Our November 8th program was given by member Scott Owen.  Scott had recently moved and had come across records of a number of Jasper to Banff relays that he had competed in.
This 258 km relay was competed on the Bow Valley Parkway between Jasper and Banff with teams entered from around the world.  There were 15 stages and hopefully you had 15 members on your team or someone would have to run two stages.  The competition ran from 1980 to 2000 on the side of the highway continuing through the night.  At night time you were lucky to see the white line at the side of the road so only the daylight runners got to see the fantastic scenery.  In 2005 a revised shortened version of the relay was reintroduced starting at Castle Mountain and going to Jasper.
Scott mentioned there were strange sounds at daybreak but they turned out to be the guard rails expanding not the Grizzly Bear grinding their teeth.