Yesterday (Saturday, September 15) our first official Block Party was held and it has been estimated that we have 22 to 24 cords now stock piled and ready for delivery or pickup.

Thanks to the services of Justin & Darcy Elliott and their Palax Power 100S log cutting and splitting equipment located at the Sort Yard on Highway #21.  This unit is made in Finland.

Our crew:

Bill Pfeifer, Jim McLeod, Walt Reider, Bob Meredith, Don McClain and Ron Toyota spent 9 hours from 7AM to 4PM at the Sort Yard.  Mostly split pine, fir, larch with some birch and cedar was loaded into 3 dump trailers and unloaded at Steve’s property on Payne Street where Walt did all the marshalling of our “fire wood” using Bill Piper’s tractor.  We did get a 12 minute coffee break and a 23 minutes lunch break and Subway treats were provided.

We think we have about 16 cords left to do and the next Block Party date is Saturday – September 29th.

After that delivery dates will be organized where we will need club members and their pickups.  We have one customer who wants 5 CORDS. 

As you can see in the photo – our firewood is dry and clean.

Image        Image