one ROTARIAN had an idea, one Club in the U.K. in 2000 liked the idea and today -- WOW !!! -- check out and

Once upon a time, Tom Henderson attended a regular Helston-Lizard Rotary Club meeting. What he said next was to change everything.

'Hey guys, I've had an idea, which could bring shelter and beds to people who have become homeless in disasters around the world... and all in a single box'. 'Yeah, that sounds a good idea' we said, 'why don't you look into it'?

Well, Tom doesn't need to be told twice.  As an ex naval officer and spending his time generally doing dangerous stuff above and below the sea all over the globe, he went and found all that was needed...tents, sleeping bags, boxes, equipment - the best quality, (with some arm twisting) at the lowest cost.

He put SHELTERBOX together, it's administered by the Helston-Lizard Club and sent worldwide through Rotary clubs. So it's all his fault!!!

a recent photo of a ShelterBox being taken home in Bangladesh

Our Club members and others individually contributed $1200 in October 2007 and soon our numbered BOX will be in the system -- more details to follow.


Hello Ron,

Please advise the members of the Creston Valley Club that the ShelterBox the Club donated (Canada Box 409) has been sent to Kenya. Below are details of ShelterBox activities in Kenya.

Thank you for the donation; it is much appreciated.

Alan Lomax (email received January 20, 2008)


update June 2008 -- with the tragedy in Burma another challenge was put forth by the Creston Rotary Club and our Club, club members and friends raised funds for 2 more Shelter Boxes and the CRC raised funds for 4 more Shelter Boxes -- that now makes a total of 8 Shelter Boxes from the Creston Valley in the past 8 months -- thanks.