on Saturday -- March 15th -- over 70 in attendance raising $5,106 in total

for our 2 Creston clubs to split for International projects.

Our 6th Annual "joint" event -- held on Saturday -- March 15, 2008
73 in total attending with 32 from the CRC and 41 from the CRVC (from the signup sheets) -- my headcount was 77 ??
Thanks to the set-up crew of Gordon, Al, Sean, Mike and Mike, Dave, Milt, Peter, Steve -- Gwen, and Marilin.
Thanks to all for the efficient clean-up -- the last person left at 9PM.
Guests started to arrive at 5:20PM and the first table of 8 started serving at 6:35PM
The selection of "potluck" items was great with dishes of some food left over and the highlight was the "dessert table"
Gwen gave a presentation on her recent trip to Honduras.
The Interact group did a 50/50 raising $120 and Darwin Zander winning $120
Thanks to Henry Schoof for his "bar service" raising $350 net
The Silent Auction had over 64 items (several donated during the evening which creates logistic challenges but the donations are appreciated)
The top 7 supporters with their money is Gowan, Grahn, Martin, McCaffrey, Armitage, Stutter and Ecksersley.
The total amount that will be collected is $4196
plus the "cash bar" of $350, plus the "per head fee" of $720, then deducting the Hall rental of $160 means the final split should be $2,553 to each club for International projects.
Thanks again with your participation !!