held on Friday (March 30th) from 7:30PM to 10:30PM

Our 4th event (Sept 2003 / Feb 2005 / Apr 2006 / March 2007) is now history with an estimated 320 in attendance (294 paid / 17 comps / 9 wineries) and all comments indicate that it was a "very decadent" and "very enjoyable" evening.

The 9 participating wineries:

Arrowleaf Cellars ( Lake Country )                   Joe & Margrit Zuppinger (owners)

Bounty Cellars ( Kelowna )                             Wade & Leann Rains

Crowsnest Vineyards (Cawston)                    Sasha Heineke / Faye Sigurdson (sales)

Deep Creek Wine Estate & Hainle Vineyards (Peachland)        Teresa Olson (sales)

Forbidden Fruit Winery (Cawston)                  Kim Brind'Amour (owner)

House of Rose ( Kelowna )                              Brian & Shawn Kincaid (owners)

Larch HIlls Winery (Salmon Arm)                   Doug Vincent (sales)

Sonoran Estate Winery (Summerland)           Adrian Smits (winemaker & owner)

Summerhill Pyramid Winery ( Kelowna )                                                               


As well we had 15 local Artists displaying and representing their talents:

Andy Alfoldy / Elaine Alfoldy / Karen Arrowsmith / Trezlie Brooks / Eileen Gidman / Eileen Hirota / Carol Huscroft / Sandy Kunze / Elaine Lester / Lorene Lyons / Alison Masters / James McDowell / Nora McDowell / Bruce Paterson / Beth Penny

The Door Prize list continued to grow and at the end of the evening 12 were awarded:

Floral Center piece from Morris Flowers won by Bruce Paterson (#291)

5 "Wine Trails" magazine one year (quarterly) subscriptions to #205 Linda Gartner / #274 Michelle Hutchinson / #279 Bob Cull / #204 Richard Gartner / #123 Annette Sawall

Wineries of B.C. book (donated by Black Bear Books) #202 Marion Sutcliffe

Okanagan Wine Tour book (donated by Black Bear Books) #182 Al Iszak

"Caught" Apricot Mistelle (donated by Forbidden Fruit)  #100 Barb Iszak

Chardonnay wine bottle (donated by Bounty Cellars)  #100 Linda Baker

Merlot wine bottle (donated by Bounty Cellars)  #350 Marg Spring

Merlot wine bottle (donated by Arrowleaf) #273 Bill Hutchinson


the AWARDS -- the "PREFERRED -- BEST" Winery at our Evening Event:

House of Rose (Brian & Shawn Kincaid) wins

72 Ballots were received and the House of Rose is the winner with Larch Hills close behind
#1 Red choice House of Rose Foch
        then Bounty Cellars Meritage
        then Hainle/Deep Creek 2004 Zweigelt
#1 White choice Larch Hills Northern Lights
       then Arrowleaf White Feather 2005
       then House of Rose Winter White
#1 Blush choice Larch HIlls Tamarack Rose
       then Forbidden Fruit Cherysh
       then Arrowleaf Red Feather 2005
#1 Dessert choice Forbidden Fruit "Caught" Apricot Mistelle
       then Pomme Desiree
       then Ice Lady MIstelle
note:  many Ballots only filled in some of the categories 

the BEST TEAM award to OUR SPOUSES -- Captained by Lesley McLeod and included Eileen, Irene, Carrie, Fay, Mary Jane, Marilyn, Dorathy, Judy, Marje, Marion, Doreen, Bunny, Kim, Signe, Ila, Donna, Elaine, Sheila and Sharen ( my sincere apologies if I missed anyone).

Also VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Eileen Hirota, Brian Niven and Jim McLeod for the "extra duties and frustrations performed.

note:  for more photos -- go to our "homepage" then DOWNLOAD PHOTOS -- WineART2007 -- thanks to Verne Lee for use of some of his photos.