Mike Cave receiving donation for the Splash Park from Jean Irvin (KIOTAC)
On September 28th Jean Irvin, who was the Manager of the very successful annual KIOTAC (Kimberley International Old Time Accordion Championship), made a surprise presentation at our noon meeting.  KIOTAC unfortunately is no longer a major Kimberley event but its legacy continues to support Kimberley community organizations.  Jeany presented a $5,000.00 cheque to Mike Cave for the Kimberley Splash Park.  Mike Cave, who oversees the Splash Park project was most thankful for this donation and explained that the project is nearing completion.  We will see KIOTAC, along with all the names of other major donors on the Splash Park "Wall of Recognition" when the project is completed.  Thanks Jean and also thanks to all your past KIOTAC volunteers.