CVR supports TAPS Kitchen Upgrade Project
Creston Valley Rotary Club recently announced a substantial donation to the kitchen upgrade project of TAPS, now located in the Rotacrest Hall at the Rec Centre.  During the COVID-19 restrictions, TAPS has adapted and "pivoted" to creatively adjust in person activities and yet continue to meet their mandate in serving seniors who want to remain independent in the face of challenges which make them vulnerable to isolation, loneliness and a decreased quality of life.  
THANK YOU to the TAPS staff and volunteers who make this program one-of-kind and a shining example of the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self".  We are pleased to again be able to financially support this service to our Creston Valley seniors.
Bridget Currie, TAPS Program Manager showing off new dishwasher/sanitizer.
President Dave with Bridget and Justine Keirn, Executive Director of Valley Community Services, TAPS staff with vans in front of TAPS offices and facilities in the Rotacrest Hall.
New stove allows TAPS staff and volunteers to meet increasing demands to serve our Creston Valley seniors.