The Golden Centennaires - C. D. Lang - Creston Aviation History
Follow link to You Tube for excellent program by John Huscroft
At our regular club meeting on May 25, 2021, John Huscroft presented an excellent program about a unique Creston connection with the famous Canadian Snowbirds...starting with Squadron Leader C. D. Lang of the Golden Centennaires....with special guest John Sparrow from Vernon, B. C....a former pilot with the Centennaires...and much much more....go to the You Tube listen to the program portion of our club meeting.
NOTE from John prep for his program...
" I have copied a little booklet I made about Clarence and the Golden Centennaires which I handed out to council when I asked them
to allow me to mount our Tutor painted as Clarence’s “Gold One” at the end of main street between the flag pole and the visitor’s
center where  it belongs as the actually flew their show right below Town in July of 1967. Clarence and his Centennaires legacy is
the Snowbirds who he helped start and still fly Tutor jets 54 years later.Dan Dempsey who was a Snowbird for 4 years including two as 
leader told me that without Clarence there would be no Snowbirds.He was just 29 and  the yougest Squardron Leader in the peacetime Airforc
when he was tasked with putting the largest demonstration team in our Air force’s history together.
  I knew Clarence and his family well as we were neighbours in Lister were I grew up.The poor guy retired early from the Air Force at 45 an
moved back to Lister to start a Dairy farm and died of Cancer 2 years later.  TheKootenay Alpine Dairy is the farm he started and Wayne Harris is his nephew."
Share with your friends...and stay tuned as John Huscroft works on his plans to return one of the Tudor airplanes to Creston and honour the legacy of Squadron Leader C. B. Lang and the Golden Centennaires.