Creston Valley Rotary Club recently completed another of their patented "hands-on" work projects to meet a need on one of the most well-used walking trails in Creston.  Taking the lead from club members Bill Pfeifer and Jim Elford, a group of Creston Valley Rotary Club members over a number of weeks cleaned up the area under a large maple tree at the start of Glacier Trail just off Devon Street.
After the clean-up which took 3 trailer loads to the landfill, the members levelled the area, made a gravel base, poured concrete pad, and then in consultation with Town of Creston, installed the attractive bench show in the attached photo.  The bench provides a rest area for the many locals who are already expressing their gratitude for the clean-up and the rest area.
Congratulations Creston Valley Rotary Club on another great service to the Creston Valley.