On behalf of the Rotary District 5080 Rotaplast Committee, I am writing to let your club in on the fact that we are working to support another Rotaplast mission in the coming months. In fact, last week District 5080’s grant committee awarded this project funds through a District Simplified Grant; in addition some club support has been received in the form of pledges. As such, we would like to get Kimberley involved this year. Attached are details about the mission to share with your members. This mission is coming up quickly.


At this time, we are quickly assembling a team of non-medical volunteers for the mission and trying to secure pledges for support from each club. To that end, would you kindly:

1) announce at an upcoming meeting that we are looking for non-medical volunteers for this mission. Attached is the non-medical volunteer application. More information is available at www.rotaplast.org. Also, you may also refer them to me or any of the others listed at the bottom of this message. Anyone of can quickly answer questions and help interested Rotarians get their paperwork prepared quickly. Deadline for applications is June 5 by midnight. Applicants should notify me (teske.lisa@gmail.com) so I can track the application.

2) mention the mission in your Club’s newsletter, noting that we seek Rotarians who may want to serve. Again, this is the really time-sensitive piece of business as we must secure travel visas for all who sign up for this mission. Deadline for applications is June 5 by midnight. Applicants should notify me (teske.lisa@gmail.com) so I can track the application.

3) pulse your international committee chair for 2012/2013 to see if there is room in your Club’s budget and Club interest to support this mission (it is understood that many clubs cannot/will not make firm commitments or disbursements until the next budget year).

Patrick, I can personally vouch for the richness of a volunteer medical mission experience and opportunities for your members who may consider it. I shared my Rotaplast experience in Cebu recently at the District Assembly in Spokane and was struck by how many people expressed interest in serving. This is their opportunity…but the information above and attached must reach the membership so they have a chance to get involved in this one given the timing. I hope that you can help spread the word quickly into your club.

In the coming week, Yvonne Redeker of our Rotaplast committee will be following up with a phone call to see if we can do anything more to support your club communications about this opportunity. We are very excited to serve another ~100 patients with life-changing plastic surgeries to correct cleft lip/palate and mal-formed scar tissue. Together, we believe, we will make another significant impact on people’s futures…and our world.

Thank you for your attention.

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In Rotarian service, Lisa Teske





Sheila Hart

Nelson Daybreak



Ron Jacobson

Post Falls



Yvonne Redeker




Lisa Teske

Columbia Center



P.S. Should your club wish to donate, please send checks made out to Rotaplast International to:

Yvonne Redeker

P.O. Box 156

Invermere, British Columbia

VOA 1KO Canada

She will serve as the collection point so that we are sure to have your generous contributions credited to our specific mission project. LT