference for excellence in a number of categories.
Award for active and cooperative participation in Public Image.  The goal was to update local Rotary Signs to the new Branding format.
We upgraded the sign at Marysville Falls at the beginning of the Rotary year and recently upgraded the one at the Rotary Park washroom.
Award for promoting youth leadership by sending students to the annual RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) camp.  Kimberley Rotary has done this for a number of years and this summer we are sending two young adults.  Funding for one of our candidates is thanks to a grant received from BC Hydro the other through funds raised by our Scholarship Raffle.
Award for club contributions to Rotary's Polio Eradication campaign.  This has been a commitment of the Kimberley Rotary Club for 30+ years.  This year we surpassed our budget goal through donation events at our regular meetings and from money raised at the BBQ sponsored by Tamarack Dispensary.  
Award for taking part in the ShelterBox campaign.  This has been an ongoing campaign for the Kimberley Rotary Club.  Campaigns to date have funded over 167 Shelterboxes.  Once again, with the support of generous Kimberley citizens, we have surpassed all expectations of the District and the club and we received the Gold HERO award recognition award.
Award for Tree Planting.  We didn't do this on time due to weather conditions but since it is in our budget and the funds are there and the plans in place we received recognition.  Look for completion of this goal in the near future at Rotary Park.
It has been a good year for the Kimberley Rotary Club and it is still moving ahead.  Lobsterfest is coming soon and there are a great number of events planned for the new Rotary year which starts on July 1st.  The year will open with a Hot Dog lunch (by donation so all can afford to attend) at the Splash Park on Sunday, July 1st CANADA DAY.  Bring the children to park and stay for lunch (11:00 to 2:00).   
To continue to do what is possible, the Kimberley Rotary Club needs the continued support of the fantastic residents of our city. 
Thanks to all of you who support Rotary in Kimberley. 
We are a very small club with a very big heart but we need new members to keep making positive changes in our community and the world.  We are always on the lookout for new members to join and contribute their ideas and volunteer help to keep the Kimberley Rotary Club be an active supporter of our community.
Kimberley Rotary Club Awards at Conference 2018-06-15 06:00:00Z 0


Tristen Chernove our guest speaker on April 11th gave a great update of the goings on at the Canadian Rockies International Airport.  Tristen's owns the management company that operates the Airport shared information about the success of the Airport has had in the past few years and plans that are underway for the future.  Great news about West Jet's involvement in the near future.  
Tristen also answered a large number of questions and shared some details on his success as a Paralympian at he Rio games and his future plans.  
APRIL 11th ROTARY PROGRAM 2018-04-16 06:00:00Z 0

March 28th Meeting - HOSPICE 

Arden Holmes and Brian Clifford gave a very informative program on the programs offered by the Hospice Society in the Kimberley area and on needs for the future.
Arden's wish was that a an attractive Hospice Building could be built in Kimberley and that Rotary would take on the challenge of administrating the project.  Maybe it could be housed on the third floor of the old Kimberley Hospital.  With our small number of members at present it seems beyond our ability level but is something we will continue to consider.
March 28th Meeting - HOSPICE  2018-04-16 06:00:00Z 0

Stan Salikin Scholarship Winner

Ken Green presented a cheque for $2,000.00 to Sarah Davidson the winner of
the Rotary 2018 Stan Salikin Scholarship Raffle.
Congratulations Sarah and thanks to all those who purchased tickets for this raffle. 
All profits of the scholarship raffle will go to provide scholarships for students
in the Kimberley area. 
Stan Salikin Scholarship Winner 2018-03-18 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Program for March 14th Theresa Murphy

Our guest speaker on March 14th will be Theresa Murphy, a local lady who has been working for the last year at Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island,  Antarctica.
Originally hired as the dive master at this British survey base, Theresa has worked in many capacities as one of the 22 hardy people who spend the winter at the Station.
Theresa will be bringing lots of pictures in her presentation and this would be a great opportunity for members to bring a guest to an interesting talk.
Rotary Program for March 14th Theresa Murphy 2018-02-28 07:00:00Z 0

Jan 24th Guest Speaker from Scouts Canada

Ruth introduced our guest speaker Trevor Lundy.  Trevor from the Kimberley branch of Scouts Canada gave us a great program with lots of photos of the activities been undertaken by the Kimberley Scouts.  They are a small but very active group and have been engaged in many activities in our area.  Trevor's presentation and photos of the scouts attending a scout jamboree and an adventure trip showed that scouting is alive and still a great organization in our community.   
Jan 24th Guest Speaker from Scouts Canada 2018-02-03 07:00:00Z 0

Troy Pollock & Kimberley OCP

Our January 10th guest speaker Troy Pollock brought us up to date on Kimberley's Official Community Plan.
Troy explained to how the old OCP was reviewed and policy gaps analysed.
Community consultation was undertaken
An Infrastructure overview has taken place
Community reviews of draft policies is underway
A public hearing and bylaw process is set to formalize the Plan
The communities vision was refreshed and confirmed
Improved mapping and layout conducted
Content was reduced and land use simplified
Land use policy and asset management and infrastructure planning aligned
A clear framework for implementation and tracking put in place
The Plan supports a variety of of housing types, sizes and diversity
It encourages diverse tenure options
It supports age-friendly and accessible design
It increases options for walking, cycling and transit
Formal bylaw process for the OCP is underway
Dec. 11th  1st reading
Jan. 22nd  2nd reading proposed
Feb. 19th proposed date for Public Hearing at McKim Theatre
3rd reading date yet to be decided
Thanks Troy for sharing and answering questions from the floor.  Mark your calendar for Feb. 19th and attend the Public Hearing. 
Troy Pollock & Kimberley OCP 2018-01-15 07:00:00Z 0



The Kimberley Rotary Club Thanks You
For Your Support
The Kimberley Rotary Club is proud to be providing “Service above Self” to the Kimberley community.  We are incredibly thankful for the fantastic support our club receives from our local citizens, and from our local and surrounding businesses and organizations
Some of our successes this year:
Grand Opening of the Community Splash Park (a $340,000.00 project)
Supported the Kimberley Helping Hands food bank – pancake trailer and workers at the Duck Race
Sponsored 2 students for a week long Blue Lake camp
Sponsored a major Scholarship for a Selkirk graduate
Provided pancake breakfasts for the Pipe Band Tattoo and the 1st Saturday events
Strongly supported the Rotary International Eradication of Polio campaign
Sponsored market and dump children for school in Honduras and supported the building of a Trade School
Contributed funds to a Medical Team travelling to Laos to instruct Health Care providers
Provided financial support of the Special Olympics
Helped clear the Marysville Falls trail
Led the community in their outstanding support of ShelterBox Canada
Sponsored a Free Family Swim at the Aquatic Centre
Made a major donation to the Kimberley Veteran Memorial Park
Held informative programs at our meetings thanks to speakers from local businesses and organizations
Had lots of fun and fellowship                                        
Kimberley Rotary is a small service club.  Its business is mankind - its product is service.        Its success is the result of dedicated members and the support it receives from all of you.
YEAR END THANKS  2017  2017-12-19 07:00:00Z 0

Guest speaker Carol Fairhust.  Nov 22

Our Guest Speaker on November 22nd was Carol Fairhust from CBAL (the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy).  Carol explained that CBAL has had 16 yrs experience working in partnership with schools, colleges, libraries, and community organizations to plan and provide literacy services in the Kimberley area.  The Kimberley office is across the highway from the Royal Bank.  The staff include a Community Literacy Coordinator, a Settlement Worker, an ESL instructor, Program Facilitators, a Community Literacy Planning Committee - volunteers, and a number of Tutor volunteers.
Carol explained that there are a number of Family Programs including: StrongStart, Baby Goose & Baby Steps, Healthy and Affordable, Cooking, Summer Play and Learn, Special Event programs, Ready Set Learn events at schools, and children's tutoring programs.  There are also 5 Adult Programs which include: Digital Learning, Financial Literacy, a Writing Program and a Multicultural program.  Since Literacy is one of the goals of Rotary we need to consider what we might be able to do to help reach this goal.
Guest speaker Carol Fairhust.  Nov 22 2017-11-23 07:00:00Z 0

Jasper to Banff Relay

Our November 8th program was given by member Scott Owen.  Scott had recently moved and had come across records of a number of Jasper to Banff relays that he had competed in.
This 258 km relay was competed on the Bow Valley Parkway between Jasper and Banff with teams entered from around the world.  There were 15 stages and hopefully you had 15 members on your team or someone would have to run two stages.  The competition ran from 1980 to 2000 on the side of the highway continuing through the night.  At night time you were lucky to see the white line at the side of the road so only the daylight runners got to see the fantastic scenery.  In 2005 a revised shortened version of the relay was reintroduced starting at Castle Mountain and going to Jasper.
Scott mentioned there were strange sounds at daybreak but they turned out to be the guard rails expanding not the Grizzly Bear grinding their teeth. 
Jasper to Banff Relay 2017-11-16 07:00:00Z 0

Open House 

The Greeters were there.  The video was ready.  The Snacks looked great.  We were even ready with a free drink. But we were all alone. 
Guess we need a different plan next time.  
Thanks to all of you who worked on this venture.
Open House  2017-11-16 07:00:00Z 0


Awesome photographs and presentation by James (Jim) and Karen Proudfoot.
Nice to see the large crowd in the audience.  Thanks for bringing guests.
Jaret receives his Paul Harris plus one pin from President Sandra 2017-10-22 06:00:00Z 0

Randy McLeod Discusses Rocky Reward Program

Randy McLeod was our guest speaker on October 11th.  Randy explained how the Rocky Reward program for Rocky Mountain school district works.  
Students in the program are encouraged to volunteer and get involved within their school and their host community.  Points are given for participation in school clubs and teams, for participation in activities and events within the City, for keeping a strong academic and work habit record and for volunteering at school and in their communities.  If they receive 200 or more points they are rewarded with a trip to Vancouver at the end of the year. 
The program has had positive results from recruiters in the students home country and has helped make the Rocky Mountain School District's International Program a program of choice in many countries.  
Randy McLeod Discusses Rocky Reward Program 2017-10-22 06:00:00Z 0


Another great year at the Fall Fair for Rotary and ShelterBox.
This year's ShelterBox Display and donation site at the Fall Fair was a joint Kimberley/Cranbrook Sunrise event.
It was a first major ShelterBox event for the Cranbrook club and Kimberley donors showed them want to expect.  A total of $4,650 was raised at the Fair and another $2,000 deposited in the Kootenay Savings Credit Union office in Kimberley during the weekend.  Special thanks to the great turn out of volunteers from Kimberley and Cranbrook and the very helpful behind the scenes support by Graham and Gerda.  Once again Grubsteak Pizza provided coupons for all donors and we were able to distribute a number of Melody Motors coupons as well.  Thanks to all for a job well done.   We are paid up for a Booth for next year - see you there.  Also planning is underway for a possible Christmas ShelterBox event.

Nancy Gibson from OU Tasting House in the Platzl

Nancy took us on a sniffing and tasting tour of a variety of Olive Oils and compared them to what you may be buying in the grocery store.
A fun and very informative program.  No more Bertolli for me.
Check out Nancy's store in the Platzl and have a look at her Facebook site.
Nancy Gibson from OU Tasting House in the Platzl 2017-09-29 06:00:00Z 0

Planning your Funeral

Barb and Daryl Houser gave the program at the Sept. 13th Rotary luncheon.
Since the percentage of people who will die in Canada is 100%, planning ahead for the inevitable will make things easier for those you love.
The Housers described the service they can offer.  A no-obligation consultation on the steps you should be taking to prepare and ways to pay for your funeral in advance.
In an approx. 1 hour consultation, they can share with you:
1.  A Planning Guide Booklet on steps you should take to prepare.  Information for your executor and family.
2.  How to plan for funeral expenses.  "It is best to do this when you are well and not stressed"
3.  Information about the hours of "paper work" that need to be completed after a death.  Even a way to hire a company to do this all for you.
Members were invited to fill in a form for a consultation.  If you were not at the meeting or have now decided to do this, the contact for Barb and Daryl is:
email:  darylbarbhouser@telus.net     or phone Toll Free  1.888.579.2233
Planning your Funeral 2017-09-13 06:00:00Z 0


Have a great evening of dinning and dancing at the ever popular Beer, Bones & Boogie event on October 21st.
In addition, you will be supporting local Rotary projects like landscaping at the new Splash Park.
Order your tickets on-line at www.KimberleyRotary.Org  follow the Whats-on link.  Tickets are still only $45 plus a small processing fee.. 
BEER BONES & BOOGIE 2017 2017-09-13 06:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visit  Sept 6

District Governor Jerri Anderson brought the club up to date on the District's initiatives for the Rotary Year.
Jerri congratulated the club on all they are doing and presented a couple of awards.
The Gold hero award for the club's success with the Shelter Box campaign (thanks Graham).
An award for 100% participation by members to the Rotary Foundation with an average of over $100.00 per member.
Mark your calendar for June 1-3 for the Rotary District Conference in Sandpoint Idaho.
District Governor Visit  Sept 6 2017-09-07 06:00:00Z 0
SHELTERBOX GOLD HERO AWARD 2017-09-07 06:00:00Z 0

Aug. 30th Club Social

Special thanks to Desiree and Jaret for hosting our club members and guests for a fantastic BBQ and Potluck Social on August 30th at their beautiful home on the ski hill.
It was great to also have a special guest join us.   Our past exchange student from Belgium, Joanna and her husband and baby girl, Junon, were guests of Mike and Judy Cave - one of her host families when she was on her full year exchange to Kimberley.  Joanna was in town with her family for the week and visited a number of the friends she made during her year in Kimberley. 
Thanks also to all the members, and their partners, who brought delicious appetizers, salads and desserts.  
Aug. 30th Club Social 2017-09-06 06:00:00Z 0

August 23rd Program.  55 + Summer Games

Jaret Thompson highlighted the Plans for the 55 Plus Summer Games that will be held jointly in Kimberley and Cranbrook - September 11th to 15th, 2018.
Jaret explained that the 55+ BC Games is an annual multi sport event produced by the BC Seniors Games Society for the 55+ population of BC to participate in 20 to 29 individual Sports.  In 2018, the games will be held using facilities both in Kimberley and Cranbrook.  Jaret explained that 24 different sports/games will be run during the event.
Directors have been chosen for the major roles (still a couple of openings to fill) and planning committees are already hard at work.
1,200 Volunteers will be needed to help ensure that the 3,500 to 4,000 participants have all their needs met and that all the events are run smoothly.
This will be a great opportunity for Kimberley to showcase our City.
August 23rd Program.  55 + Summer Games 2017-08-27 06:00:00Z 0

Kimberley Rotary Club  Donation to Blue Lake 

Because of your donation, we were able to send two local students to the Teen Adventure Camp at Blue Lake Camp! 
This 7-day program included a 3 day backpacking trip high into the Purcell Mountains, visiting Howling Wolf Lake, Polar Lake and swimming in Crystal Lake! The campers spent a day biking the trails around Blue Lake and over to the Findlay Valley with lunch beside Findlay Creek and a swim in McIvers. They wrapped up the week with a white water rafting trip with the Kootenay Rafting Company in Kimberley! They spent the day paddling and floating the waters of the St Mary’s River with the amazing river guides.  They finished the day with dinner by Wasa lake  and a  soak in the hot waters of a local hot springs. They had an unforgettable week of learning outdoor skills, teamwork, and having fun!
Although there were fires in the region, Blue Lake Camp was able to remain open for the entire season. This was a record year with over 700 youth attending Blue Lake Camp this summer!
Thank you so much for your support!!
Brandy Adams
Columbia Outdoor School & Blue Lake Camp
Phone: 250-426-3676
Kimberley Rotary Club  Donation to Blue Lake  2017-08-13 06:00:00Z 0

Donation to Blue Lake Centre

Posted by Patrick Barclay on Jul 05, 2017
Mac is highlighted on the Blue Lake Centre Facebook site with our recent donation.  The caption on their site reads:  
Thank you Kimberley Rotary Club for the generous donation to the Blue Paddle Campaign!
Your donation will send two Kimberley kids to Blue Lake Camp this summer!
Donation to Blue Lake Centre Patrick Barclay 2017-07-05 06:00:00Z 0

Eliesabeth (Liz) Conner  Fellowship 5

Eliesabeth (Liz) Conner, our newest Kimberley Rotarian, gave her Fellowship 5 presentation on Wednesday.  Liz was born in Dease Lake BC, and went to school in Fort Saint John (over 14 hrs by car).  
Liz boarded during her school days in Fort Saint John and explained how breakfast every Tuesday and Thursday was "French Toast".  Suggestion, don't invite Liz for a special French Toast breakfast.
Liz is married to Clint and lived in the United States for a number of years.  She ran a number of restaurants there.  She is not new to Rotary - she was a member in Cranbrook and is a past-president.
Welcome Liz - we look forward to having you help with future Rotary projects in Kimberley.
Eliesabeth (Liz) Conner  Fellowship 5 2017-05-20 06:00:00Z 0
Kimberley Rotarians at School 2017-05-08 06:00:00Z 0

Blue Lake Camp

Todd Hebert, Executive Director of Blue Lake Camp, gave a wonderful presentation to the Club showing us the amazing progress that has been made to their camp and its programs over the years since it began.
Blue Lake Camp 2017-05-05 06:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker Simon Jones

Simon Jones, Director of Golf for the Kimberley Golf Club was our guest speaker on Wednesday, April 26.  Simon brought the club members up to date on the extensive programs and opportunities that are available at the Kimberley course this year.  The very popular Ladies program and programs for juniors are starting - so check the webpage for registration information.  Simon also explained the program he is delivering in the Elementary and Private school.  There are a large number of different programs – something for everyone and the price this year is even a bit lower.  The Kimberley course is also a great place to buy golf equipment
For details on what is available at the Kimberley Golf Club visit their informative webpage at www.kimberleygolfclub.com  
Guest Speaker Simon Jones 2017-04-26 06:00:00Z 0

2017 Election in the Netherlands

Rene Swienink, our adopted Rotary brother from the Netherlands, gave a great presentation on the recent elections in the Netherlands.  A somewhat complicated election process but results that may lead the way for future elections in Europe in the months ahead.
Great job Rene and thanks from the club.
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The Rocky Reward Program

Duncan McLeod gave an interesting update on the Rocky Mountain International Student Program, which brings in over one hundred students to the East Kootenays from around the world each year.  The students attend local  schools in Revelstoke, Golden, Invermere, Kimberley, Cranbrook and Fernie.  Duncan explain how the Rocky Reward program has been developed to get these International students involved in their communities.   The students earn points for participating in school clubs and sports, volunteering at school and in their communities by participating in various events, and by getting good work habit grades on their school report cards.  Students who earn enough points are rewarded with a free trip to Vancouver at the end of the school year.  Some of the interesting programs discussed included: "Grab a Granny and Go", volunteering as a "Snow Angel" and with a little thought the types of programs are limitless.  This is a good opportunity for Rotary to pick up some volunteers when needed for some of our local projects.  Thanks, Duncan !  
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Donna Cummins wins Stan Salikin Memorial Scholarship Raffle 

Rotarian Patrick Barclay presents a cheque for $2,000.00 to Donna Cummins at the March 1st Rotary Meeting.  Donna was the lucky winner of the Stan Salikin Memorial Raffle.
Pat thanked Donna for being one of the generous supporters of the Stan Salikin Memorial Raffle that helps fund scholarships for Selkirk Students.
The Rotary club will be looking for this year's Selkirk scholarship winner to be someone who has some of the wonderful volunteer spirit that Stan Salikin displayed over many years in Kimberley.
Congratulations Donna! 
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Ryan Sleik explains the GLA:D program

Ryan recently completed a training program on the GLA:D program and is now a certified therapists and qualified to deliver this program.
He explained the background and benefits of the 8 week educational and exercise program designed for people living with osteoarthritis.
The program teaches you how to control your movements to allow you to be more active.
If you have issues with your knees or hips and wish to learn more send Ryan your email address and he will let you know when this program will start.
Contract Ryan at the Creekside Physiotheraphy Clinic in Marysville.
A Great Program Ryan - Thank You!
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Lobsterfest '8' is coming

Larry the Lobster and his Rotary friends were at the Kimberley Winter Market on February 19th advertising this year's Lobsterfest.
Mark your calendar for June 3rd, 2017.  Lobsterfest 8 will be held at the Kimberley Conference at Athlete Training Centre.
Tickets go on sale online after March 6th:   www.kimberleyrotary.org 
This event has sold out for the last 7 years so buy your tickets and "choose your Table" early our you will be disappointed.
Ticket prices $75 until April 30th and $80 after April 30th.
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Welcome District Governor Kees Van der Pol

President Melanie exchanges banners with District Governor Kees during his visit on November 23, 2016.  Kees and has Partner, Mayumi, both shared their inspirational experiences about Rotary with the Club.  It was a pleasure to host them in celebrating our Club's 75th Anniversary.
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Kimberley Rotary Club Honored

Kimberley Rotary Club was the worthy recipient of the Stan Salikin Community Booster Award at the Kimberley Business Excellence Awards on Saturday evening.  Recently named after our member, Stan Salikin, who passed away this summer, we are deeply honored to have been recognized by the Business Community for our community commitments.
Stan was watching over us as we received this award.
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Great News from Tourism Kimberley

Tourism Kimberley Manager, Jesse Ferguson, shared the year in review with the Rotary Club members on Wednesday.  Thinks have been looking up with higher visitor numbers and greater media interest in Kimberley.  For a complete report, be sure and stop at the Visitor Center and speak personally with Jesse.
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Veteran's Memorial Park

Cindy Postinkoff, Don McCormick's guest speaker discussed the plans for the planned Veteran's Memorial Park to be built across from the Credit Union.  Cindy explained the projects and the budget and the connection to the Military Ames organization.  A great plan which will honour our veterans. 
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Ken Green's Vocational 5

Ken Green, one of our newest members, gave a very interesting talk on his vocational history.  
Ken's skills and willingness to get involved in club projects and committees have made him a definite asset to the Kimberley Rotary Club. 
Thanks, Ken.  
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1st Saturday July 2nd 2016

GREAT JOB SALLY.  The First Saturday Pancake breakfast was well organized and a great success.  Thanks to all those who helped out.
Pictured above are some of the Pancake/Sausage chefs along with some of the trailer staff.  Many others not in picture selling tickets, cleaning tables, making coffee, mixing batter and serving our 259 guests.  A great kickoff event for the new Rotary Year.
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Congratuations, Scott Owen

We are extremely happy to recognize our member, Scott Owen, for 35 years of Perfect Attendance.  That is one meeting a week somewhere in the world for 35 years folks.
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Turning over the Reins to President Melanie 2016-06-30 00:00:00Z 0

Welcome to New Member Ken Green

President, Sandra Roberts and Sponsor, Mike Cave, welcomed new Member, Ken Green to our Club.  Ken's classification is Sales Manager and he will serve on the Fund Raising Committee.
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Join #GiveShelterNow

ShelterBox Canada Needs Your Support
Every second, two people are displaced from their home due to conflict or natural disaster. Rotary Project Partner, ShelterBox Canada is there to provide support and ensure that no family is left without shelter. Starting today, June 28, and going until July 15th ShelterBox Canada is setting out to raise $30,000 to help families in need after disaster. Join in and #GiveShelterNow to those who need it most.
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