Our guest speaker at the May 8th meeting was Fire Chief Rick Prasad.
Rick reminded us of the fire dangers we had last year and how the Evacuation Alert was handled.  He also cautioned us that present dry conditions could lead to another dangerous fire season in the Kootenays.  In fact,  he advised that the surrounding forests are drier than ever already this year and we should all be doing a rain dance to encourage a couple of weeks of solid rain.  Rick handed out copies of the FireSmart Homeowner's Manual.  As he explained homeowners can do a number of things to reduce wildfire hazards.  The booklet describes these in detail.  One of the major concerns is the red hot fire embers blowing into our yards and houses - these can travel from as far as 40 km from a wildfire.  The booklet is a great reminder of what you can do to protect your home.  Rick also advised that you can have someone from the Fire Department visit your home and do an assessment of potential dangerous conditions.  BE PREPARED. 
One of our newer members Hans von Bloedau gave his  Fellowship 5 highlighting his career in the Hotel Industry.  More moves than an RCMP officer by far.  Great to have Hans in the club his skills and background are a great addition to Kimberley Rotary.