Ron Toyota attended and travelled and roomed with Chuck Truscott from the Creston Rotary Club.  There were 10 Districts represented from B.C., Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Russia.  Our District has 60 Clubs and represents about 3,000 members.  This means there were approximately 650 President-elects (one for each Club) plus the District Governors, assistant DG, the DG nominees, RI Vice President Jerry Hall, RI Directors and RI Director-elects, RI and PETS organizers and presenters as well as Rotary International Past Presidents and President-elect.  A very impressive selection of individuals with a very wide and diverse range of talents.

The 6 "key-note" speakers and program presenters were:

Wilf Wilkinson -- 2007-2008 Rotary International President-elect from Trenton, Ontario

Jean Irwin -- Ambassadorial Scholar recipient in 1989, she studied in Nottingham, England and is from Reno, Nevada

Richard King -- past RI President 2001-2002 from Fremont, California.

Cliff Dochterman -- past RI President 1992-1993 from Morgan, California.

Penny LeGate -- news anchor for KIRO TV in Seattle and presented a documentary that her station did "Seattle to Ethiopia Bridges" to completely eradicate Polio in the World.

Peter Luongo and the Langley Ukulele Band.

In addition to our 6 District meetings we also had 3 "Workshops" of about 30 P-E from clubs of similar sizes.

The Doubletree Hotel facility was excellent and the meals were also excellent consisting of 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners.  Each sit down meal included a "plenary session" at which time the "keynote program" was presented.

The "RI theme" for 2007-2008 is "ROTARY SHARES"

Our District Governor for District #5080 for 2007-2008 is Elizabeth Cytra from Trail, BC and she will be meeting with our Executive on July 23rd and she will be our PROGRAM at our July 24th meeting.

Our District #5080 Conference will be held in the Tri-Cities on June 1 to 3, 2007 and hosted by our DG Tom Halazon and his wife Sharon, at this time Art Rees (President) and Ron Toyota (P-Elect) will attend with our spouses.

The cost of the P.E.T.S. trip was $605US which included the "shared rooms" for 3 nights, the 6 meals and all the meeting functions plus the Club paid my shared travel to Seattle from Creston and return.

The purpose of this Seminar is to prepare and inspire each of us for the upcoming one year TERM as President of our respective Clubs.  To do a proper job, one must be fully committed to the principals and causes of ROTARY, be organized and delegate, expect Club members to assist and participate and of course to enjoy and have fun.  A change I would like to implement is the "CLP or Club Leadership Plan" which massages and re-aligns the "incoming 10 man Executive" committees and duties.

Declining membership in North America is a major concern for RI and they are asking every member to promote "responsible and valuable growth" with Club memberships and that we "SHARE ideas and resources to make OUR Club stronger"

I would ask that each Rotarian Club member whether a "rookie" or one with 40 years service be prepared to serve and contribute to this great great "world humanitarian service organization"

Thank you -- President-elect for 2007-2008 of the Creston Valley Rotary Club.