Our guest speaker Aileen Boyd gave a very informative talk on her new role as the Kimberley and surrounding area
Community Paramedic. 
Aileen described how the role of a community paramedic can help patients.  This included:
  • Coming to their home for regular scheduled visits
  • Helping patients stay connected with their family doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Supporting patients in managing their health so they can continue to live at home safely
  • Conducting remote home health monitoring
  • Looking for fall hazards in the home, and suggesting ways to correct them
  • Referring patients to the right health care resource when they need additional help
  • Listening when patients have concerns about their health, and working with them to get the assistance they need
For more information on this service, visit:  www.bcehs.ca
Contact information:      CommunityParamedicine@bcehs.ca   or  CP.Kimberley@bcehs.ca