I have commented on this in previous bulletins but I would like our new members to understand one aspect of the ROTARY movement that I really find enjoyable and beneficial.

I was inducted into the Creston Valley Rotary Club on November 1, 2001 and I am proud to say that I have a 100% meeting attendance.  The opportunity to visit and participate and get recognition as a "make-up" meeting has allowed for my perfect attendance.

In the last 4 plus years, I have attended 30 other Rotary Club meetings at 15 different clubs.  My most recent was in New York City at the Downtown Chinatown Club.  I have also been to Lincoln City, OR and Newport, OR -- 3 different clubs in Gainesville, FL -- Jackson, MS -- Spokane, WA --Anaheim, CA, Bonners Ferry, ID -- Vancouver, New Westminster, Calgary, Lethbridge, Rossland, Castlegar, 2 in Cranbrook and of course the Creston Rotary Club.  It can be a bit of an effort to figure out where clubs meet and then the timing has to be right to go to their breakfast or lunch meetings.  In New York it cost me $25 to attend which included lunch and coffee.

Meeting other Rotarians and observing how they conduct their meetings, in Calgary they sang songs including "piping'in the executive with live musicans.  The Jackson Club had 356 members and on the day I attended they had 130 present and one of the Gainesville meeting there were about 200 attending during this meeting they had a "live and silent auction fundraiser" and in about 15 minutes they had $6,500 donated from the live auction and their total raised was $10,000.

I only have 4 years in the Club and I would imagine that members like Peter with 19 years or Jack and Lorne with 38 years or Len with 40 years of service have many interesting experiences.  Perhaps some or all of you can put "pen to paper" sometime and let all the rest of us (through this Bulletin) know about your great or not so great Rotary memories.

update July 1, 2008 -- I am now the "past president" having just completing my term as President for 2007-2008 (a great honour and privilege) -- I am still 100% in attendance being 6 plus years and adding Kelowna and Nelson as well as more Gainesville visits -- tried to attend a Club in Georgia (December 2006) but no meetings being held between Christmas and New Years.