Our "King" has abdicated and the "car" takes over

Last night at the Senior Centre -- 57 members, spouses and guests enjoyed an evening that started at 6PM and ended at 8:45PM -- the buffet food served by Stephan Lecoursiere was excellent.

King Arthur started the evening with Walt leading O'Canada and Ken providing a blessing, then the table selection was determined (Dave's way) with the best poker hand going to the Czar's, Minichiello's, Tompkin's, Wigen's & Muriel Browell table.

An emotional Art thanked all our members for their support this past year and related an anology that the Executive were like parts of a car that kept us on the highway, I got the "steering wheel" -- well done ART !  He also thanked MJ (Mary Jane) for her support as well.  Art presented a gift to each Executive member (a framed RI licence plate holder) and MJ presented Judy with a gift as well.

Special recognition was given to Greg Baker for his many many years of service as our "treasurer" and to Lesley McLeod for her many many hours of volunteer organizing for the "food and presentations" at our past Wine Tasting Events.  Greg was absent but will receive and Lesley was present and was presented with a PHF (Paul Harris Fellow) by Art.

Art introduced Jim Chiu -- a Past District Governor serving from Cranbrook who served as DG in 2000-2001 who then inducted our 2007-2008 Executive being:

Ron Toyota -- President -- joined CVRC in October 2001

Dave Handy -- President-Elect -- joining February 2006

Rick Minichiello -- Vice President -- joining August 2001

Greg Baker -- Treasurer -- charter member of CVRC in July 1992

Al Garrecht -- Secretary -- joined the Prince George Rotary Club in 1986

Art Rees -- Past President -- joining February 2003

Rob Geddes -- Director -- joining August 2006

Brian Niven -- Director -- joining March 2006

Gord Rodney -- Director -- joining January 1993

Bill Bridgman -- Director -- charter member of CVRC in July 1992

note:  Ron Toyota becomes the 16th President of our Club and attending tonight were 13 Past Presidents with 2 deceased but it was great that their spouses were present being Muriel Browell and Marion Sutcliffe -- unfortunately only Verne Lee was unable to attend.

Jim Chiu then made a special PHF presentation to Jack Wigen, our charter club President and he received a PHF4 pin which has four sapphires to signify level 4 for his recognition of support to our Club through the Rotary International Foundation.

President Ron then made a presentation to our Past President ARTHUR -- a PHF award contributed by Jack and Shiela.  As well Art received a Rotary vest presented by Ron from our Club.

A DVD was then shown with a few glitches but the message got through.

Penny LeGate -- news anchor and reporter for KIRO TV in Seattle is a strong Rotary supporter who has received PHF awards (she is not a Rotarian but her father was) and she did a documentary that was shown on KIRO last December -- "The Last Mile" which is on how RI is eradicating and totally eliminating POLIO throughout the world.  This program was started in 1985 and today only 3 or 4 countries have polio cases.

note:  if any member wishes to view this DVD, please ask RT as it is in our Club Library drawer -- it is 35 minutes.

Special thanks to Dave & Ruth, Brian and Eileen for the table and room decor and to Jim and Lesley for the liquids and snackies -- to Jim Chiu for officiating.

PS -- I just remembered that I forgot the S-at-Arms report (my apologies to Jim and to Greg -- Jim causes he likes to "hit on members" and to Greg cause he likes "money to deposit")