Excellent St. Patrick's Day Meeting online.  No Green Beer but a very professional Guest Speaker presentation by Peter Reid president of Kimberley Search and Rescue.  Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kimberley Search and Rescue have continued to work diligently to urge extra caution to back country users in order to prevent needless strain on SAR's services and that of our local healthcare providers.  Thanks to the very special KSARs organization and its skilled volunteers our community continues to reap the benefits this organization provides.
SAR is a 100 per cent volunteer organization and clearly one that exemplifies "Service Above Self"
In addition to organizing and leading the local SAR teams Peter and his wife are both instructors and travel the province teaching advanced search and rescue courses.
Of interest to Kimberley Rotary, we learned that rescues have been needed in the Marysville Falls area and that training for SARs members takes place at the Falls.  The Rotary Club will be looking to see if it can be of help in providing resources such as climbing anchors on the cliff above the Falls.
SARs members training.
Members were reminded that ShelterBox will be having a World Water Day Zoom presentation on Marcy 22nd. 
Rotary Community BINGO is still going well and is proving to be a good fundraiser for the club.  A committee has been formed to manage the club's involvement in the BINGO events.