Taylor Lauritsen our Guest Speaker on Sept. 4th.
Taylor reported on her RYLA experiences during the first week of July.  She explained that it was a very intense week and she got a lot out of it. 
Topics at RYLA include:
  1.  Awareness of self/others
  2.  Group Dynamics
  3.  Dealing with Conflict/Change
  4.  Goal Setting
  5.  Styles of Leadership
  6.  Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  7.  Effective Communications
  8.  Group Dynamics
  9.  Critical Thinking
  10. Ethical Frameworks
  11. Personal Mission Statement
  12. Networking
  13. Rotary’s Purpose and Community Involvement.
Taylor being 25 was one of the older participants at the camp of nearly 50.  Most of the attendees were just out of High School but a good mix of males and females.  She said it took a couple of days for her to really get into the program.  She explained it was a very intense week (the days ran from 7am to 10pm).   Great inspiring speakers.  So much positive focus.  It really changed your fame of mind. 
She explained that the program showed how important it was to communicate and adapt.
A great experience for developing Leadership skills.
"Definitely an incredible event"
Taylor said she would be willing to help promote the program to both applicants and employers of prospective candidates next year.
In summary a great program by Taylor and be all reports a program worth sponsoring again next year.