Set-up crew at the ShelterBox display at the Fall Fair.  Thanks, Jaret, Brett, Mike, Cameron, Judy and Pat.
The event went very well.  The Shelterbox story was shared with a large number of visitors to the Fair.  There was also interest in Rotary shown by a number of the visitors to our Booth.  Hopefully, some of them will visit one of our meetings to find out more about our club.
Thanks to Mike, Pat, Sandra, Gerda, Mac, and visiting Rotarian Ray Miller for helping to welcome visitors to the display and explain what Shelterbox is all about.  Special thanks to Mike, Mac, Ray and Pat for dismantling the display and getting it back into the Green Boxes.
Donations were great and with the recent donations in memory of Graham a large contribution will soon be on its way to Shelterbox Canada.