HOLD PLEASE HOLD ---REVISED NOTICE as at November 20,2007 -- we now have a several years supply of the Webster Thesauraus books thanks to Peter's persistence -- and it appears we have a similar supply of Dictionaries now -- THANKS !!


HOLD on this request:  please visit yourself or your family and friends that live in the areas where "Dollar Giant" stores are located (www.dollargiant.com) in B.C., Alberta, Sask., and Ontario


We are currently preparing about 124 Dictionaries for the Grade 3 students in our valley and 130 Thesaurus' for the Grade 5 students in our valley -- we have enough inventory for 2007 but in order to continue this "project" for 2008 and beyond, we must continually purchase and collect the books that Dollar Giant stores sell -- we will have a sample of each book at our meetings and if anyone can purchase (the Club will re-imburse) these books as they see them and then get them to our Club in Creston during 2007 - 2008 then we should be able to continue with this worthwhile program.

Distribution is taking place November 13th to 27th at all local schools.