Club Business at July 12, 2016 -- FIRST MEETING at our Rotary Pavilion

1.    Today's Program: by Bill Pfeifer - held in the new Rotary pavilion in Centennial Park -  
2.    Bill thanked all those members who put in a lot of hours to construct this pavilion and particularly thanked Leon Mueller for his leadership and expertise with the pavilion as well as the new washrooms at Centennial Park.

3.    When asked about the cost, Bill let us know that all expenses have not yet been tabulated, however, he could tell us that donations and grants for this project amounted to near $89,000.  The bottom line is expected to be near $140,000.  

4.    In order to publicize this project, it was suggested that we take out a half page add in the Creston Valley Advance to thank all donors and the trade who were instrumental to the success of this project.

5.    Total project is completed except for the stall doors in the washrooms (curtains are currently being used).

6.    We all thank Bill for the many hours and months and years that he has put in to this project to finally see it through to it's successful completion.
NOTE:  in addition also SPECIAL THANKS to Tom Wells (Creston Rotary Club) for his many hours especially on the "cupola" and to Bill Hutchison and his son for their labours !
NOTE:  in addition also to Dorathy Pfeifer for the many coffee pots and fresh home-baked CINNAMON BUNS !