40 CORDS delivered on October 13 & 14, 2012

Thanks !!


On October 14th -- the Creston Valley Thunder Cats squad energetically assisted in the delivery on another 20 loads !

On October 13th from 8:30AM to 1:30PM approximately 20 Cords of split wood was loaded and delivered.


The drivers:                        Leon / Jim / Rick

The swampers:                 Al  / Garry / Dave / Tim

The logistic guy:                Bob

The head guy:                   Bill Pfeifer

The loaders:                       Dean / Gary / Don / Rob / myself / Charlie

The coffee guy:                Walt

The supervisor:                 Gino

The cameo guy:                Steve


One cord of fire wood was measured on the ground and then loaded into a trailer – this allowed us to hand-load 2 trailers which were then driven to a customer and power dumped.  Another trailer was hand-loaded and then delivered.


Tomorrow the CV Thunder Cats (22) will help do the loading and delivery of another 20 plus cords of wood and our 2012 project will be complete.


Thanks to everyone and especially to the “head guy” !!