Our Club website is www.crestonvalleyrotary.org

As a Club Member PLEASE "login" use your assigned password then UPDATE your profile and visit OUR site.   


On May 3, 2006 our club signed on with "Clubrunner.ca" and in our District #5080 we are one of 16 who are using Clubrunner with 8 other clubs that have "external websites" and 27 clubs with no websites at this time -- there are 61 Clubs in #5080.

I am the "webmaster" and I am proud of OUR SITE and would ask that each of you take the time to LOGIN and check out YOUR SITE.

I am also looking for HELP and assistance with our website and Club Bulletin.

Each of you were assigned a Clubrunner "login name" and temporary password.  Please email or phone me for your information if you have lost or can't remember the procedure.  It is important for each of you to do this THEN change your password and even change in your "login name" as it is quite easy for anyone to access your profile information through Clubrunner.