Our Guest Speaker on November 22nd was Carol Fairhust from CBAL (the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy).  Carol explained that CBAL has had 16 yrs experience working in partnership with schools, colleges, libraries, and community organizations to plan and provide literacy services in the Kimberley area.  The Kimberley office is across the highway from the Royal Bank.  The staff include a Community Literacy Coordinator, a Settlement Worker, an ESL instructor, Program Facilitators, a Community Literacy Planning Committee - volunteers, and a number of Tutor volunteers.
Carol explained that there are a number of Family Programs including: StrongStart, Baby Goose & Baby Steps, Healthy and Affordable, Cooking, Summer Play and Learn, Special Event programs, Ready Set Learn events at schools, and children's tutoring programs.  There are also 5 Adult Programs which include: Digital Learning, Financial Literacy, a Writing Program and a Multicultural program.  Since Literacy is one of the goals of Rotary we need to consider what we might be able to do to help reach this goal.