Creston Valley Rotary Club annually sponsors Citizen of the Year awards for Creston and usually announces them in conjunction with the opening ceremonies for Blossom Festival celebrations.  In this COVID-19 year....the internet and the social media will spread the news....and we announce 2 years in one...2020 and 2021...2 deserving Citizens of the Year.
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, appointing a Citizen of the Year was delayed for 2020, but this nomination was well worth the wait!  John Huscroft has been awarded Citizen of the Year for 2020.  The Creston Valley Rotary Club sponsors the annual Citizen of the Year for the Creston Valley but a separate nomination committee consisting of some members of past Citizens of the Year reviews the nominations and approves who will receive this prestigious designation.  It is not an easy task as all nominations are worthy of being declared the Citizen of the Year.
John was born and raised in the Creston Valley, and with his wife, Carol, raised their family of three children here.  John has and continues to be very involved in the community, giving countless volunteer hours to many committees and causes to benefit the Valley community at large.  Some of his community service include, but are not limited to, the Creston Valley Blossom Festival Association (you can thank him for the great entertainment organized for the annual Opening Ceremonies).  He has been instrumental in bringing bands to both Kitchener and Creston over several decades and was involved as band manager both here and in the Vancouver area.  John was a Director for the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce and in that position was instrumental in negotiating and arranging financing for the purchase of the current Chamber building (the Armitage Centre), as well as the Gleaners Two property, and the Town parking area that the Saturday Farmer’s Market utilizes.  One of John’s proudest accomplishments has been the creation of the HISTORY WALL on display in the Armitage Centre, this consumed about three years of John’s personal time and will serve as a lasting legacy to our community and area.  John served as a Director of the Kootenay Columbia Discovery Centre Board, actively pursuing replacement for the Wildlife Interpretive Centre.
John is always there to give a helping hand to anyone in need, whether it be someone travelling through Creston and in need of a place to stay, or to plow a neighbour’s driveway after a winter snowfall.  He is always ready with his personal airplane to fly a friend to tour around the Valley or help during a search and rescue type situation.  John has served as an auxiliary police officer when needed.  He has been very active with the Creston Valley Rotary Club on many projects, some of which is the Millennium Park initiative, walking trails, firewood sales, hosting Rotary exchange students, and more.  He has passed his love of charity work on to his children and his family are now third generation Rotarians.  
Congratulations to Heather More, a very well deserving individual.
Heather has been an active and dedicated volunteer in the Creston Valley since 1997.  Her most notable service has been her intelligent and ethical policy development and leadership to the many community service organizations in which she has served.  Her contributions to the Creston Valley over the past 23 years reflect her primary concern for the less advantaged and most vulnerable people in the community.  Heather was awarded the Governor General’s medal in 2017.
The list is long of Heather’s involvements and volunteer activities in the community but we are proud to share some of them here.  Heather has been involved with the Parent Advisory Committee, Canyon Homelinks and District Parent Advisory Council in the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Chair.  Along with policy development and goal setting for the benefit of students and parents, she was particularly helpful to new teachers coming into the Homelinks program, orienting them to the process and assisting staff to make the transition from the public school system to the home based system.  Heather’s involvement with the Canyon Community Association gave leadership and direction as a Director, Treasurer and Chair to the group.  They carried out fundraising leading to the renovation of the Community Hall.
The Creston-Kaminoho Friendship Society appreciated Heather’s involvement again as Secretary and Treasurer, and she was instrumental in facilitating this organization as it cemented a relationship between Creston and the community of Kaminoho, Japan (the Town’s sister city), which included a Japanese student exchange program, and the creation of a Japanese Garden in Millennium Park.
Karate for Kids and Self-Defense – Heather initiated these programs and continues to be the volunteer teacher.  Karate for Kids was designed for those young people who are not inclined or able to join teams or competitive or expensive sport.  In addition to leading classes, Heather spent much time and her own funds to make sure the participants had uniforms.  Heather also initiated, and continues to offer on request, a program of self-defense training for the community in general.  Heather not only taught self-defense and Karate, but also instilled self-esteem and self-confidence to all who participated.
As a Director and Treasurer of the Kootenai Community Centre Society Heather provided leadership and training, helping to develop programs for recycling and income generation by means of New Life Furniture, purchase of the Grizzly Bear Child Care premises and developed policy for advocacy programs within the agency.
Heather has been the long standing Chair of the Valley Community Services Society and has been instrumental in developing policy and governance for the Board.  Again Heather has been Secretary, Treasurer and Chair of the Creston Valley Community Housing Society, which has been very successful with projects such as Legacy Place, a 6 unit affordable family housing facility with opened in 2015.  As a result of her skill and experience she was requested by BC Housing to assist in the development of the new building for the disabled located on Spectrum Farm (Kootenay Regional Association for Community Living).  The Society is currently proposing another 14 unit affordable family housing project.
As if that is not enough, Heather has served on the Columbia Basin Trust Social Advisory Committee, offering her advice on appropriate and innovative initiatives for funding throughout the Columbia Basin.  Heather has been a participant on the Lower Kootenay Band Housing Committee, bringing her expertise to the table in the planning and development of housing initiatives by the Band.
Heather provided parent support to the Rotary Interact group and chaperoned two trips to Honduras.  The Rotary Club of Creston welcomed Heather as President and Past-President and she currently serves on the International Service Committee.