President, Charlie Moon called on Walt Reider to open the meeting by leading us in the singing of our National Anthem.  Dave Handy then offered the blessing for the day.

Attendance:  26 members & 3 Guest              Guests: John Edge-Partington / Luke Brower / Other

Greeter:  Bill Pfeifer   Controller: Walt Reider   Secretary: Howard Colwell   Sgt at Arms: George Green

Club Business - Business Meeting:

Sr. Boys Volleyball Donation:  Robert Geddes made a motion to donate $400.00 towards the expenses to travel to Kelowna and participate in the Provincial Volleyball Tournament.  The motion was passed.

TAPS Dinner:  Gordon Rodney assigned each volunteer a day to serve at the TAPS Christmas Dinner from 11:45am to 1:00pm on December 18th and December 20th at the TAPS Hall. For more information, contact Gordon.

Christmas Concert:  Dave Handy advised everyone that there is two Christmas Concerts (Friday @ 7:00pm and Sunday @ 2:30) at PCSS. The Blossom Valley Singers will be performing as well as the Children's Choir and other groups.  Tickets are available at Black Bear Books or at the door.

Highway Cleanup:  Garry Fuhr informed everyone that they must sign the waiver provided in order to participate in the highway cleanup.  To acquire a copy of the waiver, contact Garry Fuhr.

Christmas Party:  Bob Meredith reminded everyone that the party is set to go for December 13th.  A signup sheet was passed around.  Bring Food Hamper items - Non Perishable Food Items to party for the Christmas Hamper.  Warm-up is from 5:30 to 6:30 - dinner and entertainment to follow.

Honduras Project:  President Charlie Moon put forth a motion to donate $4,000.00 to the Honduras project that Gwen Telling from the Creston Rotary Club had given a program on  The motion was accepted.

International Dinner:   Pres. Charlie Moon asked for volunteers to help organize the International Dinner (February 28th).  If you are interested, contact Pres Charlie.  Currently, the committee consists of Pres. Charlie, Tim, Vern, Dave, Mike, George, and Howard.

Christmas Hamper:   Bob Meredith put forward a motion to donate $500.00 to the Christmas Hamper.  The motion was amended to $600.00 and accepted.

Tennis Court:   Bill Pfeifer put forward a motion to donate $500.00 toward the resurfacing of one of the tennis courts located at PCSS.   The motion was accepted.

Donation - Breakfast Program:   An anonymous donation was made in the amount of $5,000.00 for the Breakfast Program. 


Program Schedule:

DATE                MEMBER                   PROGRAM                                                 GREETERS

Dec 11th           Bob Meredith         Tammy Hardwick on Women in Valley          Bill / Bill

Dec 18th           George Green         Niki Lee (Ambassadorial program)               Bill Piper / Walt

Dec 25th                             Santa Claus   -    Merry Christmas    -    HoHoHo


50/50: Ron Nearing won $5.00 by drawing the three of diamonds.


Birthdays & Anniversaries:



Adjournment:  ~ 8:06 am

A little boy came home with his parents from church one Sunday. He seemed a little depressed, so his mother asked him if something happened in Sunday school class that he would like to talk about. He told his mother "Well, we were singing songs and the teacher made us sing about a poor bear named Gladly that needed glasses and I can't stop thinking about him. She said he was cross-eyed and I feel bad for him.
The mother couldn't understand why the teacher would teach such a song in Sunday school, so she decided to call her. To the woman’s amazement, the teacher said she only taught hymns that morning. Then the teacher began laughing out loud and said to the mother, “I know what Jeffrey’s' talking about! We learned the hymn 'Gladly The Cross I'd Bear'".

A little boy returned from the grocery store with his mom. While his mom put away the groceries, the little boy opened his box of animal crackers and spread them all over the kitchen table.
"What are you doing?" asked his mom.
"The box says you shouldn't eat them if the seal is broken," said the little boy. "I'm looking for the seal."