Consider a ShelterBox Canada Global Gift.
You can honour that special person in your life by making a donation in their name to ShelterBox Canada that will provide life-saving shelter and aid to a family suffering from disaster or conflict.
Google: “ShelterBox Canada Global Gifts” to view what donations provide.  Some examples are Mosquito Nets, Solar Lights, Water Purification Kits, Shelter Kits, or Complete ShelterBoxes.    
To make a donation you can CHOOSE ONE of the following options:
  1. Go online to:   https://shelterboxcanada.akaraisin.com/fundraise/kimberleyrotary
(CLICK on the GREEN DONATE box and follow the instructions)
  1. Follow the online instructions at the ShelterBox Canada Global Gifts site
  2. Drop into Kootenay Savings Credit Union in Kimberley and make your donation in person
  3. Contact Patrick Barclay at the Kimberley Rotary Club pbarclay@telus.net
All donations of $20.00 or more will receive a CRA charitable tax receipt and a letter of thanks.
Your gift will not only provide a family in need with the tools to rebuild or recover from disaster, but also a sense of hope for their future.
Some of the Gift ideas:  Mosquito Nets, Solar Lights, Water Purification systems, Shelter Kits (tools and supplies to repair a damaged building), Survival Tents or a Complete Shelter Box,