The KRAFT/TSN Celebration Tour in Creston on Friday, August 17th was a BIG success:   Ron Toyota -  Special thanks to George, Bill Pfeifer, Dave, Verne, Dean, Gary, Garry, Charlie, Lee, Mike, Anthony, Howard, Al  AND Judy Green, Judy Toyota, Amy Chapoton, Denise Dumas, Harry Haberstock.    

Overwaitea, especially Andrew (assistant manager) was super starting with the “reefer” trailer being spotted twice and donated at NO CHARGE.  The Schneider’s BURGERS and WEINERS were donated by Schneider’s.  Weston Foods provided all the buns at a discount.  The Creston and District Credit Union via Water Pure & Simple (Terry & Joan O’Connor) donated the water and of course Kraft Foods provided their products including Bulls-Eye sauce, cheeses, pickles and MIO drink enhancers.  They also provided a cheque for $4,500 to cover all the local incidentals.  The Overwaitea reefer was completely emptied by 5PM (that’s when I found 4 large pails of Shukin Farm cherries which had been donated, these were offered to the TSN crew and the public.  The trailer was on it’s way to Vancouver early this morning.


Also Lionel Gartner (Ramada Inn) provided their BBQ unit that George had to fight with big time (the BBQ that is) to get it to us.


The Kraft and TSN crew arrived on Wednesday night in 3 tour buses and stayed 2 nights at the Ramada.  The Columbia Brewery hosted the crew of 40 with an evening of refreshments and steaks which was a great success.  (special thanks to Tanya Ducharme for her tremendous involvement).




Catered meals were delivered to the TSN crew about 5PM and the mobile stage was just about buttoned up.  I enjoyed one last local brew with Dutch and Kate, Devin, Tyler and others and they probably rolled out of Creston to Cochrane shorltly after that.


Once again – THANK YOU BIG TIME !!!!! - Michelle Whiteaway:   Thank you VERY MUCH ROTARY!!

And a thousand thanks to Ron Toyota himself who took on this Kraft Celebration Tour project as soon as Creston was announced as a finalist on July 1st.  Ron, you did an amazing job of showing what Creston is all about and you must have put in hours upon hours to get the tour to Creston and make it such a success that it was.  THANK YOU to everyone from Therapeutic Riding, we SO appreciate all of the support that we get from the Creston Valley community.  We are planning on being here for a long time!