September 15, 2020 - Creston Valley Rotary Club announces donation to the Creston & District Recreation Complex and RDCK in the sum of $20,000 as a contribution to the recently completed CDCC Viewpoint.  The Rotary donation allowed for the completion and furnishing of the lower tier, and as well, the added 2nd tier to enhance the viewing space and capacity.  The furnishings include benches, waste receptacle, and two interpretive plaques that will recognize the history of the property and valley seen from the viewpoint, and the geographical landmarks of the valley.  The benches and the interpretive plaques will each acknowledge the participation of Creston Valley Rotary Club in this new and exciting park venture for the community.

Creston Valley Rotary Club is proud to be a part of this wonderful community project, and looks forward to watching this facility as it is used and enjoyed by the residents and visitors to the Creston Valley and the CDCC.
Photos taken at the Viewpoint show President Dave Handy presenting the cheque to Tia Wayling, Recreation Services Coordinator, with Craig Stanley, Manager CDCC, and supported by members of the Creston Valley Rotary Club,  Gary Fuhr, Casey Messinger, Greg Baker, Gary Teed, Rick Minnichiello, Howard Colwell, and Leon Mueller.