Our Guest Speaker at the Kimberley Rotary May 6th virtual "GoTo Meeting" was Dr. Jordan Enns.  Jordan was introduced by Rotary member Al Hunter.
Dr Enns grew up in Carrot River, SK.  He studied dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan graduating with a DMD in 2017.  In 2018 Jordan and his wife Courtney moved to Kimberley as they loved skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and everything the mountains have to offer.  Dr. Enns is presently one of the members of the recently opened Kimberley Family Dental business where he enjoys all aspects of dentistry and has a particular interest in oral surgery.
Jordan explained that in Feb. 2017, during his final year in university, he took advantage of an opportunity to travel with a group of volunteers to Nicaragua with “Change for Children”.  This organization supports projects in developing countries that provide “Human Dignity, Healthy Communities, and Global Justice".  One of its core values is to “Educate Canadians” about issues in the developing world and Dr, Enns’ presentation did exactly that.
Jordan explained that most of the volunteers on The Team to Nicaragua returned the following year to Guatemala in 2018, then to Costa Rica in 2019 and again to India in Feb. this year.
The Team in recent years included a group of Dentists and Dental Assistants the “Dental Volunteer Brigade” and also a small Optometry team – plus a number of other volunteers.  In addition to providing dental care, fillings and extractions, to many needy families and vision care the “Change for Children” team is often involved with projects for the specific community such as digging a well, building a school or providing agricultural aid.
Jordan showed some great photo images of the conditions under which The Dental Brigade worked - often in a school or church building with very limited resources.  The adjustable dental chair we are familiar with was often replaced by a standard table with a plastic table cloth – these in some occasions holding two patients facing opposite directions with two members of The Team working on them.  Jordan explained that bending over these working areas resulted in very stiff backs by the end of the day.
Thank you Jordan for a very informative presentation and thanks Courtney for your photos. 
Sorry to anyone who missed this presentation – a great example of “Service Above Self”.