December 13th at the Rotacrest Hall -- 71 in attendance

The doors opened at 5:30PM, the catered turkey & roast beef buffet was ready at 6:20PM and we were ALL out the doors at 9:45PM (cleanup completed). 

Our newest member Sean Dyer and his wife Gabby (expecting their first on January 20th) were introduced and Dave welcomed our "Rotary family" (not guests) being Marion Sutcliffe, Muriel Browell and Marje Bridgman. 

As well our guests were introduced, the "table selection" bidding earning $135 for the Food Hamper program and it earned the Don McClain table (Don & Charlene, Dave & Ruth, Greg & Linda, Mike & Elaine) the right to be "number 1" in the lineup. 

The Christmas trivia quiz was won by the Al Garrecht table (Al & Doreen, Leon & Marilyn, Bill & Dorathy, James & Lisa, Pat & Ada) -- no wonder they had 10 brains !

The International country greetings followed -- a few were great, a few OK, and a few not so !! but it was definitely a treat.

A few Christmas carols and then the Santa Gift Exchange -- Ron & Art apologize for the slight confusion, but it is a tough job being Santa and Art even gave his gift back -- we will correct that on Tuesday.

Thanks to all and Merry Christmas !!

Thanks to Dave Handy (in this photo) and Art Rees and Bill Pfeifer for the organizing of this year's event -- notice the beautiful organic pine tree hunted down and secured by Gord Rodney (after tonight's event it will be on display at his home) and all the gifts for the Santa Gift Exchange.

During the evening, the local INTERACT Club members sold 50/50 tickets and raised $310 in total -- George Green won and donated his $155 winnings back to the Interact members -- they are fundraising for local community projects.  Way to go GEORGE !! (he is sad cause the money just slipped thru his fingers so easily)